15 best beaches in Europe

best beaches in europe,

Every visitor has long considered visiting Europe’s cultural centres to be a must-do; after all, the continent is home to several of the world’s most popular destinations. However, when it comes to beach vacations, European seaside communities frequently trail behind the South Pacific and the Caribbean. Despite the variety of beachfront destinations available, such as the wild beauty of Iceland, the vibrant nightlife of the Côte d’Azur, and the tranquil resort destinations of Greece and Croatia, too many visitors choose to stay inland instead of experiencing the attractions of the coast.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the best beaches in Europe for visitors of all types.

1. Navagio beach, Greece

 best beaches in Europe

The search for best beaches in Europe ends right here and now. The massive, battered hull of a freighter that ran aground in the early 1980s serves as the focal point of this well-known location. The ship is presently situated in the centre of a crescent-shaped beach, a few yards from the point at where the Ionian Sea and bone-white sand meet during low tide. Although the cove can only be reached by boat due to the sheer cliffs surrounding the beach, there is a constant flow of visitors throughout the summer because to the abundance of suppliers in the region. Even yet, it’s worthwhile to make the trek since you must see the corroded shell in person to fully understand how striking it is against the stunning natural beauty of Zakynthos Island. Truly one of the best beaches in Europe.

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2. Rabbit beach, Italy

 best beaches in Europe

A gen amongst the best beaches in Europe, one of the most breath-taking beaches on earth, yet only the most adventurous people will venture here due to its secluded location 100 miles off the Italian coast. But there is plenty of reward for those who travel there: A refuge for swimmers and snorkelers, the water is shallow enough to wade out into the bay and is consistently quiet and clear. Watch out for sea turtles: The endangered Loggerhead’s only regular nesting location is here. For pure adventure-seekers, this is one of the best beaches in Europe.

3. Calanque d’en Vau, France

beach in france,

This remote area on the southern coast of France is ideal for adventurers: It can only be reached by boat or a two-hour climb, but the difficulty of the journey only adds to the appeal of the destination, which is why this is one of the best beaches in Europe. This beach, which is hidden at the end of a lengthy inlet, is flanked by tall, precipitous cliffs, and the stark contrast between the vivid blue Mediterranean and the white limestone gives the area a surreal atmosphere. Surely deserves its place in the list of best beaches in Europe.

4. Scala dei Turchi, Italy

Scala dei Turchi, Italy
Scala Dei Turchi, Italy

Looking for the best beaches in Europe which are splendidly serene? Scala dei turchi is your best pick among best beaches in Europe. The renowned Turkish Steps are worth a journey even in the off season. Even when it’s too cool to go swimming, the stark white marlstone stairs that have been formed by millions of years of erosion are breath-taking to witness. If you’re planning a solo excursion, set your alarm to leave well before sunrise. You’ll be rewarded with a fantastic photo opportunity, a magical experience, and no other tourists in sight.

5. Elafonisi Island, Greece

 Elafonisi Island, Greece
Elafonisi Island, Greece

One of the few best beaches in Europe with pink sand, it is one of the most stunning in all of Europe. You may expect shallow, clean water, pink beach, and a breath-taking landscape. You are in a paradise, so unwind. Do you enjoy peace and quiet? A piece of advice: keep going straight toward the streams, where there are fewer people and free seating, and avoid stopping at the charged deckchairs. The price of the deckchair with parasol is still reasonable if you wish to take a day off (10 euros per day). Truly one of the best beaches in Europe.

6. Santa Giulia Beach, France

Santa Giulia Beach, France

The beach of Santa Giulia is one of the best beaches in Europe, and it is situated in Porto-Vecchio in the southern region of Corsica. a beach with genuine white sand, crystal-clear water, and pine trees. It’s the ideal location for relaxation and energy restoration. Plan your travel to “Figari-South Corsica” today (30 min by car). A gem among the best beaches in Europe.

7. Hel beach, Poland

Hel beach, Poland

Finding the best beaches in Europe isn’t that hard now as we present this underrated gem. After arriving in Gdansk, one of Europe’s most picturesque cities, drive to the “Hel Peninsula,” which, despite its name, is a paradise on earth. Travelers have millions of square metres to choose from on this enormous stretch of sand (35 km long and 30 metres to 3 km broad). Hel is designed for you if you are either inactive or active. We advise you to rent a bike so you may explore the full splendour of this exceptional European peninsula. The list of best beaches in Europe just got better.

