World’s Most Beautiful Glamping Tents Holiday Destinations

World’s most beautiful glamping tents holiday destinations


The best way to reconnect with nature is via camping. It promotes wonderful storytelling around the campfire, breathtaking outdoor activities, and closeness among family and friends. Glamping (glamping tents) offers the excitement of a camping trip in the wilderness, but without surrendering comfort and with all the luxuries of a five-star hotel.

Here is the list of some of the World’s most beautiful and luxurious glamping holiday destinations or glamping tents:


1. Jack’s Camp, Maun, Botswana

Jack’s Camp, Maun, Botswana-Glamping Tents
Jack’s Camp

In the heart of Botswana’s Kalahari Desert, Jack’s Camp, of the best glamping tents or fancy tents is a haven of luxury and comfort. A real safari camp with tents in the 1940s style, complete with a private museum, store, beverages tent, and pool pavilion. A fully unique experience is created by the combination of breathtaking landscapes, imaginative surprises, skilled leading, old-world safari flair, and excellent meals.

During the year, a variety of activities are available, such as game drives to see rare desert species and interactions with very sociable habituated meerkats – majestic glamping tents.


2. The Nest by Sonara, Dubai Desert Conservation, United Arab Emirates

Sonora, Dubai Desert

In search of methods for enhancing your glamping tents trip? Book a stay at The Nest after that. These are not ordinary bubble domes, these are tents. The accommodations are carved directly into the sand dunes at the Dubai Conservation Area, creating a calm retreat (glamping tents). There are 14 desert nests available, brought to you by Nara Desert Escapes, the organization behind the upscale desert restaurant Sonara Camp. Each Nest features a sleeping area, a private bathroom, an outdoor majlis for watching the sunset, and a minibar (available on consumption). Choose from the dune view, dawn view, or sunset view among the three available package kinds. Up to four people can stay in each Nest (two adults and two children).


3. Karijini Eco Retreat, Karijini National Park, Australia

Karijini Eco Retreat, Karijini National Park, Australia-Glamping Tents
Karijini National Park

One of Australia’s top eco-tourism destinations is Karijini Eco Resort. The retreat provides safari-style eco tents, cabins, and campsites hidden among natural bushland at the brink of Joffre Gorge, as well as an outback restaurant and bar, as well as access to the park’s hikes and guided adventure excursions, and is located 1,500 kilometers north of Perth in WA’s second-largest national park. As the first and only establishment in the Karijini National Park to provide a glamping tents experience, stay beneath the stars in our campground or in cozy accommodations for glamping tents. See a world of old natural landscapes created more than two billion years ago, including deep gorges, red cliffs, towering waterfalls, and emerald green waterholes, while getting a sense of true camaraderie and kind hospitality.


4. Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel, Monthey, Switzerland

Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

With 15 domes on wooden platforms, Whitepod provides a creative way to glamping in Switzerland and explore the Mountains. Each pod has a wood-burning fire, luxurious organic bedding, and a full bathroom. It is also protected from the cold and snow. Glamping tents or luxury tents at their best in Switzerland are found at Whitepod.


5. The Resort at Paws Up, Montana, United States of America

The Resort at Paws Up, Montana, United States of America-Glamping Tents
Resort at Paws Up, Montana

The Ranch at Paws Up is a luxury ranch resort located on a vast, 37,000-acre, real working cow ranch in western Montana, at the crossroads of unparalleled luxury and untamed wilderness. Paws Up offers a direct connection with Montana’s natural beauty in the midst of a setting of immaculate rustic elegance and comfort – glamping tents, whether you opt for a large private residence or a chic, safari-style luxury tent. There are 36 safari-style tents for glamping (glamping tents), or you can select from 28 opulent holiday homes. Six campgrounds made up entirely of one-, two-, or three-bedroom tent suites each comprise most of the glamping tents. A luxurious Dining Villa (glamping tents) is located near the campgrounds and serves fine cuisine. The evening will be spent roasting s’mores around a campfire, swapping tales of your exploits, and admiring the innumerable stars in the sky. A refined rustic ranch style might be used to characterize the food at Pomp. Our chef combines his training and creativity to develop inventive dishes while yet adhering to the foundations of traditional cooking. Offerings fluctuate with the seasons since local ingredients are used. Trough provides Western-inspired dishes.


