Albania | History | Culture | People

Albania | History | Culture | People

The longstanding myth That Believes That vacations to Europe need to be a costly affair is a thing of the past. Today we have a country for you that Will not drill holes into your pocket. But will fetch a place into your heart. Albania a hidden gem which is situated in South Eastern Europe is truly an underrated country which is overlooked by most of the tourists and is therefore the road not taken. Albania graces the coast of the Adriatic Sea boasts of some of the best beaches in the entirety of Europe. Come on explore with us as we embark on a special journey to Albania, As the more the merrier.


A dive into Albanian history

Ancient History

Just the fancy names of communism and civil war, which people associate with the history of Albania, are just the tip of the iceberg and the history actually dives way deeper than that. Albanians are native Balkan people, although the exact origins still remain vague. The public philosophy demands an unequivocal ethnic relationship with the old Illyrians. There is little to some significant awareness of the Illyrians and there are no verifiable records alluding to the presence of the Albanian nation, it is hard to assert or deny the relationship. Albanians entered postclassical written history in the last part of the 11th Century, and just in this age could one at any point talk

with any level of sureness about the Albanian nation as they are known today. In his History written in 1079-1080, the Byzantine antiquarian Michael Attaleiates was quick to allude to the Albanoi as having participated in an insurgency against Constantinople in 1043 and to the Arbanitai as subjects of the duke of Dyrrachium. Essentially, the antiquarian John Scylitzes points (ca. 1081) to the Arbanites as shaping piece of the soldiers gathered in Durrës by Nicephorus Basilacius. It tends to be expected that the Albanians started extending from their mountain country in the 11th and twelfth hundreds of years, at first claiming the northern and focal shore and by the thirteenth century spreading toward the south toward what are presently southern Albania and western Macedonia.

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Recent History

Albania’s set of experiences is past captivating, contrasted with a few different nations on the planet. From 1941 to 1992 Albania was under the severe socialist rule of the pioneer Enver Hoxha. Everything was controlled, from food to lodging and occupations. Comparisons with North Korea are natural, yet just the people who survived socialism will be aware. There were work camps where political detainees were sent assuming they offered something that the socialist chief could have done without. The detainees constructed the foundation that Albania sees today. After the breakdown of socialism, Albania considered itself to be a developing democracy. Tragically, in 1997 the public authority imploded after a dodgy fraudulent business model.

North of 2/3rds of the populace put their life investment funds into this plan which implied the vast majority lost all that they had buckled down for such an extremely long time. The common distress saw a great deal of outrage and brutality from the residents of Albania, many escaped from the country for a superior life. The common turmoil happened for a considerable length of time and while visiting Albania, you will see with your own eyes that Albania is as yet recuperating. There is still a ton of defilement inside government areas today. It appears to be each day there is a renewed individual whose defilement has been uncovered.

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Tirana, Albania

A diverse Culture

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Albania is full of surprises and the culture is not an outlier. A diverse and rich cultural experience awaits you in Albania as many historical roots and variegated people contribute towards creating a beautiful and pluralistic palette of cultural existence.


This might amaze you, however around 59% of Albanians are Muslim! Around 17% are Christian and the rest of nonbelievers or devotees of different religions. All things considered, it’s a generally mainstream Muslim nation, and religion doesn’t impact its administration. You can count the ladies wearing a hijab on one hand. Thus, although it is a Muslim nation, the traditions are lost of the people. The main way you’d know the unmistakable quality of Islam is that mosques are all over. Although the ‘Azaan’ calls are rare and meagre to find, as opposed to some other Islamic countries where they are pervasive and cannot be ignored.



In regions like the more upscale locations of Tirana, the downtown area of Berat, Saranda, and Ksamil, you can get by with English; once in a while, Albanians communicate in Greek or Italian as their subsequent language. Yet, as elsewhere on the planet, learning a couple of expressions of the nearby language will enchant local people. Përshëndetje (per-shen-DET-yeh) implies hi and falaminderit (fa-la-min-DAIR-eet) implies thank you!


