Best Japanese Restaurants in Midland

Best Japanese Restaurants in Midland

There has been something of a gastronomic explosion in the nation in recent years, and customers are rushing to uncover the top Japanese restaurants in Midland. In response, chefs have opened a variety of restaurants serving both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. This list compiles some of the top Japanese restaurants in Midland for your convenience and includes establishments that provide freshly cooked sushi, oh-so-satisfying ramen, and other substantial plates in a lively atmosphere. The regional and traditional foods of Japan that have evolved over centuries of change are included in Japanese cuisine. Rice, miso soup, and other foods are the foundation of traditional Japanese cuisine which places a strong focus on using products that are in season.

Here is a list of the best Japanese restaurants in Midland:

Japanese Restaurants in Midland

1. Fuji Sushi

fuji sushi Japanese Restaurants in Midland

Japanese restaurants in Midland are plenty but the best ones deserve special credit. Fuji Sushi is one of those unique Japanese restaurants in Midland that serve the entire experience with grace. Located on the Joe Mann Boulevard, this place is highly popular among locals and travellers alike. Special dishes to look out for are the magnanimous Sakura roll and the seaweed salad that stand out from the rest of the menu and take your taste buds out on an adventure of sorts. If you’re looking for Japanese restaurants in Midland, this is a great option which is open all 7 days of the week.

Top review: “I’m travelling from a major West Coast city, and this is my first experience eating sushi in the Midwest. Due to being close to the coast and having a large number of fish stores, most sushi restaurants on the West Coast often serve fresh fish. However, fresh fish is also available here. The waitress was exceptionally friendly, gracious, and attentive, and the service was absolutely amazing. I ultimately ordered two sets of the rolls because I had hoped for a somewhat larger size. Nonetheless, really tasty. “

2. Maru Sushi and Grill –

Japanese Restaurants in Midland

This list of Japanese restaurants in Midland is created by keeping in mind the diverse tastes of people across Midland and therefore, a place loved by all tastes, appears now. Maru Sushi and Grill is a great choice among Japanese restaurants in Midland. The crabby mushrooms and Hibachi stand out profoundly and are super delicious and savoury. The service here is also near-perfect with an overall Japanese vibe inside the restaurant as the waiters don Japanese attires. Gracing the Main Street of Midland, this is an excellent choice among Japanese restaurants in Midland.

Top review: “I came here for the first time to dine and to catch up with some friends. Even though we arrived early for our reservation, they immediately seated us. We got a few appetisers, and the crab Rangoon dip and edamame were both excellent. There was chicken habachi, a vegetable habachi, and a papa creama roll available when we ordered our meal. EVERYTHING WAS YUMMY… Our wait staff was nice and helpful with the menu, and we were there for a while without feeling hurried to leave. I would most definitely go back and recommend.”

3. Sunny Japan –

Japanese Restaurants in Midland

The Japanese restaurants in Midland search is far from over as we have so many options that you can choose from. Sunny Japan is another wonderful one. It has great, tongue-slurping food with excellent service and ambience. You are sure to have a great time at this gem among Japanese restaurants in Midland. Be it your family or friends, Sunny Japan caters to everyone and has a wide, lip-smacking menu that will take your breath away. Be sure to visit this great option among Japanese restaurants in Midland.

Top Review: “Today while passing thru ate there. I was absolutely shocked! The staff members were really pleasant and courteous. I observed them grilling it. Both of us ordered the Chicken Teriyaki. It was the best we’ve ever experienced. We both took a bite and then turned to face one another. We were astonished by how excellent it was! Surely the best-kept secret in the Tri-City! Again, many thanks for the delicious supper!”

4. Genji Midland –

genji midland, Japanese Restaurants in Midland

Gracing the Saginaw Road in Midland is this gem of a restaurant among Japanese restaurants in Midland. Genji is a quintessential example of a Japanese eatery in a foreign place. It has everything in exact proportions, served with a pinch of excellent service and a comely Japanese atmosphere. If you are a connoisseur of Japanese food, this is your bet as the Teriyaki Chicken here will blow your mind away into a galaxy far, far away. One of the best Japanese restaurants in Midland, for sure.

