Top 15 Couples Retreat

Top 15 Couple Retreats


At some point in our relationships, it is normal to feel that the magic there once was is missing. Small acts of love may act as palliative but real happiness still remains elusive. The actual thing that is missing is couples retreat to replenish the old spark and get things going. A couples retreat is always the saviour for sinking relationships or ones that are hanging by a thread. Here is a list of

15 Couples Retreat that you can Choose From

1. Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii –

Turtle Bay Resort

A majestic resort, to say the least, Turtle bay resort is perfect for a couples retreat as every amenity you could think of, is right there, at your service. With beautiful beaches to regal 5-star stays, this will surely relight that missing fire in your relationship. Take refuge in the languid spa facility or go for a  swim in the beach. There is something for every type of love bug. Embrace the succulent food options and make this couples retreat, a retreat to remember. 

2. Chiva-Som, Thailand –


The name itself of this couples retreat literally means, “haven of life’, and it is more than justified.  Azure pools await your gracious presence, all levels of decadence are met by the exotic food menu and exemplary service by the staff. This is a couples retreat that will surely strengthen those bonds of love and take you on a path of a happy life thereafter. The sunsets in this couples retreat are particularly picturesque and not ones to miss. They offer special discounts too for honeymoon couples, so what are you waiting for? Your next fight? 

3. The Anantara Uluwatu, Bali –

Uluwatu Resort, Bali, Indonesia

The perfect couples retreat for any couple looking to get married is this one in Bali. With an in-house chapel, with unparalleled beauty and chastity, it serves for the best resort for this specific purpose.  Atop all this, one can experience pristine beaches where you can go surfing with your partner. You can also hire a photographer and produce postcard sunset shots, there and then. The resort also offers wellness programs and yoga sessions for health-conscious and spiritual couples. With everything under its ambit, this couples retreat is surely one of the best in the world. 

4. Kohler, Wisconsin –

The American Club, Kohler
The American Club, Kohler

If you’re looking for top couples retreat in the United States, well here is the crowned jewel for you.  The ‘Time for two’ package in Kohler is a dream manifested for couples that need to refurbish their relationships. Spend some nights at the American club, which takes you back to the nineties and relishes every memory of that quaint, archaic movie setting. All amenities provided for, this option for a couples retreat is surely a humdinger of a romantic getaway to re-establish that lost charm.

5. Vigilius Resort, Italy –

Vigilius Resort, South Tyrol

Italy is the doyen of couples retreat and within Italy, the Vigilius resort is the undisputed king. With regal amenities and world-class service, this makes for couples retreat you’ll take to the grave.  Drink in stunning sunrise and sunset visuals doing yoga or any activity of choice together. Afterward,  indulge in and embrace the exotic food menu, prepared to evoke every fiber of your bodies. Together,  enjoy complimentary spa services, reliving that relinquished magic. Ply towards the wine cellar to satiate the connoisseur in you and your partner, smelling and tasting some old brews of some of the famous Italian wines.

6. Qualia Resort, Australia –

Beach near Qualia, Australia

Take a trip to the land down under and book a couples retreat to the Qualia resort on the Hamilton Island in Australia. Beaches with azure blue waters will wash away all tension and knots present in your relationships whereas leaving a calm, gratifying feeling. If both of you are adventure junkies, go kayaking along the great barrier reef or on an excursion. A chopper ride is also on the menu of giving you the couples retreat of a lifetime. Culinary classes are also an option to consider.

7. Astra Suites, Santorini –

Astra Suites, Santorini

A couples retreat list without mentioning Santorini is ever so incomplete. The beauty of the Astra suites, cannot be overstressed. To say the least, it is the most serene and picturesque places in  Greece. The views from the private balconies are divine, overlooking azure blue waters, perfect for romantic surprises and a couples retreat. The ivory-white streets of Santorini are world-renowned for their simple yet wondrous postcard pictures. Get that ever-elusive couple picture together here and gain bragging rights for life.

