Best tourist attractions in Dubai

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Who would have thought that the UAE, which got independence in 1971, would be the nexus of all tourist attractions in the world, and that too at such exponential pace. The crowned jewel of the

Emirates, Dubai has so much to offer for every type of tourist and is replete with tourist attractions

of all kinds and shapes. The tourist attractions here are world renowned and are flocked by tourists

from every part of the world. From adventurous water sports to high-rise skyscrapers, from exotic

food to luxury hotels, Dubai has everything that is on the menu. Are you ready to order?

Burj Khalifa

A building that needs no introduction and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world.

The observation deck on this building on the 124th floor provides unreal views of the skyrocketing

skyscrapers of Dubai and of the transcendent panoramas beneath. Everything you do here is either

world’s highest or fastest. The restaurant is the world’s highest, the elevator is world’s fastest glass

variant and many more marvels that will drop your jaw below sea-level. Another spectacle which

makes this a great tourist attraction is the Dubai fountain, when viewed from the top deck. The

much hyped indoor fountain also lives up to the hoopla and provides sterling views when lit with

thousands of lights, creating a beautiful amalgamation of light reflecting off the water droplets.

Surely it is the most coveted tourist attraction in the world. It’s all fascinating and It’s all here. Habibi, come to Dubai!

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The Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Museum of the Future

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Museum of the Future, Dubai

A humdinger of a tourist attraction, the museum of the future is unique, to say the least. Come and

witness what the world will look like in 2071 and marvel at the cascade of beautiful, innovative and

mind-bending items here at this wondrous tourist attraction. If you can read Arabic, you’re in luck as

the marvellous exterior dons Arabic poetry, courtesy of Shaun Killa. Well, if you can’t read it then

drink-in the absolute jaw-dropping architectural expertise and intricate craftsmanship. There is also

a Digital Amazon exhibit to emulate the unique adventures of the Amazon forest, which in its natural

habitat is almost inaccessible. Gracing the Sheikh Zayed road in the financial district of Dubai, this

tourist attraction is a spectacular marvel which can’t afford to be missed. Of all the tourist

attractions in this list, this is probably the most enterprising and bohemian. So what are you waiting for, 2071 awaits your arrival.

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo

Sounds fictitious, doesn’t it? Well, here in Dubai nothing is. This tourist attraction will keep you

wondering every second of your existence as to how humans can build with such ingenuity and

grandeur. The underwater tunnels in the tourist attraction are home to thousands of marine species

for you to count, witness and marvel at. The azure blue waters make for a crystal clear medium

which eases the task of spotting your favourite sea-beast. The imperilled Tiger shark is also

preserved in these humongous tanks. Really makes your mind wander, doesn’t it? Well don’t just

witness, take a swim session with sharks here which is also an offering by the authorities. Loosen the

purse strings a little and witness the beautiful sea-life in its raw, unaltered form. This tourist attraction makes you wonder, is this oceanic heaven or reality? So, pack your swimming trunks and fly to Dubai today.

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Dubai aquarium

The Dubai Mall

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I’m sure there are malls in the city that you live in, but this is the ginormous, gargantuan big brother

of all malls. A tourist attraction that will change your perception and definition of a mall, the Dubai

mall is the world’s largest shopping mall with superfluous stores and experiences to make your day

and your entire trip. The ultimate symbol of ostentation, regalia and opulence, this tourist attraction

has every premium and ultra-premium store on the whole wide planet. There are tons of other

entertainment options too. There is a state-of-the-art VR park and a huge Kid-zania for tourists of all

kinds and ages. The underwater zoo mentioned above is a part of this mall only. There is an ice

skating rink too, yes you heard it right, in the middle of the desert, they have an ice-skating rink.

Some tourist attraction it is, isn’t it? So brace your credit card and visit the Dubai mall for an interminable experience of awe and wonder.

