10 Best Rooftop Bars in Chicago

10 Best rooftop bars in Chicago

In the past couple of years, when Chicago was engulfed in winter and eating indoors was outlawed due to the epidemic, some of us flocked to the city’s renowned rooftop pubs and restaurants. In the summer, rooftop bars in Chicago are thriving utopias, but during the chilly winters, many rooftops are compelled to go indoors to stay warm. With that out of the question, however, they were forced to adapt and consequently offered a choice of different pleasant outdoor hideouts. The reintroduction of the igloos, ski lodges, fire pits, and many other items in all sizes and forms this year ensures that a  wonderful night high above the Chicago skyline will still be possible in the months to come.

We’ve compiled a list of the most distinctive rooftop bars in Chicago that are open all year long! From curling competitions with free drinks to delectable Mediterranean cuisine in adorable greenhouses.

Check out  these fantastic rooftop bars in Chicago for an unforgettable experience:

1. The Offshore Rooftop

The Offshore Rooftop-Rooftop Bars Chicago
Offshore Rooftop

Not only does the Offshore Rooftop claim the record of the largest rooftop deck in the country, but it is also routinely acknowledged as one of the greatest spots to best enjoy a drink with a view in this list of rooftop bars in Chicago. Unmatched panoramas of the metropolitan skyline and Lake Michigan are available. Most rooftops have views of the city since they are part of the skyline, but Offshore Rooftop lets you look out onto Chicago’s renowned skyline. The award-winning 36,000-square-foot rooftop is 

open all year and features cozy fire pits as well as a recreation and gaming area. Furthermore, the fact that there are both indoor and outdoor spaces means that visitors can take advantage of the vistas and the top-notch food either indoors or outside, huddled around a fire pit. Truly one of the best rooftop bars in Chicago. 

2. Joy’s Rooftop Dining

Joy’s Rooftop Dining-rooftop-bars-Chicago
Joy’s Rooftop

The stunning arrangement of Joy District is unmatched by many other rooftop bars in Chicago. Dazzling lights, cozy patterned couches, and stunning views of Chicago’s cityscape ensure a great evening, but the rooftop of Joy District is truly special thanks to its bright murals and cascading plants. The rooftop’s tent-covered “winter wonderland” is back this year, providing a covered and heated haven with cheery  Christmas decorations and heaters. Now there are Christmas trees, snowmen, and a cozy setting for sipping cocktails all winter long. The rooftop of Chicago’s Joy District is situated at 112 West Hubbard  Street. A great option to choose from is in this list of rooftop bars in Chicago. 

3. The Godfrey Hotel

Godfrey Hotel

In the Godfrey Hotel, there is yet another wonderful winter paradise among rooftop bars in Chicago. The  Godfrey Hotel’s indoor-outdoor rooftop has once again been transformed into a winter wonderland for another year of spectacular skyline views. The expansive terrace on the fourth story of the hotel lounge has been turned into an amazing outdoor haven. A variety of heated clear-dome igloos are available for guests to relax on the rooftop terrace, or they can rent an extra-large igloo for a unique winter wonderland experience. Chicago’s Godfrey Hotel rooftop may be found at 127 West Huron and Lasalle.  A truly spectacular way to celebrate the season is provided with outdoor firepits, patio heaters, s’mores,  live DJs, sensational views of the Chicago skyline, and of course, themed beverages. Certainly, an unmissable choice among rooftop bars in Chicago.

4. The Gwen Hotel

Gwen Hotel

The Gwen Hotel’s rooftop has the solutions if you’re looking for something a little different among rooftop bars in Chicago. At 521 North Rush Street in Chicago, you can find the rooftop of the Gwen  Hotel. Although there aren’t any opulent igloos here, you can still take advantage of the hotel’s yearly  Curling & Drinks event. Instead of igloos or ice skating, the hotel outfits its rooftop with a lofty outdoor curling rink. You can enjoy a round of complimentary beverages during a curling session while competing against your friends on the most modern curling rink. This winter, gather your closest friends and travel to the rooftop of The Gwen Hotel for an unforgettable night of curling and cocktails in this list of rooftop bars in Chicago.