People of Albania take immense pride in being Albanian and showing it off, apparently. It is impossible to miss the sight of the wine-red Albanian flag with the double-headed eagle as it is pervasive and present on every little thing. It doesn’t end there, the flag of Albania is printed on several merchandise and is touted to tourists on every occasion possible.



The dishes of Albania have their underlying foundations with the old Ottoman Empire. The mix of luxuriously fruitful land, nearness to the ocean, and hazy social lines with their neighbors have finished in a cutting-edge cuisine that is both different and simplistic. Meat and vegetables are the staple, alongside weighty stews, cured cabbage, feta cheddar, breads, rice, and smoked meat. The most well-known veg produces are eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and vegetables. Extremely Mediterranean for sure! Vegans be cautioned.

There is a great deal of plates of mixed greens in your future – fortunately, there’s a lot of new produce to appreciate. The national dish is baked sheep, rice, and yogurt sauce called tavë kosi.s Different specialties incorporate speed, which is made by heating up a creatures head (normally pig, cow, or sheep) until the meat falls off. It’s then made into a stew with onion, garlic, and different flavors. You could likewise attempt harapash, a polenta based dish cooked with sheep digestion tracts, spread, cheddar, and corn flour. Supper hors d’oeuvres or platters are typically presented with salami, prosciutto, feta cheddar, green olives, and simmered red peppers. To follow, attempt koran, a type of trout native to Albania, jufka, handcrafted pasta, oofte ferguara, seared sheep or hamburger meatballs presented with feta cheddar and bread, or flifa, a humongous flapjack, more like a pie, made by layering crepe and presented with liquefied cream cheddar.

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The Albanians themselves

The people of Albania are one of the nicest people you’ll meet in the world. They are very hospitable and jolly, which is why your trip to Albania will be even more memorable as you’ll definitely make some local friends. It is much more easy to learn about tips and tricks from people themselves as compared to looking them up on the Internet.

People here are very expressive, gesturing and moving their limbs when they talk or listen. Staring is a commonplace phenomenon in Albania and take some being used to. Albanians will, as a rule welcome you with a kiss on each cheek or a handshake. At the point when more seasoned ladies welcome more youthful ladies, you will typically get 1,000,000 kisses, a squeeze on the cheek and pressed until you can’t relax. Albanian ladies by and large take care of the house and the men work for the family. This is the means by which most families work in Albania however today it’s currently normal for ladies to work as well. These gender roles are till date very conspicuous in Albanian culture. As joblessness in Albania is exceptionally high, a ton of men will sit in bistros for a significant part of the day.

This may simply be a Saranda thing, however you might frequently see Albanian youngsters being really focused on by their grandparents, not a single parent to be seen. It could be social, it very well might be only for excursion, or it may very well be a happenstance. One way or another, it is emblematic of the closeness that exists among family members.

Safety of travel- Albania is a relatively safe country to go in. Like any nation however, you should know about your environmental elements. Try not to parade any costly hardware/device, don’t head back home alone around evening time, and be careful while you’re driving/going across streets. As far as wellbeing and clinical consideration, primary towns have clinics and specialists that you can get to, in spite of the fact that you’ll have to pay for these. The best medical care is in the capital, Tirana. Apart from this, no problems are prevalent whatsoever.



For a trip that has every element of adventure, taste, thrill, beauty and meaning, Albania is a great place to choose. The most important point to note is that all of this is on a budget which opens avenues for the middle class too, to explore and witness Europe in a quarter of the price. So, pack your bags, ready your secondary wallets and apply for leaves from work as Albania would take some days to explore and assimilate. The rich history, exotic food, hospitable people and diverse cultures are a sight to behold and provide for a nurturing and memorable experience which will be with you until eternity. Don’t think twice, as our experts did it for you, so that you only get the brownie experiences.


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