The Top 20 Hotels in Lonavala

hotels in lonavla
Hotels in Lonavala

Owing to the popularity of “The Jewel of Sahyadri” as a quick holiday destination, there has been a
continued rise in the establishment of hotels in Lonavala. Barely hours of drive away from both Mumbai
and Pune, and the stunning views of the hills, numerous caves to explore, Lonavala has established itself
as the perfect getaway from the life draining bustle of the cities.
As an ode to this chill weekend holiday destination, we have prepared a list of hotels in Lonavala that
includes the opulent, the obscenely decadent, the most unique as well as many budget friendly options.

Rhythm Lonavala

Hotels in Lonavala
Rhythm is one of the top most resort styled hotels in Lonavala

Rhythm is one of the all suite resort style hotels in Lonavala that are specially very popular among guests, and couples looking for a sweet getaway for a few days. Its unique setting with plenty of greenery among the arms of nature, suites designed to invoke intimacy, excellent service, and delicious food make it one of the best hotels in Lonavala.

Located in Bajrang Baug Garden in Tungarli by the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, the hotel can be easily found as its entrance is right next to the Lonavala Zero Milestone. Very few hotels in Lonavala combine nature and history as Rhythm as it was once the home of freedom fighter Karsondas Mulraj and is intertwined with trees some of which are almost 100 years old.

rhythm hotel, maharashtra,

Being one of the all-suite resort-styled hotels in Lonavala, Rhythm has 84 suites divided into two categories. Spanning across 450 sq.ft, 22 Cypress suites are snug and perfect for families of 4 on a budget. However, you can progressively be more indulgent with money with Cypress suites with deck or 650 sq feet Banyan suites which have separate living rooms or the ultimate 750 sq ft Banyan suites with private deck garden!

Radisson Resort and Spa Lonavala

radisson hotel lonavla,
Cool architecture meets luxury at the Radisson which is one of the top most hotels in Lonavala.

Beautiful can be a word used for a lot of hotels in Lonavala. However, one of the newest properties of Radisson brand, the Radisson Resort and Spa in Lonavala will delight the eyes and souls of architects and design enthusiasts. The two wings of the hotel have beautifully designed stone wall exteriors and wood railings covering the external façade and give equally the interiors an airy and naturally lit feeling that very few hotels in Lonavala can match.

The rooms continue with the excellent design themes with clean, modern look interjected by dark marble and wooden strips behind the bed headrest. There are 4 choices in rooms with the superior and deluxe rooms being 35 sq. meters while suite rooms are larger with balconies and if you want to go all out on luxury you have the Presidential suite with its own Jacuzzi in the balcony. All the rooms are absolutely packed with modern amenities, state of the art bathrooms and great views of the hills.

Hotels in Lonavala

Radisson Resort and Spa is also near to a lot of great places to visit like the Tungarli lake, Bhusi Dam, Kune Waterfalls, and Ryewood Park all being under 3 kms from the hotel. Additionally, Hirkani restaurant serves local, coastal Indian food while the Malhari bar serves light snacks and cocktails. For people looking for more private atmosphere, Torna on the rooftop is open to pre bookings and customizes accordingly making Radisson one of the most luxurious hotels in Lonavala.

The Machan

the machan resort,
The Machan is one of the most eco-integrated hotels in Lonavala.

The literal translation of “Machan” would mean “scaffolding” , a kind of platform built up in the trees. One of the most stunning hotels in Lonavala, The Machan, stands true to its name. Forget the hotel for a second, the website for the hotel has to be one of the most well made and interactive websites among all hotels in Lonavala. This shows the commitment the establishment has towards the costumers.

Moreover, the property is simply stunning. Spread across 25 acres the Machan features 13 “rooms” which are more like small houses that contain a master bedroom, private bathroom and a private deck. Visitors can choose between Ground based rooms, cabins or rooms that are raised 35-40 ft above the ground on the trees and have stunning views of the Western Ghats. If you have the money to splurge, there are rarely any hotels in Lonavala that can match the authenticity of The Machan.

D.A.T.A Resort by Della Adventure

della data, lonavla,
One of the most adventure packed hotels in Lonavala, the Della DATA offers military styled obstacle course for visitors.

As far as unique hotels in Lonavala go, D.AT.A Resort must be up there at the top of the list. This is India’s first and perhaps the only military theme hotel that combines adventurous experience as well as luxury. In fact, they have even coined a term for this glamorous camping experience : “glamping”.

