The Best DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

There can be many reasons to look for DIY outdoor Christmas decorations. Trying not to spend outrageous sums of money on decorations can be a start. Wanting your own customizable decorative piece with a personal touch can be another. Or you could want to dedicate your outdoor decorations for your family members. Whatever be the reason, we have got the perfect list of DIY outdoor Christmas decorations for you. These range from simple stuff that require little to no expertise to projects that require good skills. Whatever it be this will help you quite a lot in the upcoming festive season.

Gift wrap your door

diy outdoors christmas decorations
Photo: Gift wrapped doors are one of the most eye catching DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

Presents are one of the most exciting things to look forward to so it no surprise that we start our list of the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations right at your door. Wrapping your door to look like a gift box is also a safe option for people who don’t like to go too quirky as it is traditionally done by loads of people. Relatively easy to do, what we must keep in mind is that the decorations should not effect the functioning of the door. Use double-sided tape on the vertical edges while using regular tape on the top and bottom horizontal edges to seal the decorative paper so that it doesn’t come off while opening the door. Oh yeah, don’t forget to cut out the hole for the door knob. Add a cute bow with eye catching colour like red and you will have yourself one of the best outdoor Christmas decorations.

Get an artificial flocked Christmas Tree for your front porch

christmas tree,
Photo: Artificially flocked, these trees will prove to be the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations because they will stand the test of weather and time


Flocking is a technical term that comes from the art of stitching. When one material is added on top of another material to give it a texture, that is called flocking. How does this end up in the list of the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations? Well, artificial flocked Christmas trees give you the look of being covered in soft, powdery white snow without having to deal with the mess. Not only does the “snow” stay on longer but artificial trees give you options of having trees of different sizes according to your porch.

Holiday Doormats

christmas gift ideas,
Photo: While you can buy these, but due to the options of customization, handmade doormats are one of the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.


Nothing feels more welcoming in the holiday season than a crafty doormat. Of course you can just buy a stock door mat and throw it on the door step but the good custom festive season doormats cost quite a lot while the ones you get at Target don’t cut it when it comes to true customization. Hence one of the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations is making your own customized Holiday Doormat. Check out these links to learn step wise method of making your own outdoor Christmas decorations doormat.

Transform your plant pots into giant Christmas bells

diy outdoors christmas decorations,
Photo: Bells are characteristics of Christmas making these bells one of the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.


This is one of the easiest DIY Outdoor Christmas decorations that even the people with not much of a hand skill can do easily. Grab a gardening pot, plastic ones work better rather than the clay pots. After cleaning them, spray paint them into any festive color that you want. Make a hole at the bottom just big enough to let a rope and hook sit in comfortably. Attach a giant red bauble at the other end of the rope and hang the pot upside down. These act as giant sized Christmas bells. These are also one of the most versatile Outdoor Christmas decorations as you can make them in multiple sizes at low costs.

Light up trees with fairy lights

christmas trees,
Photo: Fairy lights are versatile and using them to wrap around trees and plants makes for one of the mist aesthetically pleasing DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.


I mean, you did not need us to tell you this but fairy lights are one of the most versatile DIY Outdoor Christmas decorations. They are good not just to hang around the house’s exterior but also on plants and trees. Wind them around the bark, branches and creatively under leaves and they will emit soft glow and shine your whole yard pulling eyes and wows.

Make a square wreath for your windows

wreath for windows,
Photo: These look complex but when done right, the square wreaths are one of the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.


Depending upon your skills this can be either one of the easiest or toughest DIY Outdoor Christmas decorations. For more complex square wreath you will need sturdy cardboard ply. Measure out the size of your windows and cut the ply accordingly. Create two concentric square wreaths around a single window so that you have a gap between the two layers of cardboards. Stuff the space with pinecones, green leaves, dry leaves, branches and other stuff to give it a rustic feel. But if that is too much for you, you can simple it down by using thinner branches or twigs instead of cardboard ply. Tie two uneven but similar sized twigs end to end. Then tie four bundles of such twigs into a square and hang red bulbs on the top aide.

Make giant-sized lollipops

giant lollipops, Photo: Simple and low-cost, these lollipops are one of the most colourful DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.


