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Stress is the silent killer that is still elusive for the law of every country and person. It feeds off your ability to feel free, at peace and to enjoy. Stress might not be harmful in the short run but is alarmingly pernicious in the long. There are many ways to relieve stress but the method that has stood the test of time is massages. Massages are wonderful tools to get rid of all your stress, be it due to work or some personal issue. It revitalises your senses and body while rejuvenating your mind simultaneously. But choosing the right massage place is also primal and hence, here we are, with a well-curated list of the best massage places in San Diego. San Diego has a plethora of great massage places and we have narrowed them down to the top 10 in no particular order. Every entry here has its unique perks and charms.

Choose one from this meticulous list of massage places in and have the stress-relieving of a lifetime.

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1. Rancho Bernardo Inn Spa

The Spa at Rancho Bernardo Inn is one of the best massage places in San Diego. It offers full-body unwinding techniques that fulfil the skin as well as appeal to the mind too, courtesy of its delightful fragrance. Their medicines depend on the superb mending benefits pressed in foods grown from the ground staples like honey, yogurt, strawberry, and avocado. These assortments that are natural and of guaranteed quality are cautiously handpicked to make a modified treatment that scrubs the body. The spa is arranged inside the Rancho Bernardo Inn which is a well-known location for golf players and extravagant coffee shops. After you lie down, you are catapulted into a world of tranquillity and peace, from which you won’t ever want to return. The officials are extremely blessed with therapeutic hands that will offer a languid feeling throughout the session which is why this is one of the best massage places in San Diego. The services offered are Skin Care Treatments, Massage Treatments, Body Treatments and Nail Services.

Top review:

“The therapist and the design and the service here are truly exceptional. It is open 24 hours. Ideal for frequent flyers.”

Rancho Bernardo Inn Spa

2. The Catamaran Spa

The Catamaran Spa stands apart from the rest with its unmistakable all-encompassing area fronting the ocean side which is a rare offering among massage places in San Diego. The spa offers compelling spa remedies as well as a shelter for a drained psyche and soul needing to escape from a feverish day in the metro. Their sessions are designed to South Pacific and Asian mending frameworks that basically use plant and marine-based items. With these medicinal items, it is guaranteed that a client would experience the best outcomes without destructive secondary effects frequently appeared by utilizing synthetically imbued spa fundamentals which is easily found in other massage places in San Diego. The long list of services offered is as follows: Massage Therapies, Skin Care Therapies, Body Wraps, Water Therapies, Body Exfoliating Treatments, Rituals, Nail Care Therapies, Hair Care & Makeup. The catamaran is accessible on this address- 3999, Mission boulevard, San Diego. The upcoming review proves that it is one of the most sought-after massage places in San Diego.

Top review:

“Been coming every year for almost 15 years. We love the grounds; the staff is helpful.”

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3. Girl on the Go (GotG)

Try not to be put off by GotG’s mundane locality— when you step into its cutting edge central command, you’ll track down a brilliant, breezy space, with style that gazes directly out of an interior designer’s home. White walls fixed with skincare items, gold grower, and present day furniture grace the premises and the ambience here is one of the best among massage places in San Diego. Massage sessions are rejuvenating, yet its primary distinguishing strength is that it’s open until 10 p.m. on work days (and 6 p.m. on ends of the week) — so you can test it out after work, and the hours are particularly cordial for tourists with whimsical timetables. There is total client satisfaction policy which makes it one of the most complete massage places in San Diego. The services on the menu are Facials & Skin Care, Massage, Waxing, Event Makeup, Airbrush Tanning and Spa Experiences.

Top review:

“Dana is AMAZING. She has been my go-to for all thing wax. I recently got a facial from her and loved every second of it. Truly a first-rate spa!

massage places in San Diego
Dana Battaglia of GotG Spa

4. The Kingston Spa

massage places in San Diego

Spa Kingston is one of the top rated massage places in San Diego. It presents an unparalleled client support to its clients equivalent to that of regal treatments. They work to offer the best types of assistance with the utilization of present day apparatuses and components for you to achieve the general wellbeing and health you want. Their thoroughly experienced experts customize every meeting to the particular requirements of the client relying upon their skin type and way of life. Service offered: Facials, Treatments & Peels, Facial Enhancements, Acne Clinic, Massages, Body Enhancements, Hair Removal. It has the entire recipe to be in the list of the best massage places in San Diego.

