Top 10 Cruise Trips In India

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Sailing has been a means of seeing the globe from a different perspective for a very long time, from the early days of exploration to contemporary luxury liners. Despite the fact that India’s cruise industry is still in its infancy, numerous operators and businesses there are creating a market for themselves by providing novel methods to explore the nation while taking it slow. Modern boats with all the latest facilities provide the ideal vantage point to take in India’s rich culture, history, and wildlife. Here are our top ten cruise trips in India this year, from the backwaters of Kerala to the Ganges and Brahmaputra with its bustling ports and ancient cities.

1. The Secret of Sundarbans Cruise- Cruise trips in india

Cruise trips in india,

Fans of wildlife need look no further for cruise trips in India. The Ganges Voyager’s five-day Sunderbans Jungle trip explores the people and wildlife that live along the spectacular Hooghly River. The ship sets off from Kolkata and heads for Namkhana, a fishing port and the entrance to the Sundarbans. To reach the protected mangrove forests, the ship passes through cities and villages.

There are pauses along the way at numerous watchtowers and islands where you may look for migratory birds, endangered crocodiles, terrapins, and, if you’re lucky, the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. An experienced naturalist will be on board to point out the abundance of flora and fauna in the Sundarbans, which have a unique and vulnerable biodiversity among other cruise trips in India. Aside from this, there is a lot of culture and history to explore, from ancient temples to views of everyday life in the nearby villages.

The evenings are typically set aside for relaxing over beverages and taking in local folk dances and musical performances. Days are spent either strolling down the river or going on shore excursions. Up to 56 passengers can stay on board The Ganges Voyager, an all-suite ship decorated in a historic colonial style with Burma teak, antique furniture, and hand stencilled walls. Over three decks, there are five different types of rooms, all of which have balconies or floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views. The ship features a dining room with a wide selection of regional specialties and continental cuisine, a lounge, a sun deck, a fitness centre, and a spa for some brief rest and relaxation after a day of sightseeing. One of the best cruise trips in India, for sure.

2. The Mumbai-Lakshadweep Cruise- Cruise trips in india

Cruise trips in india,

This five-day roundtrip from Mumbai travels to Kochi and Lakshadweep, includes a variety of onshore and offshore activities, and lets you party the night away at sea. The journey’s high point is between days one and two, when the ship enters international waters and the vast seas offer breath-taking views in all directions, a rare offering among cruise trips in India. The cruise then travels to Kochi, where visitors who want land excursions can tour the city’s well-known sites like Fort Kochi, St. Francis Church, Mattancherry Palace, and more. On the fourth day, the group travels to Lakshadweep, where the ship anchors and visitors disembark to access Agatti beach in smaller boats.

Following a formal welcome with a folk dance performance, visitors depart to go kayaking, scuba diving, or snorkelling or to simply unwind on the beach. The ship has a tonne of amenities for comfort and enjoyment on board like other cruise trips in India on this list. There are restaurants, bars, cigar lounges, and a Jacuzzi. Breakfast, lunch, supper, evening munchies, and midnight nibbles are all considered meals. Additionally, there is a 24-hour food court offering international snacks and street food. Choose from stand-up comedy acts and Bollywood dance performances on this gem amongst cruise trips in India.

3. The backwater cruise- Cruise trips in india

Cruise trips in india,

Investigate rural life in a kettuvallam on this great option among cruise trips in India. These antique vessels, which were formerly used to transport grains and spices, have been updated withcontemporary conveniences while retaining their original bamboo and coir frames. On the Vembanad Lake, CGH Earth ships travel back and forth from Alleppey to Kumarakom. A one-night trip is ideal for getting a taste of the backwaters. For guided trips that explore local life and culture on longer voyages, the boat docks at the banks.

You can ride a bike through the village streets, try your hand at making toddy, observe the neighbourhood fisherman at work, or stroll through the paddy fields. There are several local markets to explore, and you can go across the congested canals in tiny wooden canoes. On-board, there is a variety of regional cuisine available, including freshly caught karimeen from the lake prepared in the tradition of the region with plenty of coconut and chilies and served with kuttanadan red rice, lentils, and vegetables. Best choice for simple cruise trips in India.

4. The Brahmaputra maximum- Cruise trips in india

Cruise trips in india,

This 10-night Brahmaputra voyage offers a comprehensive look at Assamese riverine culture to those who are interested and is one of the best cruise trips in India. Neamati Ghat, which is 1.5 hours from Jorhat Airport, is where the journey starts. Adventures start on day two as you cruise down the Brahmaputra and observe the river’s magnificent flow. You will stop en route to visit the temples in Sibsagar, the former seat of the Assamese Ahom rulers, have lunch at a tea farm, and then cruise to Majuli Island for a shore tour.

