List of 15 Most Haunted Places In India

List of 15 Most Haunted Places In India

India is recognized for its extensive history and diversified culture. It also has a number of frightening locations that have become well-known over time. As India is shrouded by mystery, has long-standing folklore, and is thought to be haunted by spirits, locals will warn you to stay away, especially at night. Stories of haunted places in India with tragic histories are undoubtedly terrifying enough to give you a chill. 

Nevertheless, Covid-19 offered more than enough frights. But now is the perfect time of year to visit those haunted places in India for those who still need a little more thrill. When winter arrives, more people visit haunted places in India since you never know what you might find when taking a quick walk through these gloomy and gloomy settings. One cannot adequately explain the sensation of visiting haunted places in India. It is our intrinsic curiosity and desire to explore the unknown that drives us to visit a place thought to be haunted at least once, despite our fear of entering that unsettling location. 


To satisfy those cravings, here is a list of the most haunted places in India:


1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan-Haunted Places In India
Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, which is regarded as one of the most haunted places in India, prohibits visitors between dusk and sunrise because that is when the area experiences the most paranormal activity. It is alleged that evil spirits exist and that people do hear noises and see spirits after sunset.  However, it’s a wonderful location to explore. Around 9,000 homes once up in the town of Bhangarh,  but starting in 1720, the population started to decline.

Furthermore, the earliest of its two haunted histories claims that it was cursed by Guru Balu Nath. It was well-known that the Guru used it as his meditation area and that the fort’s shadow must not fall on him in order for him to give it up. That did not occur, and as a result, the entire hamlet was destroyed by the Guru’s curse. His curse also prevented the villagers from building any roofs for their homes since they would all collapse. Such a bizarre story makes it one of the scariest haunted places in India.  


2. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Dumas Beach, Gujarat-Haunted Places In India
Dumas Beach

One of the most haunted place in India is Dumas Beach. This Gujarati beach with black sand was originally a significant Hindu cremation site, and it is this past that lends the beach an unsettling edge. With the lowering sun, the positive energy of the morning disappears, and by night, locals try to stay away from Dumas Beach. People have reportedly heard eerie sounds emanating from  Dumas, which are thought to be the spirits of tortured souls. 

These sounds range from scary shrieks to whispering. In addition, it is stated that the neighborhood dogs bark all night long because they perceive a paranormal presence, leading some to believe that the black sand is made up of the ashes of burned bodies. Dumas Beach is the very last spot you would want to go to at night because of everything about it. All of this makes this beach one of the eeriest and most haunted places in India.


3. King’s Church, Goa

King’s Church, Goa-Haunted Places In India
King’s Church

King’s church is one of the most haunted places in India. This is factual, despite how ridiculous it may sound. The ghosts of kings who fought here are said to haunt the Three King Church in Goa.  According to legend, a rival who desired to control the country for himself assassinated both kings.  In response to widespread indignation, he poisoned himself shortly after the murder, and now the cathedral is possessed by the ghosts of these rulers. Locals claim to encounter “a peculiar menacing presence” around the church, as well as noises and cries coming from this abandoned church. Surely, one of the spookiest and most horror place in India.


4. Grand Parade, Mumbai

Grand Parade, Mumbai-Haunted Places In India
Grand Parade

The list of haunted places in India just keeps getting more and more interesting. The Grand Paradi  Towers, one of Mumbai’s first high-rise structures, is notorious for the numerous suicides that have occurred there (the total is close to 20). Many people at Grand Paradi think that a particular  apartment on the eighth story of the building is still inhabited by the souls of departed occupants  who have refused to “go on.” As a result, the room is kept shut. The current residents of Grand  Paradi require routine counseling sessions as a result of random door knocks, footsteps heard in unexpected places and at unexpected times, and spine-chilling cries. All this contributes to this site being one of the most haunted places in India.


5. Dow Hill, West Bengal

Dow Hill, West Bengal-Haunted Places In India
Dow Hill

The haunted places in India are not easy to find. Locals claim that the nearby Victoria Boys School,  the woodland, and the little hill station of Dow Hill are all home to frightful ghosts. Here in the forest, there have been a lot of mishaps and murders, as well as reported sightings of numerous children’s ghosts. The most typical one depicts a headless boy stalking victims through the woods.  Even on weekends and during breaks when no one is present, the school is filled with constant shrieks, laughter, and footsteps. Truly one of the scary places in India.


6. Shaniwarwada, Pune

Shaniwarwada, Pune-Haunted Places In India

One of the most haunted places in India is this one. Even without lights, enormous forts at night are eerie, but Shaniwar Wada is something else entirely. A young boy’s cries for help are allegedly heard at night. A prince who was the Peshwa throne’s heir was allegedly brutally slain in Shaniwar Wada.  Today, especially with full moons, agonizing cries of “kaka mala Vacha” (uncle, save me) reverberate throughout the fort at night. A strange story makes this one of the most haunted places in India.