6. Hurunui Jacks, Kokatahi – New Zealand

Hurunui Jacks, Kokatahi - New Zealand-Glamping Tents

An outstanding glamping or glamping tents experience may be had at Hurunui Jacks Tent. In the midst of the old-growth virgin forest, your opulent canvas tent is set up in a secluded location next to the Kaniere River. With a wood-burning stove, the campsite comprises a sizable canvas tent. Just a few meters away is a camp kitchen and restroom completely enclosed and covered inside the glamping tents. Have some wine and take a star-filled outdoor bath. Go lost in the wilds of the West Coast. Experience the tranquility and ethereal atmosphere of being surrounded by an old bush in a remarkably distinctive setting.


7. Longitude 131°,  Yulara Dr – Australia

Longitude 131°,  Yulara Dr - Australia-Glamping Tents

Would you like to purchase front-row tickets to one of the greatest performances ever? The renowned monolith known as Uluru (Ayers Rock) is seen from Longitude 131°, a luxury wilderness camp – glamping tents that have won awards. These 15 air-conditioned pods, enjoy wonderful seclusion amid stunning sand dunes, with expansive views of the desert. Each air-conditioned “tent” is distinctively styled and exquisitely furnished with opulent bathrooms, country-style furniture, and hand-picked artifacts. A fine dining restaurant, the Dune House, a central meeting place, a library, a rooftop viewing deck, and a swimming pool are all features of the property (glamping tents). A variety of guided hikes, indigenous excursions, and outdoor dining options are available to visitors – glamping tents.


8. Agafay Luxury Desert Camp, Marrakesh, Morocco

Agafay Luxury Desert Camp, Marrakesh, Morocco-Glamping Tents

These generously sized and cozy tents blend in beautifully with their surroundings thanks to the use of locally made art and one-of-a-kind decor items. The natural elements, such as African woven matting and Berber carpets, intriguing items returned from journeys, and evocative Moroccan lamps, when placed against an exquisite and understated background, give the feeling that one is on an expedition from another era. There are five luxurious, private tents or glamping tents in his camp, spread out across a large area. An indoor location nomad tent made of thick white cotton with a queen-sized bed makes up each individual sleeping area.Sit back and relax on a typical Moroccan corner chair covered in oriental cushions, or take some time at the desk to write if you’re feeling creative. Each tent’s entrance is covered by a stretched cotton panel, allowing you to quietly enjoy the mystic desert scenery that hasn’t yet been impacted by tourism. In the desert, water is scarce, so smaller tents with bathrooms and showers are provided for your comfort. Guests can gather around a community dining table and share specially prepared delicacies. The dining tent invites visitors looking for traditional Moroccan food made with the best local ingredients, set against the enchanted and expansive horizon. In a modest, traditional earth oven, fresh bread is made every day. Seasonal vegetables are also prepared to bring forth their inherent flavors for luxury tents.


9. The Castle House Estate, Joshua Tree – California, United States of America

The Castle House Estate, Joshua Tree - California, United States of America-Glamping Tents
Castle House Estate

Joshua Tree is home to the Castle House Estate. This establishment offers guests a sun deck and room service. In addition to the free WiFi and free private parking, there is a seasonally open outdoor pool- glamping tents. There is seating available in each of the hotel’s rooms. Towels and bed linens are provided in each room at The Castle House Estate. The glamping tents offer guests access to cycling and hiking in and around Joshua Tree. 64 kilometers from The Castle House Estate is the closest airport, Palm Springs International Airport.


10. Hoshinoya, Chiyoda, Japan

Hoshinoya, Chiyoda, Japan-Glamping Tents

Situated 100 meters up a mountainside, HOSHINOYA Fuji is almost completely obscured by the nearby forest. In a landscape of soil, grass, and tree roots, narrow passageways wind. The luxurious camping glamping tents or white duck tents experience designers aimed to produce with HOSHINOYA Fuji is that. To provide complete comfort, they built cottages rather than camping areas and furnished them with air conditioning and restrooms. To give visitors the chance to experience sitting by a crackling fire, they made sure that one-third of the floor plans of each cabin were outdoors. A little distance from “base camp,” they inserted a number of wooden platforms into a red pine forest, where visitors can partake in just about every fun camping activity.


These are the list of a few world’s most beautiful and luxurious glamping tents and glamping destinations. There are many more places to explore regarding glamping tent sites, and the experience creates an innate memory for a lifetime. Gift yourself the pleasure of describing stories to others.

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