Top 20 Best Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette

Top 20 Best Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette

There are many Mexican restaurants in Lafayette (and the adjacent towns). The Lafayette region offers more Mexican eateries per square mile and per person than most cities two to three times its size. Additionally, new ones are always opening. The majority do admirably; after all, with so much competition, you had better be able to provide a fantastic burrito and margarita. However, let’s face it, certain Mexican restaurants in Lafayette and the neighbourhood perform better than others. Which are the best, then?


Find out here, In this great list of Mexican restaurants in Lafayette:


1. Blue Apache

Blue Apache-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Blue Apache

The Mexican cuisine served at Blue Apache is exactly what your tongue is craving. Not just tasty, but also fairly priced. Blue Apache will tantalise your palate without breaking your budget with anything from fajitas to burritos. One of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette, Blue Apache live to its great reputation for delectable taste and consistency.


2. El Potrillo

El Potrillo-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
El Potrillo

El Potrillo Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette and Grill is a favourite among the residents of upper Lafayette when it comes to Mexican cuisine. Come as you are, without needing to dress up, and unwind. El Potrillo is one of the most relied-upon eateries in all of Acadiana for a fantastic Mexican delicacy time and again because of its quality, service, affordability, and laid-back ambiance. The enchiladas and fajitas are outstanding! Surely, one of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette. Top Review: “The fajitas were incredible. Just no complaints.”


3. La Pagua

La Pagua-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
La Pagua

One of the great names among Mexican restaurants in Lafayette, La Pagua is a must visit for any Mexican cuisine fan. There are a lot of people “checking in” from La Pagua on social media on any given night, and there’s a good reason for that—great! The list of Mexican restaurants in Lafayette led by La Pagua. La Pagua, a relatively newcomer to Lafayette Mexican restaurant food scene, is the most well-liked Mexican eatery according to our study, so they must be cooking something right. Discover for yourself what all the excitement is about. Top Review: “La Pagua is one of my all-time favorite Mexican restaurants Lafayette la for Mexican food. “


4. El Paso

El Paso-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
El Paso

El Paso, which is a staple among Mexican restaurants in Lafayette, is the first Mexican restaurant in Lafayette to make it into the Top 3 on our ranking of the city’s Best Mexican Restaurant Lafayette la. El Paso has everything you need for a date, family night, business lunch, or any form of social event. A cold margarita from El Paso will definitely help you relax or get in the mood for a night out. Excellent cuisine and quick, friendly service make El Paso a great option.


5. Tampico’s

Tampico’s-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette

For those seeking the flavor of authentic Mexican food Lafayette la, Tampico’s has been dishing up chips and salsa, scorching fajitas, enchiladas, and icy margaritas since 1971. Visit Tampico’s every day of the week if you’re in the mood for something hot and flavorful! Take the family out for taco night or join in the excitement at the bar with a cool margarita in your hand. It is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette.Top review: “Tampico’s blew my taste buds away to a faraway land. Great place.”


6. Jolie’s Bistro

Jolie’s Bistro-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Jolie’s Bistro

Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro, which located beside the Blue Dog Café, prides itself on using only the freshest local products while preparing their seasonal menu, which is updated every week. No matter the season, favorites like Jolie’s renowned barbecue shrimp and the decadent soft beignets with coffee dipping sauce are still available, creating the ideal fusion of time-honored tradition with cutting-edge innovation. Truly a great choice among Mexican restaurants in Lafayette.


7. Taco Sisters

Taco Sisters-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Taco Sisters

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette, taco sisters is one-of-a-kind. You can eat their delectable tacos at one of the outdoor tables or just take them out of the tiny, beautiful patio on Johnston Street where they are served. They are as straightforward as you can get without sacrificing quality; the juicy meats are all expertly marinated, and the tacos’ fresh Gulf fish and locally caught shellfish are all spectacular. Top review: “Taco sisters both has a great story and great taste behind it.”


8. Blue Dog Café

Blue Dog Café-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Blue Dog Café

The Blue Dog Café, a landmark of Lafayette’s culinary legacy and culture, is the place to go for a lively environment and classic Cajun cuisine. The Blue Dog was founded by Steve Santillo, a former attorney who was passionate about fusing good food with striking art. This is abundantly clear in the Blue Dog’s décor, which is covered in several artworks. One of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette.Top review: “A great choice for Mexican food. Had a blast.”


9. Artmosphere Bistro

Artmosphere Bistro-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Artmosphere Bistro

As the name goes, Atmosphere is dedicated to the idea that a creative environment is a crucial component of any enjoyable dining experience. And it’s true that the restaurant is defined by its music and art activities; from Wednesday through Sunday, local bands play at Atmosphere. Diners can enjoy their meal during songwriters’ night or a karaoke session on days when there isn’t music. A staple among Mexican restaurants in Lafayette, Blue Dog is a great option for a nice evening. It is counted as the top Mexican restaurants west lafayette la.


