Everything You Need To Know About Masai Mara

Everything You Need To Know About Masai Mara

Where the crimson sun wakes up the wildlife of a vast rolling green valley, where there is the dramatic bubbly crossing of the river Mara, and the indigenous culture of the famous Masai tribe, the home of “Big Cat” and “The Big 5”, where there are animals tall as a tree, and also some tiny hides in bushes, all the things all together in a frame is the Masai mara the national reserve of the wildlife of Narok, Kenya. So how can you visit the place, to engulf all within yourself, it’s just a piece of cake, just take a flight from your place to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, the book a taxi and ride for 6-7 hours to Masai-Mara or take a flight for 45minutes-1hour to Masai-Mara.

Every place has something deep within the right, but this is something that is called the golden days of memory, bring your enthusiasm to observing wildlife only from approximately 2 to 5 meters, be it hippos, antelopes, monkeys, or baboons come there to say hello and making friends.

So, here is the list of things you can experience in Masai Mara, and you can experience a beautiful stay, a wooden or bamboo bridge connecting the luxurious tents to the place where your safari is parked also an amazing fact is you will wake up with the chirping of birds, and sounds of Cat family, nearby the side, and the morning with nature and fresh air mixed with the aroma of green grass will give a right energetic kick start.

1. Homestays at Masai mara-


The rugged Masai-Mara is a mixture of rough and smooth understanding of the salt and sugar of lemonade; it has plenty of eco-friendly camping tents and a luxurious homestay for you. And each of them offers a package of premium safari activities for your entertainment, elite accommodation, romantic nostalgia, secured stay with experienced rangers, from deck to dinner. It’s a dream come true for the ones who want to be with nature. Stays offer you healthy foods and massage after your long tiring day. And the stays are not like hotels, it’s an eco-friendly camping tent with all the facilities available, comfy beds and also you have options on the timing of the safari, you stay with your authority, with a little extra support from the rangers. 

2. Game drives-


Masai Mara is one of the best places not only in Africa but in the world because there are 1000 species of animals (approx.) to observe also the Big 5 animals, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhino, and Buffalo. Game drives in Masai Mara are one of the popular and common activities. Open-roof safari van or land cruiser accompanied by Masai warriors and experienced forest rangers you will enjoy the big cats who were not surprised by your appearance. The drives were designed in particularly 3 shifts, before sunrise, which means observing the foggy droplets on the grass the crimson sun kissing the land, to find animals engaging with their cubs, and also animals grass-grazing, leopards getting for hunting, it’s so amazing in the dawn, 

Evening time, shifts because as the sun goes bright, it brings its hotness and animals be it antelope, gezzels, buffalo, or lion goes under trees and hide in the shed, so you won’t be able to spot animals. Evening time, starting from 4 pm to 6;30pm, you will observe sunbathing reptiles, at Mara river. 

And the last is the night shift, which has strict rules, on not taking out hands or jumping from the safari, as night is thrilling but scary too on safety parameters. 

In total in you are going to meet with Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalos, Rhinos, Zebras, Crocodiles, Hyenas, Hippos, Gazelles, Giraffes, Hartebeest, and many more things at Masai- Mara.

3. Nature walks-


Masai-Mara, the mesmerizing reserve gifts you with a safe walk in the grassland of Savannah, and you can take pleasure with local community authorities and be around the wildlife from a safer distance, it is among the cool things that were done by rangers with a gun for safety as the place is covered by life’s which are not tamed at all, but the researchers and tourist find it thrilling to observe the species and play around them, know the behavioral traits, zone the vast vegetation without causing uncomfortable to the gazing animals, the activities are done during the early evening when mainland is covered with Giraffes, Zebras, Elephants, and other species. The walking activity is quite interesting, and rewarding, while you reach the sides of river Mara.

4. Balloon ride-


You know what, to start the ride, you have to lie down in the cart, before the balloon gets ready for the ride, and it seems like fire launching a rocket, and the experience is incredible and one of the best of its kind, floating balloon, giving you the eagle eye view of animals, preys to predators, all you can watch from the above just some meters above, it’s the indigenous and 100% safe for the tourists and handled by experts. It’s something which you can call time-life time experience, it starts in the morning, 1-2 hour experience, do bring your camera to shoot animals, nowadays cameras are used for shooting, not guns. The beautiful scenic beauty of rolling mountains, grazing grasslands, tall trees, sparkling Mara river, and the huts of the Masai tribe and Masai tribe itself look vibrant in the light of the sun. 

5. Wild beast Migration-


Traveling to Africa, and staying in Masai-Mara you will miss the migration of the Great Wild Beast, is that even possible, no right, the Wild beast migrating from Savannah to Tanzania, and the way to Mara rivers, where crocodiles wait for their food is an awestruck view to watch. And the beauty of Masai mara can’t be completed with this migration, reading a book, or watching television and witnessing the moment live, is a totally different thing, so the best time to observe this scenario is July to September, depending on the rain.

6. Horse riding-


Encumber the horse riding at Masai-Mara to witness the grazing animals including Elephants, Zebras, Deer, and other small wildlife. Witness nature with keen observation of the cascade bushes of Savannah.

7. Sunset with Masai Warriors-


Stretch with hand and body with dancing Oloololo which means Zig-zag, with the traditional song of Masai-Mara. Jump with the enthusiasm to touch the crimson sun going down over the horizon. Get dressed as the Masai warriors and meet your feet with them and gain a lifetime memory.

8. Cultural Mingling-


How come to a wildlife reserve in Kenya is named as Masai Mara, because Masai is a vibrant tribe of Kenya and the oldest too, and the river which is the resource for animals and humans there is Mara, so the name is derived from Masai Mara, where Masai tribes protect the reserve while residing there. 

Masai tribe were so intelligent that they can speak fluent English and you can visit their hut, clicks pictures as much as you want, and your inquisitiveness will be sorted there, as the tribe people are very warm and you can enjoy the culture, and mingle with them, they have the unique style of clothing and jewellery. 

So, it was a short description of Masai-Mara and plan the trip, Visit Masai-Mara, and if you are worrying about the fact of how to book flights and hotels, then visit Trippybug, we provide 24X7 support and don’t include any fraud deals. 

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