Top review: “I haven’t visited this place in a while, but I chose to bring my son here for his birthday. As an appetizer, we enjoyed firecracker sushi, and the main course was hibachi beef and shrimp. Excellent in every way: food, service, and entertainment. Quite expensive, but well worth it for a special event. Grill table in a C shape or low-top seating. beer, wine, and mixed beverages in moderation. Birthday discounts of half off one meal and a limited happy hour menu are also offered. M-Th 4:30p-7p. Parking lots. Asian design. I anticipate returning more frequently.”

5. Fujiyama Sushi –

fujiyama sushi, Japanese Restaurants in Midland

Exceptionally rated 4.5 on TripAdvisor, this entry among Japanese restaurants in Midland is a wonderful choice for a Jap food place. Out of all the Japanese restaurants in Midland, this one gets the exact flavours right almost every time, which is a testament to the excellent chefs here. All necessary amenities are provided here, be it any occasion such as a dinner party or a social event. Truly one of the best Japanese restaurants in Midland.

Top Review: “After visiting another Japanese eatery where my kid had a gift card, we came here. We ate sushi rolls, udon noodles, and sesame balls. We ended up bringing leftovers with us because we were unaware that the meal included miso soup. Excellent udon noodles were served. The udon noodles at Fujiyama were just as wonderful as those at a nearby Japanese restaurant that was created for Toyota executives. None of the sesame seed balls we’ve had anywhere come close to the ones we got here. The sushi rolls were just as good as when we had previously visited. The management exhibits the customary courtesy found in the majority of genuine Japanese eateries.”

6. Osaka Japanese Steakhouse –

osaka japanese steakhouse, Japanese Restaurants in Midland

A great value-for-money entry in the list of Japanese restaurants in Midland, Osaka is a wonderful place for a memorable evening and delectable food which resurrects every taste bud in your system. These great options among Japanese restaurants in Midland are vegetarian friendly also and thus cater to a wider audience. The meals are prepared with extra hygiene and cleanliness in mind and thus come out to be looking very clean and delicious. A must-try among Japanese restaurants in Midland.

Top review: “I was glad I went early because the service and food were both outstanding. I had the fried rolled cheesecake for dessert. The tuna steak was cooked to perfection, and the vegetables and ramen supported it beautifully. If you want delicious meals in a welcoming environment, there are many excellent menu options, including vegetarian options.”

7. Sapporo Ramen –

Japanese Restaurants in Midland

On Garfield Street, lies the famous Sapporo Ramen, a great option among Japanese restaurants in Midland. It is surely a bang for your buck as within a tight budget, the food served here is just unimaginable. Both Japanese and Asian cuisines are served here with exemplary service and cleanliness. One of the best ramen among Japanese restaurants in Midland is served here with very reasonable prices.

Top review: “This week, my husband and I had lunch in Sapporo by accident. We adored the atmosphere and the staff, but the meal was especially fantastic. I chose the shrimp teriyaki with fried rice, while he chose the shrimp with hot ramen. As an appetizer, we also divided the pork dumplings. Everything was fantastic! We are quite happy that Sapporo is now available for us to enjoy because there aren’t many options for this kind of food in Midland. This restaurant is highly recommended!”

8. Volcano –

Best Japanese Restaurants in Midland

Best Japanese restaurants in Midland are hard to find but not with this list in your arsenal. The volcano is a robust and solid option for a night out if you have cravings for authentic Japanese food and are looking for Japanese restaurants in Midland. This restaurant is perfect for any occasion you throw at it as the staff is versatile and so is the food. The Mongolian beef in particular is exquisite and is bound to give you a taste epiphany. All you need to do is just pay a miniature bill that will be way less worth it than the experience you’ve had. The volcano is arguably one of the best Japanese restaurants in Midland, according to TripAdvisor and Yelp. Choose for yourself though as what you sow, so shall you reap.

Top Review: “a well-known Asian-fusion restaurant serving a variety of dishes, including sushi, Pad Thai, and traditional American Chinese cuisine. It was definitely the finest location to get sushi in the Midland/Odessa area because all of the food was shockingly tasty and fresh. Kids’ lunches are also available, and the portions are enormous. This will become our go-to Chinese restaurant.”


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