10. Café Vermilionville

Café Vermilionville-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Café Vermilionville

The unique aspect of Café Vermilionville is its position in a 19th-century home with magnificent, antique interiors that evoke the spirit of pre-Civil War Louisiana. The best cactus maxican restaurant. The food’s presentation is equally exquisite, blending textures and hues to create feasts for the eyeballs as well as the stomach. This café is a great addition to this list of Mexican restaurants in Lafayette due to its great food and service.


11. Social Southern Rest and Bar

Social Southern Rest and Bar-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Social Southern

The relatively subdued ambiance at Social, a restaurant that blends Southern gourmet charm with a distinctively contemporary vibe, is defined by dim lighting, wood-paneled walls, and simple yet stylish furniture. Even while this establishment attracts guests with its excellent service and welcoming atmosphere, the food remains the focus of attention. One of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette, this has all parts needed for a perfect Mexican restaurant in Lafayette.


12. Villager’s Café

Villager’s Café-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Villager’s Café

The po-boys at Villager’s Café are some of the best around. Always excellent and fresh. The Coke in the bottle is just like what our Granny used to give us, and the fries are just as Mum used to prepare them. The crew even shares the happy customers’ smiles which makes it a wholesome entry in the list of Mexican restaurants in Lafayette.


13. Dwyer’s Café

Dwyer’s Café-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Dwyer’s Café

Dwyer’s Café is a dream entry in the list of Mexican restaurants in Lafayette. A popular choice among locals, there is a plate lunch trail that connects the intersection of comfort and cuisine where the beef and three-plate siesta special is so embedded in the local culinary lexicon. Dwyer’s café must be on your list of best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette, for sure.


14. Vestal

Vestal-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette

Chef Trahan is the main spotlight of Vestal, playing with fire and performing tricks while cooking just adds up to the experience. A great Mexican menu with all necessary dishes, all entrenched with a delectable persona, which appeals to and piques your taste buds to the brim. Surely one of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette.


15. Johnson’s Boucaniere

Johnson’s Boucaniere-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Johnson’s Boucaniere

Johnsons Boucaniere, a Lafayette institution best known for its “world-renowned sizzling boudin,” is the kind of establishment you go to seek an actual sense of the city. In keeping with this, the minimally decorated interior of the unpretentious hut that houses the eatery is functional rather than aesthetically pleasing which adds to the visual and tangible charisma of the place. Surely one of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette.


16. The Cajun Table

The Cajun Table-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Cajun Table

Cajun Table’s location in a strip mall shouldn’t prevent you from visiting; the food is fantastic and consistently good. You may locate this small treasure in the strip mall behind Rickey Meche’s Donuts, on the end of Kaliste establishment and Ambassador Café. The great food and even better service is what makes this one of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette.


17. The Bus Stop Bistro

The Bus Stop Bistro-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Bus Stop Bistro

The Bus Stop Bistro has the best of both worlds since it has a moving unit that it can use to bring joy around Lafayette while also having its feet firmly planted in Carencro. Extra advantage of a food truck. Smart! The eatery offers shrimp po’boy, ribeye, chicken sandwiches, salads, and hamburgers. One of the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette, certainly.


18. Eddie’s Biscuits

Eddie’s Biscuits-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Eddie’s Biscuits

Edie’s Biscuits, noted for its daybreak morning hours and enormous, fluffy scratch biscuits, is the ideal location for early birds. Edie’s, a neighborhood favorite, offers selections including blueberry and cinnamon rolls and catfish egg and cheese on its menu, which is divided into sections for sweets.


19. The French Press

The French Press-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
French Press

The French Press is unquestionably the hippest restaurant in Lafayette, with its industrial chic atmosphere, crumbling walls, clean white tables, and the occasional eccentric accessory. A great option among Mexican restaurants in Lafayette owing to its tongue-rattling food and even more polite service. Give this one a visit if you’re looking for the best Mexican restaurants in Lafayette.

20. Reve Coffee Roasters

Reve Coffee Roasters-Mexican Restaurants in Lafayette
Reve Coffee Roasters

With a coffee from the locally owned cafe Reve Coffee Roasters, which prepares and disseminates its own beans, you can avoid taking a nap. For one of the specialty beverages, like the Bourboneaux, a concoction of barrel-brewed cold mix and the famous pecan syrup, belly up to the coffee lab.Mexican snacks dominate the snack menu and are delectable. Surely a great entry in this list of Mexican restaurants in Lafayette.


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