Top review:

“This place is SUPERB! Just had a 40 min foot spa and it was so healing and relaxing. Stuff is very kind and professional. The place is quiet and clean and the music is soothing. Worth every penny for us. Will come again for sure.”

5. Karma Spa

Karma Relaxation Spa, if services are considered, is probably one of the most massage places in San Diego, if not the most. They offer different back rub types like Swedish, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal. The day spa is developed with the solace of the clients and visitors as per need. It has gifted knead specialists performing different massage modalities principally individualized per client to suit what their body merits and requires right now. Several rooms are planned with a tranquil climate ideal for a day of massage festivities. It is also one of the top rated massage places in San Diego for its exceptional services.

Top review:

“An incredible experience, from all staff, but the deep tissue massage was amazing, my body felt 100% after it and exactly what is needed for relaxation and eliminate stress.”

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6. Spa at Rancho Valencia

The spa at Rancho Valencia is now Forbes 5-star-appraised which instantly makes it deserving to be in this list of massage places in San Diego. Known for its cutting edge wellness place, rich salon with blow-dry bar, extended retail region, nail trim cum pedicure administrations, airy people’s storage spaces, unwinding regions and poolside cabanas. You come empty handed but leave with even less baggage of stress that was upon your shoulders and was now on the verge of being palpable.

Top review:

“amazing place to relax after long working hours. therapists are very knowledgeable and understand what would be the best treatment to suggest. One of the best massage places in San Diego”

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Spa at rancho Valencia

7. Hotel Del Coronado Spa

Looking for that regal, ocean view experience? Look no more as this one is among the best massage places in San Diego. Every imaginable amenity related to relaxing is present here with couples of extras too. What more do you want? A deserving spot in the list of best massage places, this is like a sanctuary for people with stress and lethargy.

Top review:

“One of the best massage places in San Diego for sure. The service was exemplary and apt. Nothing short of perfection.”

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8. Spa at La Costa

Massage places in San Diego just keep getting better and better. The Spa at La Costa offers a heavenly experience to every client approaching its humble doors. All services offered are top-notch and industry leading which makes it one of the best massage places. As your session begins, an environment of tranquillity is established by the professional which takes all your stress and dumps it in a land far, far away. Surely deserving of a spot in the list of best massage places in San Diego.

Top reviews:

“Heavenly experience. Came with my wife. Both were very satisfied.”

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9. Spa Estancia

Estancia spa is located inside a 10 acre premises that is nothing short of a fortress. One of the best massage places in San Diego, Estancia offers facials, massages, nail services, waxing and skincare using only the top organic produces. The service here is very well structured and hospitable. The professionals are adequately equipped to take care of you and provide you with an experience to reminisce. A doyen among massage places, Estancia lives true to its wonderful reputation.

Top review:

“Relaxing and calm ambience. Better than most massage places in San Diego. Will recommend it to a friend.”

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10. Saffron and Sage Spa

One of the highly rated massage places in San Diego, Saffron and Spa has a unique name and similar characteristics too. A transcendent experience, replete with essential oils, calm music, comfortable fabrics and the all-important touch of the professional. Participate in needle therapy, herbal medication, breath work, facials, fire cupping, hypnotherapy, and sound or wholesome treatment. With a lot more specialty treatment choices, Saffron and Sage guarantees an extraordinary encounter over the other massage places in San Diego. The massage rooms have the appearance of a familiar place, much like home, which amplifies the relaxation experience and soothes your soul. Leave with all your stress wrested from your body, pound by pound.

Top review:

“A unique massage place with comely ambience and a cool, calm vibe to it. Great service. Will be a regular.”

massage places in San Diego

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