Alike a lot of hotels in Lonavala in our list, the location of Della DATA is also is a plus in itself. It is surrounded by the jungle that overlooks the Shirota Lake. At the resort has glamping tents, luxurious glamping tents, and a Presidential suite that are surprisingly huge and are stacked with modern amenities. Being a themed resort, one could expect it to be tacky but it is anything but tacky.

della adventure resort,

One of the most luxurious hotels in Lonavala, the interiors have tasteful design with tent like triangular roofs, decadent carpeting, wooden deer head on the wall, comfortable beds with memory foams, green leather that captures the military green but without being tacky and just glorious bathrooms. Outside the Presidential suite is your own personal outdoor space among the wild nature with a huge Jacuzzi that can easily fit 4 people at a time.

Like several other hotels in Lonavala in our list, DATA Della also features an in-house restaurant, a 80 seater Salam Manekshaw restaurant, an outdoor lounging area by the pool, and Maratha Banquet for corporate and private gatherings which offers space for 120 people. Despite, the Della D.A.T.A being near many attractions like Tiger Point, most of the fun is indoors as they have military themed obstacle course, training rooms, a spa, a salon and even a souvenir shop making it one of the most complete resort styled hotels in Lonavala.


Nostravila is unlike many hotels in Lonavala in a sense that it provides villas spaced around a secluded property.

Leaving behind the adventure and thrill, we move onto one of the most peaceful hotels in Lonavala. If typical hotel rooms aren’t your cup of tea and you want something more, then Nostravila is for you. Located in the Atvan part of Lonavala on Aamby Valley Plot no 39, it is nearby popular destinations like Lion’s Point and Tiger’s Point.

Nostravila has 10 villas that are surrounded by forests and spread across the property so that each villa has adequate privacy. Additionally, each villa has its own parking spot making. Depending upon the number of guests, visitors get the choice between villas with single bathroom, single king size bed or 2 bathroom, 2 king size bed along with outdoor Jacuzzi, balcony and every amenity one could think of. For people wanting a break from their day to day life and privacy and seclusion, rarely any other hotels in Lonavala can match the privacy of Nostravila.

Hilton Shilim Estate Retreat and Spa

hilton shillim,
Hilton Shillim is one of the best hotels in Lonavala for a yoga retreat.

Located barely 5 minutes walk from the village of Shillim and a few hours ride from both Mumbai and Pune, this is one of the best hotels in Lonavala for a holistic experience. Hilton Shillim Retreat spans across 320 acres of land with luxury villas, four relaxation terraces with stunning views of the Western Ghat, and a yoga pavilion.

Categorized by space and price, Hilton Shillim offers 5 kinds of different villas. Every villa features spacious bathroom with a bathtub, premium amenities and an outdoor shower. Moreover, the King Dharana Pool Villas have their own private pool and separate living area while the Presidential suite ups that with private deck and private pool and private butler service.

Canary Islands Resort and Spa

canary islands resort,
Canary Islands Resort is one of the few hotels in Lonavala with its own private access to a lake and beach.

Equipped with its own island and beach, the Canary Islands Resort is one of the best hotels in Lonavala. A 3 to 4 hours ride from Mumbai, this resort is situated on the Salter Lake and is 6 kms from Lion’s Point and Tiger’s Point and 3.7 kms from Bhusi Dam. The resort is also looking to soon start a direct air drop from Mumbai and Pune making it easily accessible.

Currently, there are two types of accommodation on the resort with 16 rooms with 10 more to soon open. The cottages have a lot of brown and earthy colour to them with clean and beautiful tiling, triangular roofs opening up to balconies that have great views of the Salter Lake and the hills. The bathrooms are modern and visitors will feel no absence of any kind of modern amenities.

Fortunately, for people who want more than to just stay inside their rooms and gaze at the view, Canary Islands Resort and Spa offers a myriad of activities like jet skiing, kayaking, aqua cycling, balloon zorbing, going on a forest trail to pluck your own vegetables, taking a bath in the forest and even a secluded spa in the forest!

The Fern

the fern hotel, mumbai,
The Fern is one of the first hotels in Lonavala to incorporate eco-sustainability in its services.

