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Pennsylvania boasts diverse attractions which continue to attract tourists. It has embarked on its place in the heart of every tourist who visited and explored the top things to do in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is classified as one of the Mid-Atlantic Cities in the United States of America. Towards the north, it is bound by Lake Erie and New York State, towards the east by New York and New Jersey, and from the south by Delaware, Maryland, and West Virginia. It is termed as Keystone State. The state has been ranked among TOP BEST 15 PLACES TO LIVE IN on the parameters of affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety.


 1. Falling Water’s House –

Falling Water’s House


Falling Water House is on top of the list of things to do in Pennsylvania as it is considered to be America’s greatest architect, Frank Llyod Wright’s, greatest, most memorable, and picturesque masterpiece as he called it as an organic architecture. The UNESCO committee inscribed falling water to the UNESCO world heritage list. It is partly built over the waterfall and is surrounded by the woods. The architecture of the building is astonishing as it is inspired by nature’s colors, materials, and design motifs, and every feature is derived from natural features. It epitomizes the perfect blend of nature and art. The architecture symbolizes the idea of adaptability of the modern world with mother nature. It is one of the most treasured places in the World. It is a museum and conserved by Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. It is visited by around 160,000 visitors each year. If you are in love with architecture this place should be in your bucket list of things to do in Pennsylvania.

Remember –

  • prior reservation is needed for all visits.
  • Peak season to visit is July, August or October as things to do in Pennsylvania.                                                           
  • As it is rural area there is no public transport available.
  • Be prepared with hiking shoes for the 20-mile trail at the nearby Bear Run Nature Reserve as things to do in Pennsylvania.                                                                      

2. Hershey’s Park –

Hershey’s Park


It is a vibrant, radiant, dramatic, vivid world of chocolate theme park. It was created as a leisure ground for the employees of Hershey Chocolate Factory but now it is open for its visitors for a world of experience. It is a chocolate theme family park (things to do in Pennsylvania) which is located 15 miles east of Harrisburg and approximately 95 miles west of Philadelphia, 160 miles from New York City. It has various thrilling and adventurous rides for one and all. This is one of the best things to do in Pennsylvania as what could be better than having a variety of everyone’s favorite Hershey’s Chocolate in different themes and confectionaries? The park provides the beautiful experience of dining, shopping, and entertainment apart from its famous rides like Balloon Flite, Coal Cracker, Dizzy Drums, and many more. It is Pennsylvania’s most visited theme Park (fun things to do in Pennsylvania). The entertainment wing offers a huge number of shows during Spring, Summer, Halloween, and Christmas. A zoo famously called Zoo America has the best things to do in Pennsylvania if you have kids as they have more than 200 animals from all over North America and offer tours for birthday parties, and informational tours at an affordable cost. Broadway is the water park in Hershey Park. It is one of the most satisfying things to do in Pennsylvania.

Remember –

  •  Park is open from Friday to Sunday  
  •  Timings 5-9 pm                                                                                                                     




These caves are natural underground limestone caves which are over 440 million years old.  It is just 3miles West of Hershey. It is on number three in things to do in Pennsylvania because of the uniqueness. The diverse variety of animals can be seen spending some part or the whole life inside these caverns which include some crustaceans, blind fish, bat etc as it provides constant 52 degrees inside the cave which is perfect for dwelling of life. The tour of the cavern is riveting with approximately 40 min detailed interpretive tour about the history, ecology and interesting formation of the cave. The cavern is open for the visitor everyday from 10am – 4pm. If you are interested to see something unusual and different this should be in your list of things to do in Pennsylvania.


4. Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell –

Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell


The place is one of the most visited tourist places in Pennsylvania, so it is included in the things to do in Pennsylvania list. It is considered to be the birthplace for the origin of America’s democracy. It has Independence Hall where the Founding Fathers came together to inscribe the Declaration of Independence. The place has a patriotic connection with the visitors as things to do in Pennsylvania. The Liberty Bell signifies its importance as it was used to call Pennsylvania Assembly Meetings. The Museums, photo galleries, and shops are various tourist attractions as things to do in Pennsylvania. 


5.  Bushkill Falls –

Bushkill Falls


It is also termed as “Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania” so it should be among the relaxing things to do in Pennsylvania. It is the place for nature enthusiasts to experience the splendor of Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. It is easily accessible by Broadwalk and stairs. The spot attracts tourists for hiking and bird watching (fun things to do in Pennsylvania). The mystic river with crystal clear water is mesmerizing. It includes a series of eight waterfalls. It exhibits various fun activities for kids and families as things to do in Pennsylvania. 

The trails are beautifully designed according to every person’s capacity, age, and distance so it becomes easier to choose from. Bushkill Falls are surrounded by woods, which is a habitat for a wide variety of migratory and local birds it is an outstanding place to gain experience and could be one of the best things to do in Pennsylvania  or pennsylvania attractions for adventure lovers.


6. Gettysburg National Military Park –

Gettysburg National Military Park


It is a historical place that is preserved as a memorial of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 during the American Civil War. Tour of the National Park is a knowledgeable experience for those who are interested in culture and history. It has a variety of animals and birds that can co-exist in the ecosystem peacefully. A scouting program for children at Gettysburg is one of best the things to do in Pennsylvania. Horseback riding trails are an experience in itself. The National Park organizes various group activities to simulate the war conditions. It is the thing to do in Pennsylvania or can be said as Pennsylvania attractions for history enthusiasts.