You can find pre-made decorations like giant lollipops and candies in stores but they do cost around 30/40 bucks if not more. With our guide of the best DIY Outdoor Christmas decorations, you can make these under 10 bucks. Get two pool noodles and glue them carefully together. The wrap coloured paper around the noodles in a spiral manner so that you get bands of coloured paper and white surface of the noodle. After this, drop glue on the lateral side of the noodles and roll the noodles into themselves making a circular lollipop-looking structure. When the glue dries off, take a PVC pipe for the handle and stick it in a cutout.

Make a giant JOY wreath sign

diy outdoors christmas decorations
Photo: The JOY signs add good feeling and also makes up for a huge DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.


Is it a bit cheesy? Yes it is. But it is the festive season and signs and decorations not just add to the

aesthetics but also bring in positive vibes among family and friends. Not to mention how cheap these

are to make.

Here is a tutorial from Fynes Designs.

Glowing Gift Boxes



This is quite simple yet surprisingly upscale-looking DIY outdoor Christmas decorations. All you will need is a simple cubical box, outdoor light and ribbon. Cut a hole on one side of the box and anchor whatever choice of safe outdoor light fixtures you wish to. Then wrap the box with ribbon on all three aides while securing the wires of the light fixture. Make sure to use waterproof ribbon fabrics and you will have yourself some stunning glowing gift boxes.

Vintage Sledge

vintage sledge,  christmas,

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a decorative piece of sledge, build your own rustic sledge which is sure to be one of the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations. It will require a bit of carpeting skills and machinery but it will totally be worth it. What’s more, you can build it using reclaimed wood too.

Here is a guide on how to build your own vintage sledge for Christmas.

Santa Claus on Wooden Logs

santa claus,


All you need are a few wooden logs, better if they come in multiples of three, water based colour and paint brushes. This is one of the simplest outdoor Christmas decorations that almost anyone can make easily at their homes. Take smaller pieces of logs and paint the lateral face, paint the lower end white and the upper end red making it Santa’s beard and hat. After painting the nose, keep the logs in groups of three and wrap them with decoration paper. One of the best DIY Outdoor Christmas decorations, it really is as simple as that to make.

Frozen Lantern

christams ,
Photo: Undoubtedly one of the easiest DIY outdoor Christmas decorations that punch way above their pay grade.


These look absolutely stunning, have endless possibilities of modifications depending upon your creativity and these can be made practically for free. If that doesn’t sound like one of the best ideas for DIY Outdoor Christmas decorations than I don’t know what does.

diy outdoors christmas decorations

Get a mason jar and coat the outer surface with glue carefully so that the glue doesn’t drip or leave any dry spots. Before the glue gets the chance to dry, sprinkle salt over the glue so that it gives you an illusion of snowflakes attached to the jar. Regular salt works fine but the larger flakes of Kosher salt look better. Let it dry for 10/20 minutes and go crazy with the embellishments. Add pine leaves, sprigs of berries, conifer cuttings, fairy lights and hang them onto the porch for one of the most visually stunning

Marquee Star

diy outdoors christmas decorations


Christmas tree, bells, fairy lights and star, these are the essentials for any Christmas decorations. With simply recycled cardboard and few stationery items you can easily make these. Even if you aren’t the most skilled with measurements and cutting, these will be one of the easiest DIY outdoor Christmas decorations you can make this December. What is more, you can make these from cardboards or wood and modify them according to your skill level.

Here is a tutorial on how to make these: Marquee Star DIY Recycling Cardboard

Pallet Christmas Tree

diy outdoors christmas decorations


Ok granted this isn’t the easiest to make DIY outdoor Christmas decorations, however this does break the mold of having the same old Christmas trees. You will need a pallet and a few home tools and you will have to be careful while cutting and using machinery and careful not to have children around. However, when done right this will become one of the most versatile outdoor Christmas decorations.

Here is a tutorial on the easiest way to make a pallet DIY Christmas Tree.

Hanging Star Luminaries

diy outdoors christmas decorations
Photo: Not be the easiest to make but with a bit of patience, these can turn out to be one of the best DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.


Once again, this is not the easiest DIY outdoor Christmas decorations you can make and will require patience as well as some origami skill on your part. However, it is not also the most complex paper folding process and can make for a wholesome family activity specially with young kids. Here is a tutorial on how to make DIY stars for Christmas.


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