Things to do in Gokarna

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For decades, Goa has been the ideal holiday destination in India for people who craved the beach, some sun, and fun, leading to over-commercialization and crowding of Goa. That’s how Gokarna has gained the spotlight nowadays and is catching up fast. Gokarna is a West coast town in Kumta, Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka 140 km south of Goa, initially known to be a consecrated Hindu journey place and is currently a famous fascination for vacationers abroad and in India known for its picturesque sea shores. Thinking about a calm, easy-going, loosening up ocean side, retreat? Embark upon a trip to Gokarna.

Gokarna: An Introduction

Gokarna is a name derived from the words Gau and Karn (cow’s ear) and it is said that Lord Shiva rose up out of the ear of a cow (mother Earth) around here at the ear-formed intersection of waterways Aghanashini and Gangavali. Rumours have spread far and wide suggesting that Lord Ganapati hoodwinked Ravana to keep the Atmalinga of Lord Shiva on the ground here consequently making Gokarna the consecrated spot which houses the Shiva linga in its sanctuaries. For a really long time, Gokarna was a position of strict examinations and love by Brahmins who relayed Sanskrit information through the ages. Hindu pioneers visit this spot to perform last rituals and customs for the departed. The inundation of unfamiliar sightseers since the last part of the 1900s and 2000s has likewise made Gokarna a travellers heaven now and made its nightlife seriously mercurial and dynamic.

Things to do in Gokarna

Beach Trekking adventure

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Sounds exhilarating right? The delight of traveling combined with radiant perspectives on the ocean, Gokarna has 5 significant beaches that can be journeyed and investigated. Beginning from the primary Gokarna beach prompting the tranquil and quiet Paradise beach to the sickle moulded Half Moon beach and the entire way to the clamouring shacks in Om beach and finishing with the vibe filled Kudle beach, this is one trip you ought to do to tick off your list of must-dos.

Visit the temples

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Mahabaleshwar Temple

Gokarna is likewise well known as a sanctuary town replete with temples. The spot has old and authentic temples that date back to the fourteenth 100 years. Visit these sanctuaries to look at exquisite work of art, carvings and models. On the other hand, you can likewise put in a couple of hours petitioning God and loosening up in the peaceful vibe inside the sanctuaries. The most popular temple to visit is the Mahabaleshwar Temple that is situated in the core of Gokarna.

Parade the Flea markets

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Flea market in Gokarna

Do you generally gather an additional sack in your baggage since you realize you will wind up shopping? The flea market in Gokarna vows to not allow that additional sack to be squandered. For every one of the Shopaholics, handcrafted knickknacks and keepsakes from neighbourhood shops are an unquestionable necessity. Things produced using shells are one more among the delightful and extraordinary things that are sold here. A couple of other must-purchase things are Brass lights, Worship-God globules and incense sticks. You can find a variety of things to your liking and make the experience even more memorable by buying souvenirs for your friends and family.

Travel to Mirjan Fort

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Mirjan Fort

Around 11 km from Gokarna city centre, arranged on the public expressway 66 is this astonishing fort representing social magnificence. Situated by the banks of Agnanishi waterway the fort is existing since the sixteenth 100 years. With high roofs and forts, this post additionally has four principal passages and steps made of laterite stone, likewise the material used to develop the fortress. It likewise has a few wells connected to the channel and lavish green environmental elements adding to your astounding experience. It is quite possibly the loveliest spot, so make sure to add this to your rundown of activities at Gokarna. Having some magnificent history attached to it, the guides on duty here will provide you with all the know-how and beauty related to this magnificent monument in Gokarna.

Behold the Yana hill station

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A heaven for each traveller, this little hill station is found only 140 km from Hubli. Arranged between the brilliant SShayadri slopes encompassed with vegetation, this spot is additionally well known for bird watching in Gokarna. The Bhairaveshwara and Mohini top is an expansion to your journey with the hint of sacredness as they hold extraordinary religious proclivity. This spot epitomizes country existence with mushroom cabins and mud streets with a nice way of life. The entrancing excellence simply adds to the rush and experience of your journey and it is one the best activities in Gokarna to indulge in and assimilate. It doesn’t matter if you’re with friends or family, the Yana hill station is a must visit for all.

