List of 20 best Halloween games you can play

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Every year, Halloween appears to grow in popularity, with stores offering everything from elaborate Halloween decorations (opens in new tab) to creepy Halloween getups for kids. However, you don’t need to break the bank to take advantage of the spooky season. These Halloween games for kids are a terrific way to get everyone together for some easy, inexpensive fun, whether you’re seeking for Halloween revelry ideas or just encouragement for some ghostly people time. We’ve picked up 20 of the best Halloween games, including classics like apple bobbing, a zombie-themed version of wink murder, and a fun mummy-wrap game, that range in price from cheap store-bought Halloween games to free DIY ideas.

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1. The infamous dart game

Is there anything more frightful than kids brandishing darts? No, which is precisely the reason you should play this game with the kids at your Halloween games party. Kidding! This darts game does not involve any sharp objects. There aren’t any darts at all, in actuality. However, parents can relax knowing that there is no chance of property damage or physical harm when their children throw these little hook-and-loop spheres at the dart board. Children will have a blast playing this among Halloween games.

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2. The ghost race

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The O.G. among Halloween games, this one is a great option. Give the traditional sack race a festive Halloween makeover! Use old pillowcases if you have them, and you may let the kids personalise their “sack” by using some fabric pens to sketch a spooky ghost face on it. After it has dry, erect the race’s starting and finishing lines. Then keep track of how many there are and see who can jump to victory first. Searching for Halloween games? Play this one for sure.

3. King of Halloween games: Pumpkin stomp

The finest Halloween games for active children include Pumpkin Patch Stomp! Just some orange balloons will do. When the timer goes off, place them outside and see how many “pumpkins” they can pop. The person with the most balloons that have burst here is the winner. This Halloween game will be enjoyed by both adults and children. A great choice among Halloween games.

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4. The Bingo but Halloweeny

Bingo, but a little creepier! We adore this gem amongst Halloween games, which features characters to check off instead of numbers, such as Frankenstein, a skeleton, and a ghost. Elect a host to select a caller image at random and read out the Halloween-related thing for the participants to mark off on their bingo cards. Instead of Bingo, scream, Boo. Among the fun Halloween games, for sure.

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5. Witch and Wart

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The Halloween variation of the age-old classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey! Put the on the occultist’s nose and have the youngsters take turns pinning it there. They will be spun three times while blindfolded before being set off. Depending on how close they are to the witch’s face, the other children can assist by shouting “hot” or “cold.” After the wart has been applied, remove it, but write the child’s initials where it was applied. The youngster with the wart nearby to the tip of the nose wins. Halloween games don’t get better than this one.

6. Twister

Utilize the pumpkin season to its fullest with this easy option among Halloween games. With this project, a little DIY is required. Carve your pumpkins, being care to leave a mouth hole that is extra wide. Then place your stylized squashes across your backyard, give the youngsters a club and ball, and let them attempt the course on their own or in groups. It’s fun and spooky.

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7. Classic hide and Seek

These Halloween games don’t have to be novelties. The guidelines for this one don’t need to be explained! Get the kids to dress up for classic hide and seek to give it a Halloween flair. If you’re feeling bold, you might let them play indoors with the blinds closed, the lights off, and a torch for the seeker.It’s entertaining for older kids in particular because it’s one of the well-known Halloween movies and is guaranteed to boost the spook factor.

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8. The doughnut play

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Hang a jam doughnut with a bloody appearance when you bite into it from the ceiling so that it is just above the children’s heads. The children are required to consume the doughnuts while holding hands behind their backs. Quite a fun option among Halloween games this time

9. Pinata game

Create a pinata with a frightening theme filled with creepy candies, and allow the kids to bash it until everything falls out for a tasty treat. Sounds mundane but when played, it is one of the best Halloween games.

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10. Bowling of the spooky

One of those enjoyable children’s Halloween activities that the whole family can enjoy. In the weeks leading up to the celebration, remember to cling onto any empty cans or water bottles. Before using poster paint to create amusing and spooky-looking monsters, properly wash the items. Pick up a tennis ball and serve, ready for these “pins” to be knocked down, once the entire set—at least five pieces—has been decorated. The most fun one among Halloween games.

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11. The Charades of ghosts

With this inventive Halloween Charades set, you can avoid doing the job yourself. The youngsters should divide the group into teams, set a timer, and imitate a beloved Halloween movie or character or another relevant theme to their teammates. In a minute, the team with the rightest predictions wins. Must try when indulging in Halloween games.

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12. Spectre face painting

One of the most creative and fun Halloween games is face painting but with a spooky touch. To make eerie expressions like this vampire face paint, get some inexpensive face paints, gaze at our ghostly Halloween face paint ideas, and then follow the step-by-step instructions.

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13. Candy guessing game

Guess-how-many-sweets-in-the-jar is a game that you’ve all played, and since Halloween calls for sweets, this one is a terrific exercise that checks all the right boxes. The youngster who comes the closest to the right answer gets to take the entire jar home. Have each child write their number on a sheet. Truly one of the best Halloween games by far.

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14. Post-it Halloween

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There are many Halloween games that need physicality but this one can be played by being a couch potato. This isn’t just for kids, either. Update the traditional “guess who” post-it game that is played at most Christmas tables. Put a post-it note on their head with a different Halloween symbol or character, such as a witch’s broom, Frankenstein, or a pumpkin. To help them figure out who they are before the other players do, have them pose Yes-or-No questions to the other participants. One of the best Halloween games, certainly.

15. Duck and Ghost!

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Play this creepy take on a time-honoured game precisely as you would. Goose, Duck, and Duck. Have the kids sit in a circle and act like ducks. One youngster should serve as the ghost, who goes around the circle touching each child’s head and chanting “duck, duck, ghost.” The child whose hand is on when they say “ghost” is required to stand up, chase the ghost around the circle, and then return to their empty spot. The youngster without a spot becomes the new ghost if the ghost enters the room first and sits down. Continue until everyone is exhausted by doing this! A great option among Halloween games.

16. The crazy conveyor game

With this memory game being downloadable and playable from your computer, it’s undoubtedly one of the most remarkable Halloween games for kids. Your tiny mischief-makers will see Halloween decorations on the conveyor belt, including a witch figure, a spooky house, and a brain. And after the video ends, they have one minute to memorise them and recite them again. Pay and download the digital bundle, and you’re ready to play this unusual Halloween activity! Have fun in this gem among Halloween games.

17. Pumpkin ring toss


The pumpkin and the eerie atmosphere that light sticks create give the traditional lawn game a seasonal twist; let’s face it, glow sticks hold a particular place in all of our hearts. The most challenging aspect of setting up this game is locating a pumpkin with a thick enough stem. Very enjoyable and a great option among Halloween games this year.

18. The popcorn relay


Probably the most fun amongst Halloween games of all time. Head outside for a fun party game that just requires a scooped-out pumpkin and food supplies (popcorn). Children with a stir can burn off excess energy by running back and forth while bringing trickles of popcorn from their home base until the gourd is full.

19. The O.G Egg hunt

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A minimum of a dozen eggs should be painted and given a few eerie finishing touches before being hidden in various places about your house. A spooky egg hunt that will delight little partygoers. One of the most fun among Halloween games for sure.

20. Feed the ghost

To frighten the kids—and to keep them entertained, of course—call upon your inner artisan and create this cardboard box monster. Throwing eyes into the ravenous beast’s mouth will be a big hit with the younger attendees. Most engaging among Halloween games of all time.


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