Meghalaya tourism | List of most underrated places to visit

meghalaya tourism

Meghalaya is a wonderland full of plentiful natural wonders and the home of the straightforward Khasi and Jaintia clans. It is the land of many natural masterpieces. Meghalaya is a destination filled with remarkable adventure and thrills, and it won’t fail to amaze you at every turn. You can travel to isolated areas and discover several live root bridges, undiscovered caves, and waterfalls. You can revitalise yourself in Meghalaya by travelling and finding several surprises. In Meghalaya, there are several options for those looking for something unique and still uncommercialized.

So what are you waiting for? Embark on a journey into Meghalaya tourism.

1. Nohwet Village

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Another must-see area under Meghalaya Tourism is Nohwet, which is close to Mawlynnong village. Even though it was simple to miss, it is nevertheless one of the most beautiful locations near the bustling Mawlynnong. Here is the Jingmaham Living Root Bridge. The town was peppered with several natural streams and waterfalls. In Nohwet, there are many things to do. The Bamboo Kingdom, a breath-taking viewpoint built of bamboo in the hamlet, is perched on top of a tree that is much larger and taller than the treehouses in the Mawlynnong village. It is surprising, but true, that Drongwell, a lone individual, built Nohwet the Bamboo Kingdom. He took two years to finish it. The overlook offers breath-taking views of the valley that is close by. It’s a great location to take in the splendour of nature. Trekking through the unmarked trails will allow you to come across a lot of exciting streams and waterfalls. A wonderful place to look forward in Meghalaya Tourism.

2. Arwah Caves

meghalaya tourism

Visit Arwah Caves if you have an interest in fossils or the remains of prehistoric life under Meghalaya Tourism Through the Khliehshnong area of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, one can reach these rock-cut caverns. A charming trail that has been artistically cut out of the dense forest leads to Arwah cave. Crustacean shells and fish bones have been preserved in the limestone walls of the chamber that leads to a complicated network of caves. You can also get a breath-taking glimpse of the waterfall that cascades down the side of Lawshynna Hill from Arwah Caves in Meghalaya Tourism. If you feel tired along the way, don’t worry—there is a seating area nearby where you can unwind and wait.

3. Nongbareh

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Beautiful Nongbareh is a village close to Kudengrim. One of Meghalaya Tourism’s best-kept secrets is Nongbareh, which is noted for its numerous undiscovered caves. You can see a lot of unexpected things, for which Nongbareh is appropriately framed. Here, visitors can experience beautiful waterfall- and thickly-forested route systems. Around Nongbareh hamlet, there are about ten caves. Am-Theri Cave is the area’s most breathtaking and magnificent cave (Am-chrai). A magnificent cave with the ideal photographic composition. Inside, you may see fish and water.

Since there aren’t any appropriate route markers put to the road, it is challenging for outsiders to locate these caverns. You can travel through the caves with the assistance of a guide or a native from the area. One of the historic live root bridges is also housed there. The entry point to the Nongbareh village’s root bridge includes a gate or canopy-like structure formed of roots. It is well known for being a local fishing spot. The big cloudy mahseer and chocolate mahseer from this location are well-known. From Shnongpdeng village, one can get there by following the river upstream for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. A great addition to gems of Meghalaya Tourism.

4. Sohkhmi

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Sohkhmi is the ideal location for you if you enjoy exploring new places in Meghalaya Tourism. The Sohra Plateau’s slopes are home to this tiny town. There is a well-known trip that begins in the little settlement of Kutmadan. In addition to being a visual treat, the beautiful road beneath the dense canopy is an excellent location for hiking and trekking. The Presbyterian Church, where you may admire the splendour of nature, the verdant river, and views of the Bangladesh plains, can be reached on foot in an hour. Meghalaya Tourism has many underrated gems but Sohkhmi is a unique and blissful option among them. It is a must-visit.

