20 Best things to do in Ooty

20 Best things to do in Ooty

Diversity can also be found in the numerous names that this lovely hill station goes by in addition to Ooty. Other names for Ooty include Udhagamandalam, Ootacamund, and Udhagai. Ooty and the other two magnificent hill stations, Mussoorie and Darjeeling, are collectively referred to as the “Queen of Hill Stations” or “Queen of Hills.” Decide who will be your hill queen; the decision is entirely up to you. Ooty is located in the western ghat of the Tamil Nadu state of India, amidst the verdant Nilgiri hills.

The Ooty-returned individuals would respond, “Everything,” when asked about their experiences. What does Ooty, a tourist destination, lack? The pine and eucalyptus forests, beautiful waterfalls, colonial and religious structures, calm lakes, lush gardens, and adventurous activities to relieve any stress you may be feeling. So, are you prepared to discover the various however distinctive things to accomplish in Ooty?

If so, read on for a brief rundown of 20 unusual things to do in Ooty or Udhagamandam. Let’s start now.


1. Trip to Doddabetta Peak- Ooty

20 Best things to do in Ooty,

A special activity for couples in Ooty is to visit Doddabetta Peak. Doddabetta is located along the Ooty-Kotagiri Road, 10 kilometres from Ooty, at an elevation of 8,606 feet. It is the highest peak in South India because it is the highest in the Nilgiri Mountain Range.

2. The dolphin’s nose- Ooty

You may probably guess from the image above why this website is called dolphin nose. This lovely location is 1550 metres above sea level and is situated in Coonoor, a hill station 21 kilometres from Ooty. The greenery, tea plantations, and Catherine Falls can all be seen from the Dolphin’s nose. The Catherine Falls are visible in the top left-hand corner of the above image, where they appear as a thin white strip, if you pay close attention.

3. Behold Masinagudi!- Ooty

20 Best things to do in Ooty,

A wildlife sanctuary called Masinagudi is located within 20 miles from the centre of Ooty. Masinagudi is a section of Mudumalai National Park, which we will discuss in more detail below. Speaking especially of Masinagudi, you would be happy to discover the thick trees and the azure river that runs through it.

4. Click snaps at the Pine forest

20 Best things to do in Ooty,

Once you are surrounded by nature, you don’t need instructions on what to do and what to avoid doing. In a similar vein, you are aware that you are experiencing something special when you stroll through a forest full of pine trees. But in order to take in that singularity, one must visit the Pine Tree Forest, which is situated halfway between Ooty and Thalakunda.

5. The beautiful Fernhill palace- Ooty

Fernhill Palace was constructed in 1844, 178 years ago. The Maharaja of Mysore lived there during the summer. This large mansion is stretched out across more than 50 hectares, which includes tea and cardamom plantations as well as eucalyptus forest full of trees. This is Ooty’s prized architectural jewels.

6. The antique Toda Huts- Ooty

20 Best things to do in Ooty,

Toda Huts are the name given to the huts constructed by the Toda tribe of Ooty. They primarily consist of bamboo. This community resides in Toda Village, which is 15 kilometres away from Ooty. In the image above, you can see the outline of a Toda hut; it lacks windows but does have a little entrance gate. For a living, Todas primarily engage in agriculture and dairy farming.

7. The renowned Tea museum- Ooty

The history and origins of tea in the Nilgiris are extensively documented at the tea museum. There is a gift shop in this museum where you may purchase various tea leaves, teacups, dishes, etc. Plantations of luscious green tea are all around it. Since the tea farms appear vibrant and lush in August, this is among the top things to do in Ooty.

8. Try the homemade chocolates

Who is not a fan of chocolate? If not, you would undoubtedly enjoy anything that was created at home. Consequently, homemade chocolates are the remedy. You better try them first before declaring them to be non-branded. Since these chocolates are not mass-produced, they must possess a special quality. Pick your preferred flavour from the assortment of coconut, orange, butterscotch, cashew, pineapple, raisins, almond, fruit, and nut flavours that are offered.

9. Embrace the shopping

Simply put, there are more souvenirs available in Ooty than there are here. As soon as you learn that Ooty has beautiful tea estates, you can shop the wide selection of teas, teacups, and other flatware to bring a taste of Ooty tea home. You can shop for fresh spices, cheese products, aromatic oils, and tribal art in addition to the homemade chocolates and tea-related items.