The trip travels via towns and historic landmarks along the Brahmaputra till it reaches the Kaziranga National Park’s limits. Keep an eye out for elephants as well as the park’s most recognisable resident, the one-horned rhino. Three jungle safaris across various regions of this sizable and gorgeous national park are available to visitors. The remaining days are spent riding rickshaws through neighbourhood markets in Tezpur, exploring river islands and temple ruins, and stopping by Sualkuchi, the state’s silk production hub, to learn about Assamese silk weaving. By far, one of the most expensive and luxurious cruise trips in India.

5. The Oberoi motor vessel cruise- Cruise trips in india

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In Kerala’s Alleppey waters, sometimes known as the “Venice of the East,” there is a special water network that runs through rice paddies lined by date palm trees which hosts one of the best cruise trips in India. The stream continues to flow through peaceful communities until joining other waters and the Arabian Sea. The Oberoi motorboat transports visitors on the longest water-stretch excursion in Kerala, passing by the waters of Alleppey and the Vembanand Lake.

While enjoying many premium amenities on board, passengers are furthered by the cultural acts and night-time international performances on this gem among cruise trips in India. The 8 premium staterooms on the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda provide guests all the seclusion they desire while living in the lap of luxury. A personal butler is available around-the-clock, and there is internet access for up to four devices. If you’re looking for an overall option among cruise trips in India, this is your bet.

6. Ganges Heritage- Cruise trips in india

Cruise trips in india,

One of the best cruise trips in India for dining lovers. The Ganges River offers spectacular views of places of religious pilgrimage, lush forests, and the tremendous waves that flow through the Himalayas. This once-in-a-lifetime luxury history cruise over the Sunderbans. The MV Paramahamsa is a four-decked cruise ship with 32 roomy accommodations.

You can pick the type of room you want from among the 20 luxurious passenger rooms, 12 family rooms that are 165 square feet in size, and one queen suite. The passenger cabins include adjoining bathrooms and air conditioning. Additionally, there is individual control, roomy accommodations with King beds, a tea and coffee machine, and an intercom system. There are 80 seats available at The Terrace Dining & Bar, which also serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and foreign cuisine. cruise trips in India don’t get better than this.

7. The Goa dinner Cruise

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One of India’s oldest and most well-liked cruise trips in India. Romantic couples can dance into the night while outside in the brilliant daylight. From Santa Monica as the ship enters the sparkling waters of the River Mondovi, observe the lovely golden sunset along the beaches on this great choice among cruise trips in India. In addition to entertainment events and cultural programmes, there is a meal and drinks available. Set out on an educational marine adventure filled with delicious treats and relaxing views of the calm surroundings; if you’re lucky, you might even see dancing dolphins on this wonderful option among cruise trips in India.

8. Mahabaahu Cruise

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Visitors can explore the north- eastern culture on this wonderful luxury cruise among cruise trips in India, which departs from Kolkata and travels past several tribal settlements, tranquil monasteries, large tea plantations, and other well-known historic locations. The “Gateway to the North Eastern Part of India” tour passes via Assam, one of the best states in the region.

If there is spare time, passengers may visit the Nakayama Devi Temple. In the meantime, they can engage in any of the exciting aboard water activities, such as swimming, using the jacuzzi, or visiting a spa. The greatest place to see dolphins or sea birds is from the open deck, or you may go digital and see a documentary on tribes, a movie on the “Wildlife of Kaziranga,” or a book from the library. Relax and unwind in this paragon among cruise trips in India.

9. Costa Neo Classica

Cruise trips in india,

The enormous Costa Neo Classica cruise with kids & adolescents has a tonne to offer in terms of activities, sightseeing routes, etc. and is one of the best among cruise trips in India. Emanating in Mumbai, it sails to cochin over a week in the first phase and the second one takes you to Maldives. Visitors can buy at the on-board mall, see a movie at the Colosseo Theatre, or dance the night away in the Puccino Ballroom as entertainment while travelling.

The library, internet point, virtual world, San Remo casino, squok club, etc. are available for recreational activities. For delectable gourmet meals that are both traditional and from the region, guests can choose their chosen dinner time. There are unique brunches by the sea, tea at noon, and wines paired with Italian menus. A complete option among cruise trips in India.

10. The Andaman Cruise

Families, friends, lovers, and solo travellers can all find enchantment in the Andaman Islands on this gem amongst cruise trips in India. Setting off in Kolkata and terminating in Port blair, it is a belter of a journey to behold. It provides breath-taking views of the lush foliage around these uncharted islands. Relax on the white sea beds with beautiful views of the towering canopy while enjoying the sea breeze. Kayaking, fishing, and snorkelling are a some of the simpler adventurous sports you might try on these cruise trips in India. The most lavish experience ever is the noticeable & energetic marine life in some of the glass-bottomed water gliders and tropical wonders along the Andaman Archipelago. You would be amazed to see how this cruise deserves a place in our list of top cruise trips in India.

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