5. Whisky Business Rooftop

Whisky Business

Whiskey Company has built a multipurpose space on a 3000-square-foot Wicker Park rooftop above  1367 N. Milwaukee Avenue, where it will host events, all winter long which is rare among other rooftop bars in Chicago. There is something for everyone at the bar, including rooftop movie nights, weekend brunches, a curling rink, and MSU or Chicago Bears gameday packages, but this year it has also built a  big luminous tent on its rooftop so that patrons can stay warm and comfortable while having a few drinks. The rooftop of Whiskey Business is situated at 1367 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago which is a great location for people living in any part of the town. So what are you waiting for?

Visit this gem amongst rooftop bars in Chicago today.

6. Aba’s Hilton Rooftop

Aba’s Hilton

The quaint Aba Mediterranean restaurant is located in Chicago’s famed Fulton Market neighborhood.  Chicago’s Aba rooftop is at 302 North Green Street which is one of the best rooftop bars in Chicago.  Guests may now enjoy firepits and overhead heaters at the enclosed rooftop patio at Aba thanks to a  winter facelift. You may now savor cuisine from all across the Mediterranean, including Israel, Lebanon,  Turkey, and Greece, from a cozy indoor/outdoor location. Nevertheless, it really comes to life at night when the area is taken over by well-known DJs from the region and around the country for a seductive club-like experience with other rooftop visitors. The advice of any kind? Make a reservation—the restaurant strongly advises this—and show up to impress in your fanciest clothes as this is a classy option among rooftop bars in Chicago.

7. The VU Rooftop

VU Rooftop

This one is a bit different than other rooftop bars in Chicago. At VU, there are no domes, igloos, or anything above you, but there are safe, sizable firepits placed all over the rooftop so you can stay warm while seeing the lake, South Loop Chicago, Museum Campus, and occasionally some breathtaking sunset spectacles. Three distinct bars and two patios are located in the 13,000-square-foot South Loop area,  where guests can savor excellent cocktails and small plates. Make sure to wear your best attire for the occasion and leave your casual clothing at home because this exclusive rooftop VU has a smart and enjoyable dress code. The VU rooftop is situated in Chicago at 1551 West North Avenue. A great choice among rooftop bars in Chicago for adventurers.

8. The Kennedy


One of the great rooftop bars in Chicago is the Kennedy rooftop. Wicker Park’s very own urban chic hideaway is The Kennedy Rooftop. The architecture, menu, and beverage selections are all intended to highlight Wicker Park’s contemporary, hip, and varied character. It’s a fantastic rooftop choice with panoramic views of Chicago’s famous cityscape and a cozy layout, and fortunately, its igloos are back for another Chicago winter. The Kennedy Rooftop, like The Gwen Hotel, has a curling track, so you can enjoy a chic evening on the luxurious rooftop with a little friendly competition to keep you warm. The  Kennedy Rooftop is in Chicago at 1551 West North Avenue. rooftop bars in Chicago don’t get better than this.

9. The J Parker Rooftop

J Parker Rooftop

There are a lot of breathtaking rooftop bars in Chicago, but not many of them have 360-degree views of the city. Yet, you will discover just that in addition to front-row views of Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park, and its breathtaking winter spectacular up at Hotel Lincoln’s J. Parker Rooftop. There are many places to sit and take in the breathtaking views, including indoor and outdoor areas, a glass retractable roof, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The various varieties of hot toddies, hot mulled wines, and ciders are examples of seasonal beverages. Chicago’s J. Parker Rooftop is situated at 1816 N. Clark St and is loved by all travelers, local or foreign. There is just something about this place, something undefinable, that gets to you and keeps you hooked. Come and see for yourself in this gem amongst rooftop bars in Chicago.

10. London House

London House

A breathtaking rooftop with views of the Chicago River and the activity of Michigan Avenue can be found on the 22nd level of London House Chicago. After a successful debut year, the hotel’s “Rudolph’s  Rooftop” experience made a comeback the following year, and it will do so again this year. A fantastic seasonal setting at one of the rooftop bars in Chicago is now available thanks to the return of imaginative decor, rentable outdoor igloos, and celebratory beverages. Whether you’re in an igloo or outside, heaters and blankets allow you to take in the breathtaking panoramic views while remaining warm and comfortable under the stars. The rooftop of London House Chicago is situated at 85 East  Wacker Drive in Chicago and is one of the most visited rooftop bars in Chicago.

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