Reside at the classic shacks

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The ocean front has a plenty of choices from financial shacks to extravagance resorts concerning stay. Indeed, well-known lodgings here incorporate Ashokavana, Gokarna International etc. Om ocean side retreat, Kudle ocean side view resort, Sanskruthi resort, Namaste Sanjeevini are a couple of notable ones too. Nimmu House, Swa Swara are a couple well known homestays. Attempt an explorer’s apartment stay at Zostel or camp on the ocean front in the night for an exceptional stargazing experience. The classic shack stay provides a wonderful experience and also a unique one that will stay in your memory forever. The shacks in Gokarna are equipped with all necessary amenities plus a hint of natural beach beauty and tranquillity. Another great option is booking a treehouse room at the Nirvana Farm. The balcony itself opens to picturesque and lush green trees and flora that will make your morning a sterling one. Treehouses in Gokarna are also well equipped and are convenient to stay at. The staff is friendly and hospitable and will make sure you’ll have a memorable stay.

Relish in the great food

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Might it be said that you are somebody who lives to eat? Then, at that point, Gokarna will dazzle you with the assortments of food which is accessible to investigate. A treat as you would prefer would be remarkable dishes like prawn pizza on a banana leaf, fish lasagna and exemplary idli-dosa for the ones who love bona fide food. This little town ensures it has something for everybody, whether its conventional Indian food or mainland. So in the event that you’re a foodie, ensure you entertain yourself into a food visit as it’s something to do at Gokarna. The absolute best bistros are Mantra Café, Café Surya and Namaste Café. The quintessential activity here is to order a drink, some great Gokarna food, lie on a shack and watch the waves at the beach, tickling and reviving you, every time they hit the shoreline. What else could be more relaxing?

Brace yourself for Om beach


Moulded as the image ‘OM’, this spot is a paradise for every one of the Instagram enthusiasts. Offering many experience sports one of the principal attractions here are the wonderful stone manifestations. Fixed with cafés and shacks, the sunsets here are hypnotizing. You could likewise include yourself into the craft of rehearsing yoga on the off chance that you’re a wellbeing freak. With pleasant views and rough territories, this is one of the most mind-blowing spots to visit in Gokarna. Find the perfect backdrop and silhouette for your dream picture and click a beauty for your Instagram page. Bragging rights are just a part of what this picture brings to the table. An ideal escape for voyagers, Gokarna will give you a remarkable encounter.

Embark upon a long drive

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In Gokarna, the streets are flanked by pleasant ranches or rich green knolls. Driving past these wonderful roads is a relaxation you can’t stand to miss. You can recruit a bike or a vehicle at the lodging you are remaining at and pass through the picturesque perspectives on the streets in Murudeshwara, Dandeli and Yana. A road trip is one of the most fascinating things to do in Gokarna. Tread upon a wonderful journey with your friends and enjoy the beautiful views that bless your vision. Lose yourself in the peace as you unwind and relax.

Surf your way through!

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At the point when you contemplate Gokarna, you wouldn’t ponder doing surfing on the ocean front. However, you can really do as such at the Cocopelli Surf School. The riding school offers short courses for beginners who need to figure out how to surf. The experience is a mysterious one and after an illustration or two, you truly do get to ride on the oceans of Gokarna. Despite the fact that this is a modest community, you can in any case live it up a ton. One of the most mind-blowing ways of living it up is by partaking in every one of the previously mentioned exercises and living this bountiful life to the fullest. Surfing can provide for a memorable and fun experience for all members of your trip, regardless of their preferences. So what are you waiting for? The next wave is en-route. Visit Gokarna today!


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