Not the biggest of hotels in Lonavala, what The Fern lacks in acres of space it more than makes up in luxury and service. It is sandwiched between the Western Express Highway and the Valvan Dam and makes for an excellent place to bounce off to many popular destinations like the Valvan Dam, Bhushi Dam, Tiger’s and Lion’s Points.

Moreover, there is a good selection of rooms in The Fern depending upon your budget: starting from the Winter Green Room all the way upto the Presidential Suite. Inspite of the price every room is decked with state if the art amenities and has a great view of the hills. One if the best hotels in Lonavala, The Fern is also equipped with a swimming pool, elegant restaurants, a bar, a coffee shop that is open 24×7 and is also a great place to conduct office conferences.

The Dukes Retreat

Hotels in Lonavala
Although one of the oldest hotels in Lonavala, the service and amenities at The Dukes still holds up to any other top hotels in Lonavala.

Unlike all the newly established hotels in Lonavala that are mentioned above, The Dukes Retreat is a well established property that goes back to 1991. The age can be seen in the rooms and designing of the retreat, as they aren’t as flamboyant as the other hotels in Lonavala that we mentioned above. Despite this it still remains one of the best hotels in Lonavala and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

For starters, the location is something that only a well established property running for decades could have. The Dukes is situated on a hill right next to the Mumbai Satara Highway and overlooks the entirety of Khandala Ghat. Many of the 80 rooms in the hotel also share this exquisite view through their floor to ceiling windows. The rooms, as mentioned earlier, are a bit tired in aesthetics but still have all the amenities you would expect from such an estate while the High Point Bar and Panorama Café offer delicious food along with great views.

Della Resorts

Hotels in Lonavala
The Della Resorts is one of the most extensive and largest hotels in Lonavala.

We already have D.A.T.A Resorts up on our list of best hotels in Lonavala. The Della Resorts is the overarching property that consists of 6 different sections, one of which is the D.A.T.A Resort. However, the property is so massive with so many things to do in and around it that there is no way we could simply suggest one place.

As mentioned earlier, the Della Resorts consists of 6 different property sections making it one of the largest hotels in Lonavala. Depending upon the budget, visitors can get absolutely everything here from uber luxurious villas, to luxurious rooms, to “Camps” which basically are small cottages with tent roofs but with all the amenities and work space inside. For people travelling in larger groups it offers Enclave Villa with more spacious accommodations, and if you are travelling with children who are looking to be near the Della Adventure Park, there is the Della Adventure Resort right next to it!

Della Resorts is also one of the few hotels in Lonavala that have a 24×7 café.

What also makes this entire property one of the best hotels in Lonavala is that there are numerous F&B that run 24×7. The pool runs around the clock, the spa is open around the clock, Café 24 serves the customers around the clock and there are in-house cars that go from place to place every 2 minutes!

Mastiff Grand La Villae

mastiff grand la villae,
Mastiff Grand La Villae is one of the kost budget friendly luxury hotels in Lonavala.

One of the best hotels in Lonavala for people looking to have a budget luxury stay in the area. Mastiff Grand La Villae isn’t as expensive as many of the above mentioned hotels in Lonavala and can seem rustic as compared to other uber expensive places. However, nestled in the laps of lush green mountains and over looking the river Pawna, all 32 rooms in the hotel are absolutely luxurious, spacious, have every modern amenity you could ask for and of course have panoramic views.

Fariyas Resort

fariyas resort,
Unique among hotels in Lonavala, The Fariyas Resort has a water park in its premises.

Unlike many other hotels in Lonavala mentioned here, the Fariyas Resort is not a new name in the business. Consequently, the interiors, the bathroom in the rooms do show their age in terms of design and it is not one of the most modern looking hotels in Lonavala. However, it doesn’t mean that it lags behind in any kind of service.

Harkening back to late 90s and early 2000s trend, the Fariyas Resort has an outdoor water park as well as a year round indoor pool and the dedicated in house Sana Spa. One can see how it was targeted towards travelers as it is barely 2.5 km away from Lonavala Train and Bus stations while other popular attractions like Bhusi Dam, Wax Museum, and Pawna Lake are also easily reachable. As mentioned earlier, the rooms show their age in terms of design but there is absolutely no lack of any modern amenities.

Triose Boutique Hotel

triose boutique hotel,
Modern and sleek, Triose Boutique Hotel is one of the budget friendly hotels in Lonavala.