7. Pennsylvania State Capital –

Pennsylvania State Capital


Pennsylvania’s State Capitol is the first public building belonging to the citizens of the Commonwealth. It is a majestic symbol of history and power and an icon of democracy and freedom. It is one things to do in Pennsylvania’s list because of the brilliance of its architecture. The entry gives a glorious view of the giant staircase as you enter the Rotunda. They offer a guided tour of the building with 40 guests per tour. The Renaissance architecture has been incorporated in the building. The motifs, inside the building, feature the Pennsylvanian achievement in labor, history, and industry. The Centerpiece is almost 272 feet which gives a spectacular view of the building. The building has a charming interior to leave the visitors spellbound. It is a perfect spot for educational and recreational purposes both for kids and adults no doubt it is in the row of things to do in Pennsylvania or things to do in pa


8. The Philadelphia Zoo –

The Philadelphia Zoo


A list of things to do in Pennsylvania is incomplete without visiting The Philadephia Zoo which is the first zoo in the United States. It is a habitat for various indigenous species of animals and birds. The zoo particularly focuses on the conservation and rehabilitating the wildlife. It is spread over an area of 42 acres. The zoo is divided into various areas according to the types of animal eg African Plains Habitat which is a safari, and Big Cat Falls introduces a variety of animals of the cat family like leopards, puma, Amur Tigers, etc, The latest attraction is the Luminature. The zoo is open from Thursday through Sunday from 9.30 am to 3 pm. There is no end to things to do in Pennsylvania. It is also one of the best places to visit in Pennsylvania.


9. Youghiogheny River –

Youghiogheny River


If you are an adventurer this is what you must have in the list of things to do in Pennsylvania. Whitewater Rafting in Youghiogheny River brings a lot of thrill and adrenaline rush. It is States one of the largest and favorite among all the outdoor enthusiasts. It offers adventure for all types of rafters, beginners, intermediate, and for pros. There are mild rapids, intermediate and high rapids so it is easy to choose from. Kayaking in calm water is another option available so it is easy for the water lovers to choose according to mood and ability – things to do in Pennsylvania.


 10. Pittsburgh –

“City of Bridges, Pittsburgh


It is a “City of Bridges” as there are 446 bridges in the city and also known as “Steel City” because of more than 300 steel-related businesses. It is the second most populous city in Pennsylvania. It is at the junction of 3 rivers. Pittsburgh is things to do in Pennsylvania for city lovers, as this city offers scenic views, and centrally located and award-winning restaurants. The famous Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden is also located in Pittsburgh. The city has a lot to offer apart from the skyscrapers that are Carnegie Science City, the Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Art, etc.


 11. Valley Forge –

Valley Forge


American history awaits you in the Valley Forge. It has the treasure of American history along with tons of family attractions, outdoor activities, shopping experiences, vibrant art, and culture. The place includes Valley Forge National Historic Park, Valley Forge Casino, Schuylkill River Trail, and much more (fun things to do in Pennsylvania).


  12. Lancaster –



It is Pennsylvanian Dutch Country. It has exquisite cuisine, contemporary art and culture, vast farmlands, and Amish culture so it is a must to have it in things to do in Pennsylvania. These wide open spaces provide peaceful change to visitors who need a tranquil gateway from the pace of city life. It is among the leading agricultural countries in Pennsylvania. They raise corn, tobacco, wheat, barley, and livestock like cattle, poultry, and hog.


13. Hickory Run State Park –

Hickory Run State Park


This is among the things to do in Pennsylvania for nature admirers. It is spread over 16,000 acres of land and hence divided into three areas which include National Natural Landmark listed as Boulder Field. Hickory Run also has hiking trails which are famous for bird watching. The most liked by the travelers is Shades of Death. Also, the places more popular are because of adventures like fishing, swimming, and disc golf.


14. Delware Water Gap –

Delware Water Gap


The place is beautiful in all the seasons, in summers it is mesmerizing for hiking, waterfalls, and green forests – things to do in Pennsylvania. Rented canoes and kayaks make it more interesting to avail all the adventure sports on the river and beaches. 70,000 acres of Delware Water Gap Recreation area is a great place for bike, hunting, and rock climbing. In winter it provides opportunities for cross-country skiing, ice climbing, and snowshoeing. It is among the things to do in Pennsylvania throughout the year.


15. Lake Wallenpaupack –

Lake Wallenpaupack


It is one of the largest man–made lakes in the States spread over an area of around 5,700. The popularity in summer is because of sports like swimming, boating, kayaking, water skiing, etc while in winter the activities range from ice skating to snowshoeing to ice fishing. Besides water and ice sports you can indulge in land-based fun like hiking, snowmobiling, and camping. This is a complete package for things to do in Pennsylvania be it summer or winter.


The things to do on Pennsylvania’s list are never-ending. A country that is an amalgamation of ethnic to modern culture, rural to city life, mountains, wildlife, rivers, and above a great history to look up to. This is my list of things to do in Pennsylvania.

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