5. Sohbar

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Located in the picturesque slopes of the East Khasi hill district, Sohbar is a little village, entrenched deep into the beautiful Meghalaya Tourism. Located 65 KM south of Shillong, the district headquarters. Only 33 kilometres separate Cherrapunji from the Bangladeshi border, while 21 kilometres separate Tyrna Village from the starting point of the Double Decker Living Root Bridge Track. It is a singular location apart from the crowd where you can fully enjoy with your friends and family. The main draw to Sohbar is the Wahrew Suspension Arch Bridge. Camping, boating, kayaking, hiking, and fishing are just a few of the thrilling things you may engage in here. Additionally, close to Sohbar lies a cave. The main draw of this location is the pristine water close to the Rainbow Bridge or Wahrew Suspension Bridge. You can indulge in a picnic and other activities here for the duration of the day.

For once, you can go on an adventure for the entire day and find a variety of little waterfalls and hiking routes. From here, you can travel the storied David Scott Trail. The overall Meghalaya Tourism experience exists here.

6. Whistling village

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In Meghalaya, Kong thong Village is regarded as the Whistling village. Approximately 60 kilometres separate the village from Shillong, the state capital of Meghalaya, which is in the East Khasi Hills district and a great addition to Meghalaya Tourism. The moms in the community have a custom whereby they write music or a tune for their children. In the regional tongue, it is referred to as jingrwai awbei. The inhabitants work hard to protect this intangible cultural heritage because the area has its own distinct qualities. One justification for your coming is this peculiar custom. After all, you won’t hear people singing to one another everywhere. Meghalaya Tourism doesn’t get any quainter.

7. Langkawet

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A treasure of unconventional Meghalaya Tourism, Langkawet is a wonderful dreamland. After a long day of finishing the Nongriat Trek, we came here. And Langkawet offered the ideal break. Langkawet may turn out to be extremely similar to any location you may have envisioned when reading bedtime fairy tales. A little settlement called Langkawet may be found in the East Khasi Hill’s Pynursla Block. The location is pure delight because of the surrounding lush hills under Meghalaya Tourism. We stayed at the lovely Langkawet Resort, which has just 4 bungalows scattered around acres of meadow. A little lake is located right in front of the property. At Langkawet, relaxing and hanging out is the best thing to do. You can go to a waterfall that is a little distance from the resort. An overall gem under Meghalaya Tourism.

8. Mawlyngbna

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Mawlyngbna village should be your ideal location if you’re looking for some unusual places in Meghalaya Tourism to enhance oneself with an empowering experience. In Meghalaya’s East Khasi Hills district, Mawsynram Tehsil, is home to this picturesque village. This charming location is well known for its abundant animal fossils, which date back 200 million years, as well as for its numerous springs, which provide pristine freshwater all year long. Predaceous pitcher plants, which are in risk of extinction, can be found in a sizable forest on the village’s outskirts under Meghalaya Tourism. You can see the spectacular transition of the Bangladesh lowlands into the undulating Khasi hills from the Mawlyngbna hilltop. Then there are the enjoyable ones, which include kayaking, zip line, river cannoning, and swimming at Umkhakoi Lake. Meghalaya Tourism’s best offerings begin here.

9. Nongkhnum Island

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The largest river island under Meghalaya Tourism and reputedly the second largest in India is Nongkhnum Island. And before you assume that this location resembles Majuli, let me assure you that it does not. The final stretch of roads on Nongkhnum Island, which is located far from civilization, are in appalling condition. You won’t regret coming here though once you are to the destination under Meghalaya Tourism. Blue rivers, a lovely sandy beach, waterfalls, and total isolation are all yours to enjoy. Given that they are in the same direction, visiting Mawphanlur and Nongkhnum Island can be combined to take full advantage of Meghalaya Tourism.

10. Konthong Village

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Can you identify the location where each villager has a whistle-callable name? Yes, Meghalaya in the north-eastern states of India has such a location. This is one Meghalaya Tourism’s newest additions to its hidden gems. His mother gave him a whistling melody to call him when he was born. It has been a custom for all of recorded history. There are perhaps 600–700 residents in the town, all of whom live quite simply and are unaffected by modern society. They abandon a straightforward existence based on enduring traditions and rituals. The magnificent Kongthong Traveller’s Nest is the perfect option for you if you want to spend a few days in this magical location. It provides fundamental amenities inside a traditional home. It’s an adventure of a lifetime for unconventional travellers. It contains two cottages that are made entirely of wood and bamboo. A great choice under the ambit of Meghalaya Tourism.

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