Top 15 Things To Do In New Mexico

A place of cultural crossroads, where Native Americans, Spanish, and Mexicans all together create a wealthy and unique society, a state positioned in the Southwestern part of the United States. It has manifolds of museums, monuments, preciously preserved colorful vibrant historical and cultural sites including world-famous museums, cliff billets, holy churches full of magical stories, and truly amazing places to visit in new mexico and new mexico things to do, but let’s hop on to find the top 15 things to do in New Mexico.

1. Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park-Things To Do In New Mexico
Carlsbad Caverns

This splendid National Park is situated in Eddy country. And why is included in the list of things to do in New Mexico or new mexico things to do or things to see in new mexico? Well, you will find cascading trees, and mammals have plenty of natural treasures, you can also do camping, hiking, and climbing the territorial rifts and visit caves which are homes to the bats, this area has restaurants and food for your recreation no doubt visiting the place is included in the list of things to do in New Mexico and one of the best places to visit in New Mexico.

2. White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument-Things To Do In New Mexico
White Sands

The world’s largest sand dunes are new mexico attractions, stunning and crystal than lands in another world – visit new mexico. It is the home for 800 species, – mice, lizards, endangered moths, and rare species of insects that change color and change their body weight becoming light. You can do hiking and gliding from the giant hills of soft sands- is going to be your ultimate unique experience. Your eyes can get the view of nocturnal animals like Kit foxes, desert cottontails, or coyotes, which reserves a place in new Mexico tourism.


3. The Compound

The Compound-Things To Do In New Mexico

The Compound Restaurant’s New Mexico attractions or New Mexico tourism is located at Santa Fe’s famed Canyon Road. It’s been a well-known restaurant for foodies for a long period of time, serving a variety of flavors from the Southwest and Mediterranean. You will find opened it on Monday to Saturday from 2 pm onwards, and the bar is open from 5 pm. They have a wide collection of classy wines.


4. Tia Sophia’s

Tia Sophia

Want to try mellow quesadillas, eggs, and burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, classic omelets and boiled eggs, pancakes, French toasts, free rolls, light potato cheese, all you can have at Tia Sophia’s restaurant? You can get the food served by the restaurant in other areas except for the free rolls. It’s the authentic item of the restaurant, open from morning approximately 8:30 am onwards (new mexico vacations).


5. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta-Things To Do In New Mexico
Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque organizes a festival every single year attracting approximately 80,000+ tourists, and the festival is the world’s widest Hot air balloon festival started in 1973, only with 13 balloons now the festival includes approx. 500+ balloons. It’s breathtaking how the sky becomes vibrant and the festival held for 9 continuous days, with lots of things, music, food, and kid’s amusement options, make it the undoubted best place around the world.


6. Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier-National-Monument-Things To Do In New Mexico

The magnificent Bandelier National Monument is a substantial volcanic land and archeological landscape and is home to indigenous Pueblo. It includes an educational museum, a hiking place, and areas of camping with permission. You can visit the place from morning 9 am to evening 3 pm.


7.  Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe Plaza-Things To Do In New Mexico
Santa Fe Plaza

Santa Fe Plaza has the best stores of historical monuments vibrant colorful walkways, restaurants, an area covered with the gush of trees, and green valleys that look mesmerizing in a place of the desert state included in the list of things to do in New Mexico or new mexico places to visit.


8. Cumbres

Cumbres-Things To Do In New Mexico

The Cumbres is the Toltec Scenic Railroad, that covers the route from Chama, New Mexico, to Antonito, Colorado. The views from the rail soothe the eyes in such a way that the outer view where clouds run with you, the moist breeze, the sparkling sun, the green landscapes, and the rail ride gives terrific pleasure, including it in the list of things to do in New Mexico or new mexico places to visit.


9. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument-Things To Do In New Mexico
Gila Cliff Dwellings

The monument in New Mexico is famous for its designs. It is called the mining town of New Mexico. There are approximately 42 rooms in 6 caves. Protected by the Gila National Forest the sculpture has a museum with a bathroom and wireless toilet facilities for the tourist, making it one of the top things to do in New Mexico.


10. Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch-Things To Do In New Mexico
Ghost Ranch

The area is drawn by nature with a charismatic landscape of red and yellow Cliffs of approximately 21,000 acres with tie towering surrounded with rock walls of vibrant colors and blue skies above as ceiling. One of the best things to do in New Mexico includes hiking, kayaking, horse riding, etc.


11. Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito-Things To Do In New Mexico

Traveling a country doesn’t mean only sightseeing, it includes food gobbling in popular restaurants, and one of the things to do in New Mexico is try chilies, haha! not the raw one but dishes made with it one of the most popular restaurants is Ursula, a New Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn, you must visit the elite restaurant to enjoy the delicious authentic Mexican foods, and one of the popular dishes is Breakfast Burrito. It is a unique style of Burrito that consists of a stuffed tortilla with apples, bacon, and potatoes with the main ingredients- Mexican chilies.


12. Bizcochito

Bizcochito-Things To Do In New Mexico

Who said, a country that has chilies can’t have sweet cookies, New Mexico has delicious soft yet crunchy state cookies for visitors with an opposite flavor which has a quite deep-rooted history. Legends say that these cookies are innovated firstly by Spanish  Colonists for showcasing tier culture through the foods.


13. Chimayo Cocktail

Chimayo Cocktail-Things To Do In New Mexico

The Chimayo Cocktail is one of the signature drinks in New Mexico. It is actually an autumn cocktail served with raw and unfiltered apple cider and tequila with a pinch of sweetness. 


14. Refreshing Hot Spring

Refreshing Hot Spring-Things To Do In New Mexico
Hot Spring

Will you lose the chance to enjoy the natural hot spring? no right then let’s jump into the fact that New Mexico is a hot spot of hot springs and thank nature for its geothermal work, at present, there are marvelous natural hot springs as part of spas and resorts where you can ravish your relaxation invites to rejoice many things to do in New Mexico. The most elegant Hot springs in New Mexico are as 

  • San Antonio Hot Springs: Popular hot springs in New Mexico with three pools on the cliff, to soak the enchantment.
  • Spence Hot Springs: Some kilometers from Sanfe, close to the roadside make it carefree for crowds.
  • Montezuma Hot Springe: Located near Lyas Vegas and it’s an important part of Montezuma Hotel, a great family destination. 


15. Stargazing

Stargazing-Things To Do In New Mexico

If you don’t include stargazing as you will miss the cream in the Donut. Why so? stargazing in New Mexico is an indigenous yet authentic experience. The connection of clear skies due to a dry environment is sacred and holy. Also till today, Mexican use the sky in their daily lifestyle and in some religious ways. But there are places where you can enjoy stargazing

  • New Mexico International Dark Sky Park – things to do in New Mexico
  • Clayton  Lake State Park – things to do in New Mexico
  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park – things to do in New Mexico
  • Cosmic Campground Gila National Park. – things to do in New Mexico

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