How to get a Direct Commercial Flight From India To Maldives

Flight From India To Maldives

With the start of Manta Air’s direct commercial flight from Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport to Dhaalu Airport in the stunning island nation, the Maldives moved closer to India on March 1. Among the authorities that greeted it was Kiran Khatri, the first secretary of the Indian High Commission. 

Travelers from India applauded this, even though it comes at a time when the Maldives news is treading carefully diplomatically with India. “On the first flight, we saw an impressive 50% load,” Manta Air CEO Mohamed Khaleel stated in an interview with a newspaper. “We announced the commercial flight just a few days before the launch.” “Customer inquiries are firm for this route, particularly from Indian families with children,” he continued.


Diplomatic Dispute Between India and Maldives 

The already strained relations between India and the Maldives were further strained by the controversy surrounding Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep. Three Maldivian deputy ministers in the Ministry of Youth Affairs sparked the controversy by disparaging India and the Prime Minister after his recent visit to Lakshadweep. This has become the latest Maldives news among Indians and other nations. 

The ministers’ remarks have drawn criticism in India, where many well-known figures have urged people to consider visiting domestic tourism sites rather than the Maldives. The episode highlights the perils of hypernationalism in the area and the necessity of broad cooperation between two South Asian neighbors with significant interests in common.


Indians Reactions Weeks After The Dispute 

Indian tourists are still considering the Indian Ocean territories as their summer vacation destination, according to industry statistics, weeks after the diplomatic dispute that ignited the internet craze known as “Boycott Maldives.” According to data provided by the Maldives Tourism Ministry, there was a dip in the number of Indian tourists visiting the coral islands, which dropped from the top spot in 2023 to the fourth spot during the first half of January. You can quickly check the latest Maldives news from our website from the comfort of your home. 

Whatever the outcome of the diplomatic and social media warfare, it is clear that tourism has prevailed.

In addition to the allure of the breathtaking beaches, other factors that keep visitors coming back include the location’s accessibility, the availability of free visas upon arrival, and reasonably priced return tickets. Given India’s rapidly expanding middle class and the cooperation of both commercial and public entities to capitalize on the lucrative travel industry between the two nations, Khaleel and tourism officials predict this trend will continue in 2024. Follow us for more latest Maldives news. 

One indication of this is the ease with which the Ministry of Civil Aviation approved the direct flight from Bengaluru. “The Government was extremely supportive and there was no disruption in business as usual for the launch of this flight,” stated Ahmed Maumoon, deputy CEO of the airline.


Direct Flights Between Bengaluru And Dhaalu 

Indian tourists no longer have to go through Male to reach the 11 villas in and around Dhaalu Atoll. This three-hour trip saves travelers money and time by giving them immediate access via five to 25-minute speed boat journeys.

An Indian traveler taking this flight will pay roughly $300 (₹25,000) for a round-trip ticket, while the typical route via Male would cost between $800 and 900 (₹66,000 – ₹75 000). Additionally, travelers will save spending nearly a whole day traveling, which entails driving to Male’s international airport and then taking one of the few available seaplanes to one of the resorts.

Dhaalu is still a relatively undiscovered area because of the time and expense overhead for visitors to the Maldives. The nation is made up of 26 atolls and 1192 coral islands. Of the many islands visitors can explore, Kandima and Riu are classified as cheap luxury hotels and islands in the Maldives, while Nyama Private Islands are classified as ultra-luxury. 

Direct flights are now offered with resort packages between Bengaluru and Dhaalu for those on a budget who want to travel to the Maldives with their family or alone. It’s interesting to note that by 2025, Dhaalu Atoll will welcome three new resorts: one ultra-luxury resort with just 40 rooms, two mid-market resorts, and a large residential real estate project.

A range of guesthouses are available in Dhaalu for budget travelers, and the direct flight from Bengaluru will likely contribute to their expansion. To provide passengers with as much time as possible at their destination, these flights are also deliberately planned to arrive in the morning and depart late in the evening on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. 


Extension of Dhaalu Airport 

Manta Air now operates ten domestic flights per day and three international flights per week out of Dhaalu Airport. With upwards of $20 million in investments, the airport is expanding quickly. By December 2025, a 2,200-meter runway will have been extended to accommodate A320, A321, and other narrow-body aircraft. Currently, the runway is 1,800 meters long. 

In addition, over 30% more space is being added to the terminal for arrivals and departures, along with retail outlets and lounges for travelers’ convenience. 

Despite the controversy, building relations with New Delhi will always be a top priority for the Maldives due to India’s continued regional and geopolitical significance.

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