Best Hotels in Istanbul Turkey 2022

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Istanbul is one of the 81 provinces of Turkey and also happens to be the largest city in the country, it’s one of the rare transcontinental cities spanning both Europe and Asia. When we discuss hotels for accommodation in this blog, we will discuss it according to different areas and neighborhoods of Istanbul so you can make a more informed choice according to your time of stay and what places you want to visit.

Hotels in Fatih district.

This is where the charm, the sites and sights of old Istanbul are. Fatih also referred to as the Historic Peninsula is bordered by Bosphorus Strait to the East, Thesodosian Wall to the West, the Marmara Sea to the South and the Golden Horn to the North. The tourist sites of Fatih district fall under the neighborhood of Sultanahmet. If you are in Istanbul for a very short period of time, say 1 or 2 days and want to see the famous attractions we suggest you try to find hotels in this neighborhood. However, you wouldn’t have to work too much because many hotels in Sultanahmet fall in the list of best hotels in Istanbul Turkey.

1. Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet. – Luxury Option
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What makes it one of the best hotels in Istanbul Turkey?

  • Get VIP transport service from the airport directly to the hotel in a luxury BMW.
  • Prime location near both Aya Sofya and The Blue Mosque. Inner courtyard with a lovely garden.
  • Rooftop bar with one of the best views of Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, and the Bosphorus Strait.
  • Courtyard breakfast, live cooking station for the meals.
  • No spa or pool but offer transport to pools and spas nearby.
  • Previously used to be a prison and has a mixed sense of old and new.

2. Sirkeci Mansion                    Hotel Midrange Option

sirkeci mension,

What makes it one of the best hotels in Istanbul Turkey?

  • Overlooks Gülhane Park near Topkapi Palace.
  • Offers a sense of peace and tranquility among the high octane life of the Sultanahmet.
  • Isn’t very old but incorporates a sense of old and traditional Istanbul feeling.
  • Very comfortable and cozy rooms decorated with Turkish carpets.
  • Owner’s personal number along with a bowl of Turkish delight by the bedside.
  • Lovely lounge area in the ground floor.
  • Has it’s own swimming pool and hamam.

3. Marmara Guesthouse                 Budget Option

marmara guest house,
Photo: View of the sea from Marmara Guesthouse

One of the best hotels in Istanbul Turkey for travelers on a tight budget.

  • Near Column of Constantine, Suleymaniye Mosque and Spice Bazaar.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Rooms with the view of the sea.
  • Very friendly staff and owners.
  • Comfortable rooms.

Hotels in Beyoglu

Separated from the old Historic Town on the other side of The Great Horn is the district of Beyoglu. This is where the Galata Tower, Taksim square, Istikalal street and various museums are. This region has the best hotels in Istanbul Turkey if you are looking to enjoy the nightlife and party life in the city.

1. Witt Istanbul Hotel                     Upper-medium range option
witt istanbul hotel,
Photo: Roof Garden at the Witt Istanbul Hotel
  • Located in Cihangir, near to Taksim Square yet maintains respectable calm and peace among the bubbling energy of Taksim.
  • Near to Istiklal Caddesi, Bosphorus waterfront area and also near Istanbul Modern museum.
  • 6 floors, 3 rooms on each floor. Cozy, intimate and full of character.
  • Helpful staff.
  • Lobby has a computer terminal for guests to use.
  • Rooms give a sense of a space that is designed by a top interior design studio rather than your stereotypical hotel room.

2. Pera Palace Jumeirah                    Medium Range Option

pera palace jumeirah,
Photo: Agatha Christie at the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul. She wrote her “Murder in the Orient Express” in this very hotel.

One of the best hotels in Istanbul Turkey for the weightage of history that it carries.

  • Near Tünel, the historical underground funicular and M1 metro at Sishane.
  • Close to the areas with vibrant night life, shops, bars and film halls in Beyoglu.
  • Historically important building with neo-classical façade.
  • The lounge on the ground floor named Kubbeli Lounge in itself is a soght to see with glass domes and chandelier and walls of contrasting colors.
  • Efficient staff and quick facilities.
  • Lavish rooms and bathroom.

3. Louis Appartements.                Budget Option

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Photo: View from the luxury suite of Louis Appartements.


  • Near Galata Tower.
  • Best option for travelers with a comparatively limited budget.
  • Rooms with all necessary amenities including a small kitchen.

Hotels in Nisantasi

Nisantasi is where the fashion luxury stores along with trendy restaurants are. Here are a few hotels in this area.

1. The St. Regis Istanbul.                 Luxury option
the st. regis hotel istanbul,

The sheer sophistication in it’s service and location makes it one of the best hotels in Istanbul Turkey.