10. The exotic Pubs

What are the greatest things to do in Ooty at night, a common question? The pubs in Ooty, which are among the greatest in the nation, would be our recommendation in response to this query. Visit Club Mahindra, The Valley Bar, Canterbury Bar, and Selbournes Bar if you’re looking for specific names. Yes, the last one. If you’re searching for something different to do in Ooty at night, The Selbournes Bar, one of the busiest bars, is worth a try.

11. The archaic Higginbothams Book store

The oldest bookstore in Ooty is called Higginbotham’s. For book enthusiasts, going there is undoubtedly the best thing to do in Ooty. The selection of books is such that you would overlook your smartphone’s blue light.

12. The serene lake of Pykara

The Pykara river, Pykara lake, Pykara waterfall, and Pykara village are all located 19 kilometres from Ooty. There’s a lot of Pykara, right? Let’s dissect it. The Pykara River, which has its source near Mukurthi Peak, is the reason for all of the aforementioned names. Pykara Lake was created as a result of the construction of a dam across the river, and the panoramic Pykara waterfall is created as the river falls from a height. The Pykara river is close to a community with the same name. The speedboat rides available at Pykara Lake, going for a walk through the pine forests, and having a picnic with your family are just a few of the unusual things to do in Ooty in June.

13. Ooty lake also doesn’t disappoint.

The greatest location for boat trips is Ooty Lake, which is a kilometre from Ooty town. Ooty Lake is often referred to as Ooty Boat House because to the boating activities that take place there. Speaking of its history, the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation commissioned John Sullivan to build Ooty Lake in 1824.

14. A trip to Pykara Falls

20 Best things to do in Ooty,

In cascading down the mountains, the Pykara River forms two spectacular waterfalls, the second of which is substantially taller than the first at sixty-one metres as opposed to fifty-five. The ideal time to stay away from falls is during the rainy season because that is when they are most unpredictable.

15. Relax at the Botanical gardens

Make sure to set aside some time for the Botanical Gardens if you visit Ooty. The Government Botanical Area is a wonderfully kept, well-kept garden where you may enjoy the verdant surrounds and nature’s most breathtakingly magnificent, bright grandeur. It is home to 650 or more different kinds of plants and flowers.

16. Trekking galore

20 Best things to do in Ooty,

In the highlands, it can be challenging to resist embarking on a trek. Since the Western Ghats are not as mountainous as the Himalayas, hiking in and around Ooty is much more straightforward. People who enjoy the outdoors and animals will find Kotagiri, which is close to Ooty, to be a paradise. Once you’ve climbed the hill, you’ll feel fortunate to have access to such stunning views. 5,890 feet above sea level, the hill. Glenmorgan Trek is another activity that will delight your eyes to stunning natural beauty. Patthar Village, where the climb begins, is located 16 kilometres from Ooty.

17. Mudumalai National park


The Mudumalai National Park or Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, which is located on the northwest side of the Nilgiri mountains, is home to more than 500 endangered species of birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and insects. Animal lovers must go to this tourist attraction.

18. Amble in Sim’s Park

20 Best things to do in Ooty,

Sim’s Park is a beautifully maintained park where you may explore breathtaking landscapes and enjoy nature at its finest. More than 1000 different varieties of vibrant, vivid flowers can be seen there. The 12 acre park, on the northern outskirts of Coonoor, is generally divided into four sections: a rose garden, a small lily pond, a boating area, and a section with flowering plants.

19. The famous kalhatti falls

The Kalhatti Waterfall drops 40 metres at a height of about 2,000 metres above sea level. The waterfall is located on the foothills of the Kalhatti Mountains and has numerous tributaries and other watercourses. The location is well-liked for picnics, outdoor outings, and bird viewing. Since you may see the unique species during this time, September through November are the finest travel months.

20. The picturesque Bhavani Lake

The Upper Bhavani Lake is a compelling tourist spot that you “must-see.” The public is less familiar with it than with the other Ooty lakes. It is located in the mountainous Nilgiri hills, 50 kilometres from Ooty, and above Ooty’s Avalanche neighborhood. You must first have the Forest Department’s approval to enter this area. Travelers must arrange private transportation to go to the checkpoint in Avalanche Forest. Then, environmental cars with guides will provide visitor transportation to the Upper Bhavani Lake.

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