Palm Jumeirah

A tourist attraction that will take your breath away and you’ll be glad that it did. Such is the beauty

of the Palm Jumeirah. The palm Jumeirah islands, shaped like a real palm tree, have this transfixing

effect on anyone who sees them, like Medusa, turns them to stone. How often do you see tourist

attractions with a lot of man-made islands shaped like a tree? The Aquaventure water park is highly

equipped with a lot of fun-filled water sporting events that will surely resurrect the sea-enthusiast in

you. The lost chambers aquarium is also a spectacle that must not be missed. The ferry tour around

the entire island is the favourite of all people at this tourist attraction. Lastly, cure your acrophobia

with a frenzy-filled sky-diving session that will surely make your trip memorable, to say the least. Put fear aside, grab your passport and come running to Dubai.

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The Palm Jumeirah

The Global Village

Ever thought of being ubiquitous? All places at once? Well, this tourist attraction will make that wish

almost come true. The global village in Dubai is a spectacle which features pavilions from 26

countries for you to witness and embrace a plethora of cultures, cuisines and clothing, all at one

place. While you bask in the heritage of this exuberant marvel, let the kids enjoy themselves in the

theme park which has countless rides and swings for them to enjoy and indulge themselves. Present

at the Sheikh Zayed road, this tourist attractions can be visited along with Burj khalifa and other

famous places. This remains operational from October to April and is family friendly and

appropriate. So, live the old adage, ‘Vasudev Kutumbhkam’ (The world is my family), vicariously at this wonderful tourist attraction. Tourist attraction site:

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The global Village, Dubai

The Desert Safari

Visiting Dubai and not embracing the desert is an outright crime. The desert safari is a must –try

tourist attraction in Dubai. You get to marvel at the beautiful, natural dunes which feels like you’re

inside a videogame, searching for your destination. Choose your ride yourself, a safari or the

traditional camel. Take postcard silhouette shots of the desert sunset and gain bragging rights. After

all this you must be tired, so treat yourself with exotic barbeque dinner at this tourist attractions. Whilst you eat, enjoy a live dance show and music, can’t get any perfect, can’t it? So, fetch that desert cap and visit this tourist attraction at the earliest.

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The desert safari

The Dubai creek

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The bridge between the two towns of Deira to the north and Bur Dubai to the south, the Dubai creek

is an underrated tourist attraction, waiting to be explored. It offers exquisite and imposing views of

the city entrenched in a beautiful panorama, like the classic city with a water body. Take picturesque

postcard snaps here splash the azure, pristine waters of the creek on-to your friends or family. Here

are the remnants of the conventional and archaic economy of Dubai and a great place to witness huge cargos being unloaded and loaded. On your next visit to Dubai, don’t forget to experience this tourist attraction.

Bollywood parks, Dubai

If you’re Indian and reading this, you just got the opportunity of a lifetime. Dubai has a dedicated

tourist attraction of the Bollywood parks. You can come here and witness how a Bollywoood film is

made and the know-how of the Industry. This tourist attraction lets you relive your favourite movie

in 4D and also offers several dance workshops with traditional Bollywood steps. If that’s not enough

for you then there are replicas of famous movie sets where you can take a wonderful picture where you will feel like the protagonist of your favourite movie. Also take selfies with mannequins of your favourite stars at this tourist attraction. What more do you want, senorita?

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Bollywood theme park, Dubai

Al-Fahidi Quarter

By this time, you have visited all the symbols of opulence in Dubai. Now is the time to take you to a

journey into old Dubai and walk through history. The Al fahidi quarter was built in the 19th century and till date is as beautiful as it was on the day of its origin. This tourist attraction will surely Evoke

the historian buried inside you and take you into a world of wonder and amazement. Al-fahidi

occupies the eastern portion of bur Dubai along the creek and showcases limestone buildings and

wall stopped with wind-towers. You can also stroll through the inside gallery which is replete with

Arab ceramics and furniture famous for its intricate and yet robust nature. So visit this tourist attractions for a history lesson to enrich your trip with all flavours that Dubai has to offer.

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The Al-Fahidi quarter


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