7. Ramoji Film City, AP

Ramoji Film City, AP-Haunted Places In India
Ramoji Film City

A great entry in the list of haunted places in India. Ramoji Film Studio, one of India’s biggest film complexes, is also rumored to be the abode of several ghosts that prowl the grounds and the nearby hotels. Ramoji, which was constructed on a battlefield, is purportedly haunted by the ghosts of the fallen soldiers who are still active there. Strange scratches on the mirrors, staff members and props falling to the ground for no apparent reason, and phantom food being left lying around are just a few of the frequently occurring incidents in the studio that have been documented. One of the most haunted places in India for sure. 


8. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala-Haunted Places In India
Raj Kiran Hotel

It is one of the most macabre haunted places in India. Raj Kiran Hotel, located in Lonavala, one of  Pune locals’ favorite weekend escapes, is compact but packed with mystery. There are certain rooms and locations where visitors have reported seeing various paranormal occurrences.  Vacationers have experienced their worst nightmares, such as waking up to an eerie blue beam near the bed or having their blankets yanked off by force in the middle of the night. If you’re looking for haunted places in India, don’t miss out on this.


9. Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai-Haunted Places In India
Mukesh Mills

One of the greatest haunted places in India. Raj Kiran Hotel, located in Lonavala, one of Pune locals’ favorite weekend escapes, is compact but packed with mystery. There are certain rooms and locations where visitors have reported seeing various paranormal occurrences. Vacationers have experienced their worst nightmares, such as waking up to an eerie blue beam near the bed or having their blankets yanked off by force in the middle of the night. A great entry among haunted places in  India.


10. Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment-Haunted Places In India
Delhi Cantonment

One of the most horror places in Delhi is the cantonment. This is one of Delhi’s most picturesque locations during the day, but at night, things change dramatically. It’s rumored that there’s a famed ghostly hitchhiker who wanders the road through Delhi Cantonment while dressed entirely in white and waving for drivers to stop. And those who don’t stop claim that the woman drives beside them,  keeping up with the speed of the vehicle until they reach the edge of Delhi Cantonment. A great addition to the list of haunted places in India.

11. Lambi Dehar mines, Mussourie

Lambi Dehar mines, Mussourie-Haunted Places In India
Lambi Dehar mines

One of the most haunted places in India is these eerie mines. The Lambi Dehar mines were originally fully operational, but due to a lack of safety precautions and dangerous working conditions,  hundreds of workers died there, and now it is reported that their ghosts haunt the location.  Furthermore, despite being lovely, this location is undoubtedly one of the most haunted places in India. Numerous visitors have claimed to have had an unsettling atmosphere, heard cries,  and more from this location.


12. Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi-Haunted Places In India
Agrasen ki Baoli

Just another spooky entry to the list of haunted places in India. One of Delhi’s most well-known tourist attractions, Agrasen Ki Baoli is frequently frequented by couples going out on a date. The monsoons, when the area is submerged under water and makes for the most romantic locations for a date, make it even better. The water at the bottom of the Baoli, which looks to be black in color,  is claimed to entice individuals to leap in, which can result in serious injury or death. Surely, one of the most haunted places in Delhi.


13. Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Kuldhara, Rajasthan-Haunted Places In India

Rajasthan has most of the haunted places in India due to its desert-like climate. One of India’s most eerie locations is Kuldhara. The area’s residents fled overnight, earning it the nickname “Ghost  Village of India.” According to legend, one of the ministers had his sights set on a Paliwal family member and wanted to marry her. When his request was denied, he allegedly threatened the villagers with severe repercussions. Surely, a top choice among haunted places in India.


14. Jamali Kamali mosque, Delhi

Jamali Kamali mosque, Delhi-Haunted Places In India
Jamali Kamali

The Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb in Delhi is one of the many haunted places in India. The mosques of Jamali (a well-known Sufi poet) and Kamali (whose history is uncertain), which are both located in the Mehrauli archaeological complex, are rumored to be haunted. The less well-known tourist destination in Delhi is also credited with being the first to establish the Mughal architectural style, which includes sculptures and jharokhas that were absent from earlier structures and monuments. One of the most haunted places in India.


15. Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota

Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota-Haunted Places In India
Brij Raj Bhavan

Strange, and eerie places fill this list of haunted places in India with their essence. In the Rajasthani city of Kota, there is a magnificent palace hotel called the Brij Raj Bhavan Heritage Hotel. With its lovely yellow walls, bougainvillea plants, and old-worldly charm, the location appears to be a  charming, welcoming spot. His ghost is rumored to still be present in the palace. The ghost is supposedly harmless, but it frequently manifests itself to guests, security personnel, and others. Last but not least among haunted places in India.


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, visiting India’s haunted locations gives you the chance to explore the paranormal activities, learn about local stories, and get a spine-tingling rush from doing so.

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