Changu Lake Sikkim Weather Forecast, Snowfall Rides

Changu Lake Sikkim

Tsomgo Lake, also known as Changu Lake, is situated 12,400 feet above sea level amid mountains. Situated along the Gangtok-Nathula Highway, Changu Lake sikkim is a breathtaking scenery that is just 37 kilometers away from Gangtok. The lake is regarded as a sacred body of water by the local Buddhists and Hindus. 

The stunning Changu Lake Sikkim, spanning over a kilometer and reaching a depth of approximately 48 feet, captivates its lovely surroundings. The reason this lake never dries up is that the water comes from the adjacent mountains’ snowmelt. The Lungtse Chu River also has its source in Changu Lake. This blue-green lake is frozen solidly throughout the winter.


A Brief History of Changu Lake 

There are a lot of historical and spritual facts all around Tsomgo Lake. In ancient times, Buddhist monks were rumored to be able to foretell the future by observing the hue of the lake. The water’s deeper hue suggests either a more hopeful or unsettling future. The Jhakhris, or healers of Sikkim, come to this lake during Guru Purnima and Raksha Bandhan to offer prayers and take use of the therapeutic properties of the pristine lake waters.

Changu Lake Sikkim, also known as Tsomgo, which translates to “source of water” in Bhutia, is a lake whose source is still unknown. According to legend, the land around the lake was formerly a tribal village, and the spot where the lake presently sits was once a shed inhabited by yaks. The eldest woman in the tribe dreamed one night that there would be no more traces of life and that the hamlet would soon be submerged underwater. She informed the people, but they all ignored her and rejected her as crazy. She fled the town with her yak after failing to convince the others to go, and the village was soon submerged under water.


Why Changu Lake is famous?

From a distance, this oval-shaped, deep blue lake is very stunning. After crossing the lake on your route to New Baba Mandir, you’d get the best all-around view of it. The lake and its surroundings are covered in ice during the winter. It’s quite the spectacle. Until April, the lake is frozen over. The lake is ringed with wild flowers in late April, creating a riot of color. 

A stunning effect is produced by the rhododendron, blue and yellow poppies, several varieties of primulas, and irises. There are several waterfalls to see from Gangtok to Changu Lake, which is a captivating excursion.

There’s a little bridge right at the lake’s entrance that leads to a viewpoint/café where you can see the entire lake as well as the surrounding mountains. A tiny temple devoted to Lord Shiva sits at the edge of the lake. In the winter, you can hike through the deep snow along the lakeshore or even go on Yak rides around the lakeshore. 

Before reaching Changu Lake Sikkim, there is a tiny, rustic market where visitors can purchase local souvenirs, yak cheese, and other curios. Trekking is another activity adventure lovers can enjoy in the nearby Kyonqnosla Alpine Sanctuary. Additionally, you could rent gumboots and snow boots from this location. There are also a few restaurants in this area that provide tea and momos.


Live Changu Lake Temperature – Weather Forecast

Live Changu Lake Temperature
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The best time to visit Changu Lake 

The greatest spot to spend your summer and winter holidays is Changu Lake, Sikkim, where you may treasure the times, you spend with your loved ones! What are you waiting for? Purchase airline tickets and gather your belongings to explore the stunning region of Northern India.


January through the middle of March

Changu Lake Sikkim has below-freezing temperatures during the winter, down to -20°C. The region is completely blanketed in snow, making trekking and yak rides on the lake’s shores enjoyable activities.


April to July

You may see beautiful flower blossoms throughout the summer.


From October until December

A portion of Changu Lake is coated in sheet ice, and roving birds may be seen swimming in the lake.

That’s why the year-round beauty has persisted. Depending on the type of travel you like, you can go at any time of year.


Snowfall Rides at Changu Lake Glaciers

At the lake site, rides on brightly decorated yaks and mules are offered. Numerous food stands offering a selection of snacks and drinks are present. Rentable snow boots and gumboots are available here. Both tourists and residents find that a trip to the lake is a fantastic day excursion.

Tsomgo Lake is situated in a challenging geographic area. You’ll need a skilled driver if you’re traveling to Changu Lake in a private vehicle. The most convenient way to travel from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, to Tsomgo Lake is via shared taxi or bus. You can go on a yak safari when the lake is frozen in November and December throughout the winter. You may take in the picturesque scenery of the hills in the summer.

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