The Triose Boutique Hotel breaks the mold of ultra expensive places on our list and is one of the most budget friendly luxury hotels in Lonavala. Located in Ryewoods, it is conveniently placed near many attractions like the Bhusi Dam and Tiger Point. Moreover, there is a wide selection of rooms here all of which are quite spacious, minimal designs with a lot of wooden antique elements and high ceilings, a perfect place for people travelling in groups. There is even a pool and gaming zone and a small but well equipped film hall.

Meritas Crystal Resort

meritas hotel,

Located on Frichly Hill on the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, Meritas Crystal Resort is one most easily accessible hotels in Lonavala as it is barely 2 km away from the bus station. Depending upon your budget, there are different categories of rooms whose prices keep on fluctuating, however, this is one of the most budget friendly luxury hotels in Lonavala. Despite being a budget option, the resort is complete with a swimming pool, a separate gaming zone for indoor games which makes it one of the best hotels in Lonavala for people travelling with a large group.

Novotel Imagicaa Khopoli

novotel imagica,
One of the biggest hotels in Lonavala, Novotel Imagicaa sits right next to a theme park.

Located right next to the adventure park of Adlabs Imagicaa, the Novotel Imagicaa in Khopoli is one of the best hotels in Lonavala for families and staycation. Unlike many other hotels in Lonavala featured in our list that are catered to small numbers of people or couples, the Novotel has a big hotel feel. Consequently, you can take advantage of all the infrastructure for convention, or a banquet. The rooms are also have a contemporary modern look with sleek modern bathroom and sharp furniture.

Upper Deck Resort

maharashtra, lonavla,
The Upper Deck is one of the best hotels in Lonavala for sunrise and sunset views.

Location wise this is one of the best hotels in Lonavala, perched 2500 feet high up on the hills providing uninterrupted views of the valley below and overlooks the Valvan Reservoir and Rajmachi Fort. The views are a huge part of the appeal while rooms are standard if a bit bland and regular. However, the complementary meals at the international buffet style restaurant, and the resort side pool that offers unparalleled views makes it one of the best hotels in Lonavala to watch the sunrise.

StayVista at Villa Verona

trippybug, cheap hotels in lonavla,

The price floats around 17,000 to 19,000 but considering the fact that it has the capacity for 9 guests, Villa Verona can be one of the most upscale hotels in Lonavala all at a budget pricing. Moreover, the villa is spread across 10,000 sq ft, has an outdoor heated pool that is surrounded by an L shaped lawn, has 3 bedrooms, 3 separate bathrooms, a sunroof in the living room and additional services like food and BBQ kits are provided on demand. Undoubtedly, one of the best hotels in Lonavala for a relaxed gathering and birthday or anniversary getaways.

The Lagoona Resort

Hotels in Lonavala

One of the first eco friendly hotels in Lonavala, the Lagoona Resort is also quite easily accessible as it sits 1.5 km away from the Pune Mumbai Expressway, 1.6 km away from the Lonavala Railway Station and barely 65 km away from Pune International Airport. Just like the Novotel Imagicaa, the Lagoona Resort also has a big hotel vibe with its huge marbled lobby and elaborate staircase. There are 4 choices of rooms depending on your budget all of which are modern and sleek. With the outdoor swimming pool, an indoor games room, 24 hour front desk service and The Patio restaurant serving delicious food, it is one of the most budget friendly hotels in Lonavala.

Meritas Picaddle Resort

Hotels in Lonavala

Catering to families, larger groups, couples as well as business conventions and banquets, the Meritas Picaddle Resort is one of the most well rounded hotels in Lonavala. The location is central as it is barely 14/15 minutes walk from the train station and Bhusi Dam, Karla Caves and Shrine are a shirt drive away. Apart from the well appointed rooms, there is a swimming pool, a gym, spa and salon, pa dedicated indoors gaming zone and a water park making it one of the best hotels in Lonavala for families.

Sterling Lonavala

Hotels in Lonavala
Budget friendly and modern, the Sterling fills up quite quickly during tourist season.

Granted it is not one of the most glamorous hotels in Lonavala, Sterling still delivers in every aspect of service and comfort. Unlike other big hotels in Lonavala in our list, Sterling has just 45 rooms which makes it intimate yet not eerily lonely to be here. However, you will need to book in advance because its budget friendly nature, good location opposite to Valvan Dam, spacious rooms with front facing huge windows, and sharp staff makes it quite one of the most popular hotels in Lonavala among people on a tighter budget.

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