15 Things to do in Phuket city

things to do in phuket city,

Phuket city graces the southern part of Thailand in the Andaman sea and is a much-flocked destination by all kinds of tourists every year. Phuket city has something for everyone ranging from exotic foods to great amusement parks and from pristine beaches to vibrant night life. All year round, Phuket city is replete with tourists which yearn for that vacation vibe, fed up of their mundane daily routines and city traffic. Phuket is a great option for a getaway with friends or family.

Here’s a list of 15 things you can do when in Phuket city which will take your old breath away and install a new, stress-free one inside you.

1. The enthralling boat ride

Phang Nga Bay in Phuket city is known for boat visits that take you past the limestone rocks, approaching upward out of the water, allowing you to observe stunning perspectives and astounding, encompassing landscape. Vacationers can take a visit to the much realized James Bond Island or an entire day visit to the fishing town of Koh Panyee and the drifting Muslim Island where you can appreciate Thai lunch and the treasures of Phuket city. You can likewise choose a day’s visit to turquoise waters of Phi Islands and invest some energy at the wonderful white sandy sea shores. The boat ride is a much-coveted activity among tourists and is heavily pre-booked so you might consider advance booking too. Pricing is around 4000 per person but totally worth every penny. This is a must do activity in Phuket city.

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2. The picturesque Phuket city old town

The pleasant verifiable quarter of the old town in Phuket city where you’ll find wonderful old structures, exhibition halls, store shops and a flourishing night market. 1,000,000 miles from the vacationer stuffed sea shores and evening time debauchery on offer somewhere else in Phuket city, this passé neighborhood is saturated with legacy and can easily be explored by walking. There are major areas of strength for a frontier Chinese and Portuguese impact here, particularly along the especially beguiling Soi Rommannee, where brilliantly hued old structures house store shops, guesthouses and bistros. A perfect concoction of shopping and tradition, the old town of Phuket is a humdinger of a visit and is a must-see place if you’re ever in city.

Phuket city
Shop in Phuket city old town

3. The Promthep Cape

The most-photographed place in Phuket city, Promthep Cape is a rough headland that runs into the ocean and is situated at the Southwestern coast. The large open space on the slope with a sanctuary is an incredible perspective. Here, you will find tourists from all over the globe hanging tight for a beguiling dusk view. Lighthouse exhibition hall in Promthep Cape in Phuket city, that houses the fascinating sea antiques and offers fantastic perspectives of the island and a memorable postcard like photograph of you and your loved ones. Promthep cape is the most idyllic place in the city where you can relax with a drink and embrace life’s tranquility through every breath you take.

promthep cape in phuket city,
Near-Dusk times at the Promthep cape in Phuket city.

4. Shopping and more shopping in Phuket city

Phuket city is a heaven for shopaholics. From energetic swap meets to huge shopping centers, you will track down a wide range of roads in Phuket city. There are various things you can purchase in city like conventional painstaking work, gems, collectibles, and fashioner clothing and sacks. Utilize your wrangling abilities at the outside business sectors and night markets. In the event that haggling isn’t your favorite, then, at that point, you can appreciate swiping your cards at the top of the line premier shopping stores in Phuket. Jung Ceylon Shopping Mall and Central Festival Phuket are where you embrace brands. Phuket Weekend market, Chillva Market, and Phuket Walking Street are renowned for enterprising energies and high quality items. So, ready your shopping bags and fly to Phuket city today.

phuket shopping streets,
Phuket city shopping streets

5. The Naka market for authentic Thai food

A tremendous end of the week market in Phuket city, selling a wide range of products, with a huge external region loaded with road-food peddlers serving specialty dishes and Thai top choices. The greatest and best place to chow down on heavenly, genuine Thai food without burning through every last dollar. You can get everything from fiery sautés and newly barbecued fish to hotcakes, organic product servings of mixed greens and spring rolls here. Most kiosks in Phuket city Naka market do only one dish, yet do it quite well. On the off chance that you’re feeling valiant, attempt the broiled beetles. They taste like popcorn, not kidding. The Naka market in Phuket holds the real treasure of Thailand, authentic Thai food which must not be missed when in Phuket city.