  • Sits in Nisantasi which is also known as the “5th Avenue of Istanbul” and is one of the poshest areas of Istanbul.
  • Overlooks Maçka Sanat Park which frequently hosts music and other public festivals and is also near the Dolmabahçe Palace and Naval Museum.
  • Unlike many hotels in this list or in Istanbul in general, St. Regis has a modern Art Deco design to it and was designed by acclaimed Turkish architect Emre Arolat. The lobby and greeting area is made to make you feel cozy rather thanblow your mind out with over the top size and structure that can be so prevalent in such big chain hotels.
  • Standard service with fully English speaking staff.
  • Offers spa (Iridium Spa) for spa as well as other wellness services.
  • The second most expensive hotel in our list but offers a wide range of rooms.
  • Rooftop Spago restaurant with excellent view and menu served by Micheline Star chef Wolfgang Puck.

2. Nardi Nisantasi                         Midrange option

hotels in istanbul turkey
  • Is a mixture of apartment and hotel so makes it a better option for people on business trips and people who don’t like hotel vibes.
  • Located in the upscale neighborhood of Nisantasi and is a good walk away from Dolmabahçe Palace and Taksim Square.
  • Has an in house café and laundry services.
  • If you are looking to save money, you can buy your own goods from the local markets and cook in the kitchen which includes all the needed amenities.
  • What I personally liked the most because of my habit of waking up late in the morning is that the breakfast time here starts at 8 A.M but is served until noon.

Hotels in and near BesiktasBesiktas is one of the biggest municipalities in Istanbul and the Besiktas Centre is the place to be if you are young and love nightlife. Here are our picks for the best hotels here.

1. Çiragan Palace Kempinski Luxury option

hotels in istanbul turkey

The luxury, the opulence, the ornate décor, the views make Çiragan Palace one of the best hotels in Istanbul Turkey. It’s also the most expensive hotel


  • Located on the shores of the Bosphorus between Besiktas and Otaköy districts. Close to the Old Town of Istanbul as well as the hip and fun places full of energetic nightlife in Besiktas.
  • The building itself was built in 1863 and was the palace for Sultan Abdulaziz.
  • The interiors of the hotel and the rooms exhibit the mixture of old heritage and modern luxury.
  • You can get yourself rooms that have stunning views of the Bosphorus right out of your windows.
  • There are many fabulous restaurants in the hotel including the award winning Tugra, Laledan, Bosphorus Grill and Le Fumoir.
  • Also has it’s own spa as well as traditional hamam. The best place to be, however, is the infinity pool outside that overlooks the Bosphorus.

Hotels in the Asian side of Istanbul.

Kadiköy falls on the Asian side of Istanbul. If you ask me, I would say this is the place to live in Istanbul. The streets are made for walking which leads to the neighborhoods being packed with locals and tourists alike enjoying road side cafes, local produce in the markets, the nightlife is amazing, this place is just lively. Here are our picks for the best hotels.

1. DoubleTree by Hilton in Moda.              Upper-middle range option
double tree by hilton,

What makes it one of the best hotels in Istanbul

  • Near to the old town center. A ferry ride away.
  • Close to the hot and happening places of Kadiköy.
  • Also close to the quiet and serene neighborhoods of Moda.
  • Has it’s own spa.
  • Rooms ranging from business, luxury to honeymoon suites.
2. Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel           Upper-middle range option
wyndham grand istanbul kalamis marina hotel,

Features that make it one of the best hotels in Istanbul Turkey

  • Close to the bustling and lively spots of Kadiköy.
  • Stunning views of the Marmara Sea.
  • Has 7 restaurants where you can try from Turkish food to Western cuisine.
  • Offers a spa, and indoor and outdoor pool.

Special mention

Last time when I visited Turkey, I had my entire family with me. This included two of my young nieces and a 10-year-old nephew. You may want to walk around the streets of the Old City, museums, palaces, mosques, and churches and take in all the history and socio-politics throughout centuries but the kids simply aren’t attracted to any of it. So here is a special recommendation from our side if you are looking for a family-friendly vacation without sacrificing any fun.

Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel in Antalya.
The Kingdom Hotel in the Land of the Legends Resort

I was quite skeptical to come here, I will be honest with you. I thought this was specifically geared just for children and any adult wouldn’t have much of a fun time here. Well, my pedantic self got a real taste of the humble pie. I enjoyed it more than even my young nieces and nephew. The Kingdom Hotel in the Land of the Legends Resort offers activities and features that rarely any hotel, not just in Istanbul or Turkey but rarely any hotel in the whole wide world can offer.

  • Well, what more can I say that the fact that this hotel has a theme park around it.
  • The rooms are extremely comfortable if not always subtly colored for adults.
  • You get a PlayStation 4 in your room. Tell me that isn’t simply cool.
  • Anjana Bar with therapeutic and holistic therapies lies inside the premises.
  • There is absolutely no lack in bars and restaurants.
  • Transport to and from the Hotel is easy and accessible.

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