8. Pocono Palace Resort, Pennsylvania –

Pocono palace resort, Poconos

The most iconic destination for romance in the US, behold, the Pocono Palace resort, the paragon of couples retreat. This resort right here specifically is curated for couples. Overlooking Echo lake,  it has two in-house restaurants and nightclubs that are sure to give you a wonderful time, bringing back the rush that was present in the early phase of your romantic relationship. It caters as a  wonderful couples retreat, all year round. There are plenty of activities that will bring you closer than ever. 

9. Four Seasons Resort, French Polynesia

Four Seasons Resort

Have you ever wondered about those picture-perfect moments that couples post of pristine beaches on social media? Well, more often than not, they are of the grand Four Seasons Bora Bora in the South Pacific. It does not even look real, something transcendent, a Utopia of sorts. The views are so beautiful that there are chances you might forget to look at your partner. This couple retreat is one of the best in the world and everything about it justifies its skyrocketing position among its peers. Those mesmerizing infinity pools? Yes. They’re here. For your next couples retreat, go nowhere but the four seasons.

10. Excellence Playa Mujeres, Mexico –

Excellence Playa Mujeres

A resort in the vicinity of Cancun, which therefore promises to deliver both on the party end and the calm, relaxing end. If you’re planning a couples retreat for the refurbishment of your relationship,  well, think no further as the Excellence Playa is your saviour. A bit on the expensive side, but every penny spent is worth as the experience provided is tantamount to say the least. This is a weekend to remember an adults-only establishment and is replete with in-house world-class restaurants and cafes. The honeymoon suites available here are no less than a dream as they pack everything the Excellence has to offer, which is regal if not divine.

11. Post Ranch Inn, California –

Post Ranch Inn

An irresistible couples retreat in Big sur, California, the post ranch inn is tempting, to say the least.  Under its ambit, it provides rejuvenating spa treatments, and natural surroundings that evoke relaxation and savoy dining, the quality of which cannot be over stressed. All combined make it the best weekend to remember in California. Couples can also enjoy yoga sessions, whaling, small hikes, and a  sanctuary nearby. All of this comes with a complimentary breakfast every morning to fit that final piece of the luxury puzzle into place.

12. Twin farms – Barnard, Vermont –

Twin-farms Barnardm Vermont

Vermont’s only five-star, adults-only experience, sprawled across 300 acres, the twin farms in Barnard is mystical couples retreat. Unplug from the modern world, with this lush green, quaint property offering a charming and romantic retreat with a hint of whimsy. We’re talking fireplaces, private jacuzzis, and serene porches. There are many adventure activities also in this couples retreat, which will keep you both wanting for more. Have a pleasant candle-lit dinner in the in-house restaurant and relive those priceless moments of love. Hospitality here is nothing short of perfect, they won’t even let you lift a finger, let alone be waiting.


13. The Sinner, Paris –

The Sinner

A couples retreat list without the mention of Paris is as good as nothing. The city of love has more to offer than you can assimilate. The sinner is proudly, nothing short of regal with world-class amenities and resources. Although a bit heavy on the pocket, it’s also dense in the experience it packs in those pennies. If ever there is time left from the romantic places in Paris like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum, you can relax in the ever so luxurious space of the sinner. This couples retreat will surely not even resurrect but remodel your existing love connection.

14. Grail Springs, Canada –

The Grail Springs, Canada

In the vicinity of Toronto airport, this is a great option for a couples retreat in Canada. Set among large acres of forest and fauna, there are numerous walking trails and outcrops nearby to explore and uncover. If both of you wish to embark upon an uncharted adventure into the greens, then this is the best couples retreat for you. The cold weather makes you want to curl up into the cozy blankets and enjoy hot chocolate or a beverage of your choice. This couples retreat is remote enough to remind you of simpler times but ostentatious enough to make you feel welcome and respected.

15. Luxe couples retreat, Cancun –


Another amazing couples retreat, this one is perfectly tailored for couples having issues in their relationships and looking for answers. Well, look no more as relationship expert, Dr, Tabitha Johnson awaits you at the Luxe. Sit through intimate group sessions and bid goodbye to the uneasy feeling inside both of you. After therapy, you have the entire day to build on that connection, swimming with sharks and enjoying water sports.


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