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6. The Buddha Statue

A crowned jewel of Phuket, the Buddha statue is a spectacle in itself, overlooking beautiful panoramas of Phuket city. Phuket city’s 45-meter marble Buddha sculpture is one of the greatest draws for Thailand. You can’t go to Phuket city and miss the enormous Buddha. Plainly, as it very well may be seen from pretty much anyplace in the south of the island. Take the Karon hill route and you not only be surprised by how close you are to the statue but also get dazzling perspectives on the mountains and Andaman ocean. While you’re up there, make a pit stop in the bistro and jump into the gift shop.

buddha statue, phuket city,
The Buddha statue in Phuket city

7. Chalong temple

Phuket city’s most visited and largest Buddha temple, the Wat Chalong is a great place for the afternoon. The most notable structure on the sanctuary grounds is a 60-meters tall stupa protecting a part of bone from Buddha. Inside, gorgeous works of art and delineations on the walls and roofs portray the existence of Lord Buddha, and each floor is loaded with antique, brilliant sculptures. If you’re in Phuket city, chalong temple must not be missed.

chalong temple,  thailand,
Chalong temple in all its beauty

8. Say Hi to the Monkeys!

Phuket city is home to a plethora of monkeys which are a growing tourist attraction entity because of their friendly nature and bonhomie-filled activities. Assuming you’re quick to guarantee your vacation includes some monkey-detecting, this is the best spot to go. Head up the slope and you’ll meet monkeys searching for food. Bring a few nuts or natural product along and you’ll make a lot of companions. However, recollect, these aren’t agreeable monkeys so don’t get excessively personal. Furthermore, in the event that it’s pouring, forget about it – monkeys disdain downpour however much as we do. Visit the monkey hill in Phuket city today.

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9. Floating restaurants

A bunch of languid eateries at Laem Hin Pier that must be arrived at by a short boat venture from the central area, presenting probably the best fish on the island and in Phuket city. It’s one of the most remarkable and special eating encounters you can have in Phuket. Hop on board one of the free lengthy tail taxi boats (five minutes) that run from Laem Pier and go out to the drifting cafés close to Koh Maphrow. Fill your face with the freshest clams, crab, prawns and fish – all cooked to conventional Thai techniques – and afterward get a boat back underneath the stars. There are a couple of eateries here; Bang Mud and The Black Crab are two most certainly worth your consideration.

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10. The Infamous Bangla Road

An infamous and rowdy 400-meter portion of a wide range of evening time diversion that is the thumping heart of Phuket nightlife. If you wish to experience a night in Phuket city, this is the place to be. Running through the center of Patong, visit this place after dusk and you’ll witness beer bars, live music, go-go bars and nightclubs. A bohemian color of Phuket city, the Bangla road is a must-visit to drink-in everything that Phuket has to offer.

bangla road,  thailand,
Bangla Road shops and bars at night in Phuket city

11. Bangtao Beach

It would be criminal to visit Phuket city and not enjoy what Bangtao beach has to offer. There are many wonderful sea shores in Phuket city (Freedom, Kata and Karon) however, Bangtao Beach is the pick for the best ones out there. Home to the upscale bars, ocean side clubs and resorts of Laguna Complex, where there’s a loose yet refined energy that is ideally suited for sunbathing and slow walks around the sand. Lie down with a drink and a book in your hand and let the tranquility tickle you with every soft breeze.

bangtao beach,

12. Witness the real Muay Thai

A spectacular Thai boxing arena where the battles are genuine and the seats are loaded with local people cheering their number one warriors to triumph in Phuket. You’ll see a lot of bulletins promoting Muay Thai battles all over Phuket, yet most are just vacationer satisfying organized scenes. This is the spot to go for the genuine sport and fights. The battles are brutal and the environment can get pretty wild – however that is precisely the exact thing that makes everything so invigorating and your visit to Phuket city, memorable.

muay thai, thailand,
A Muay Thai match in progress

13. Airplane touch-and-go!

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The picture must have taken your breath away so we’ll give you a second to gather it back. Mai Khao beach in Phuket city is a wonderland where this daunting task can be undertaken. Although it is illegal but no one seems to mind and plus, you get these awesome pictures for bragging rights. Phuket is full of surprises; all you need to do is visit.

14. Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

A miniature distillery in Phuket city creating grant winning rum, offering visits and tastings to all drink aficionados. Phuket may be most popular for its savage whiskies, however the youthful French couple behind this spot are demonstrating it can deliver rum that is up there with the absolute best. Economically delivered utilizing simply hand-collected, nearby sugarcane, the rum tastes extraordinary; and the extensive, al-fresco bar is the ideal spot to test a mojito, capriosa, or both.

Phuket city

15. The Simon cabaret

An article on Phuket and not discussing Cabarets is just bad taste. Simon Cabaret on Patong ocean side is a ‘Las Vegas’ sort of show with a wind. The stage is radiant, and the sets and outfits are sparkling and beautiful, however what individuals come to see are the staggering lady boys! Ideal bodies with charming faces, a large portion of them would trick you, so beware! Indulge but carefully.

simon cabaret , thailand,
Cabaret in session


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