8. Porto Santo Beach, Portugal

Porto Santo Beach, Portugal

The Madeira Islands, which include the main island of Madeira and Porto Santo, were voted the most beautiful island in the world seven times and the safest destination among best beaches in Europe. This year, the Madeira Islands are the best beach destination in Europe, with two beaches ranking in the top five. The golden sandy beach at Porto Santo, which was named the best among best beaches in Europe 2022, is well known for its therapeutic qualities and for being ideal for farniente. Porto Santo Spa alternates seawater treatments with warm sand treatments; these are ideal for what you need most right now.

9. Bolonia Beach, Spain

Bolonia Beach, Spain

A dream location is the province of Cadiz. Rest this summer on its magnificent, kilometer-long, fine sand beaches. Bolonia Beach is the place for you if you enjoy peace and quiet and wish to find unspoiled, untamed best beaches in Europe. Bolonia Beach may, with luck and clear skies, allow you. to view the African coast which makes it a great choice among best beaches in Europe.

10. Seixal beach, Madeira Island

Seixal beach, Madeira Island

Praia do Porto do Seixal is one of the most stunning among best beaches in Europe because of its volcanic sand, crystal-clear waves, and amazing cliffs to which thick vegetation clings. On this beach, you can get a breath-taking view of the Madeira island’s Atlantic Ocean-bound north coast. Restaurants, restrooms, showers, and accommodations with views of the ocean and cliffs and direct beach access are all located close to this very Instagrammable beach, which has black volcanic sand, all of which makes it a top choice in the list of best beaches in Europe

11. Durdle Door beach, England

Durdle Door beach, England

Beachgoers don’t typically travel to the U.K., but the stunning beauty along this stretch of Dorset coastline makes it a must-see among best beaches in Europe. Swimming beneath the shadow of Durdle Door, a large granite arch that plunges into the water, is an ethereal experience in the summer. And when the weather turns chilly, you won’t soon forget a trek along the cliffs with Dorset’s verdant hills on one side and the expansive ocean vistas across the rocky Jurassic Coast on the other. Truly one of the best beaches in Europe.

12. Zlatni Rat beach, Croatia

Zlatni Rat beach, Croatia
Zlatni Rat, Croatia

Zlatni Rat’s distinctive shape—a steep triangle projecting into the sea—means that there is even more sandy surface space for sunbathers. Natural beauty abounds in this area, including a turquoise sea, a wooded island with a deep green spit, and a sparkling white beach. And if you’re searching for a family-friendly Croatian vacation, this is the best choice among best beaches in Europe.

13. The Vik, Iceland

best beaches in europe,
The Vik, Iceland

The most fringe choice among best beaches in Europe. This beach is a must-see location on your Icelandic vacation because of the area’s unique landscape, even though you won’t want to swim there due to the choppy, icy waves of the Atlantic. Vik’s eerie black-sand beaches were created by basalt formations that were eroded over time. The combination of the dark sand and unusual geological features, such as groups of hexagonal rock columns and sharp sea stacks jutting out of the waves, make this a hauntingly beautiful and unforgettable choice among best beaches in Europe.

14. Playa Sa Caleta, Ibiza

best beaches in europe,
Playa Sa Caleta, Ibiza

The party-centric environment of Ibiza makes it simple to burn out after a few days. When you do, go to this beach; it’s off the beaten path for tourists, so you’ll find a little more peace and quiet than in busier spots on the northern half of the island. And only the environment itself can rejuvenate you: The beach is shielded from the weather by a gap between two red sandstone cliffs, and the water is as clean and blue as they come. After you’ve had your fill of tanning, visit the neighbouring Phoenician ruins to learn more about the region’s prehistoric past. This choice among best beaches in Europe provides the entire experience.

15. Oludeniz beach, Turkey

best beaches in europe,

One of the best beaches in Europe, Oludeniz is a hidden gem. The name “Blue Lagoon” fits the location well; the bay is so vividly coloured that it nearly doesn’t seem real. As natural preserves, the sea and the surrounding forest are unspoiled and devoid of the overdevelopment that blights so many Turkish vacation towns. Thank goodness it still offers the comforts of home, including restrooms, showers, and coffee shops, to make your visit more enjoyable. Truly a valuable addition to the list of best beaches in Europe.


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