Top 20 Hotels in Amsterdam

hotels in amsterdam

Working 9 to 5, 5 days a week. Pouring your heart out in a job which is there just to boil the pot. And what do you take for a vacation? A minor weekend, which involves a stroll to the nearest mall or amusement establishment. Having done so much for others, you’ve got to give credit to yourself and in the words of Graham mill, “pay yourself first”. A vacation isn’t just a break from life, it must be an experience and here we are with another stupefying venture- Amsterdam. This city has everything you want for a perfect getaway and will deliver on your wildest of expectations. Here is a list of the top 20 hotels in Amsterdam. The hotels in Amsterdam are nothing short of sterling and ostentatious. So what are you waiting for? Halloween?


The Hoxton

The Hoxton is one of those hotels in Amsterdam that need no overtures. With both a gargantuan reputation and an imposing property, the Hoxton is perfect for a stay if you’re looking for hotels in Amsterdam. This hotel chain also designed the former home of the mayor which warrants that you’re in safe hospitality. It scores exemplary in all categories of service, hospitality, food and entertainment. If you’re on a business trip, this is a haven for you. Interiors are beautiful yet subtle with a hint of opulence in every bit of it. Looking for hotels in Amsterdam? The Hoxton got you covered.

the hoxton hotel
The Hoxton, Amsterdam


Hotel Estherea


estherea hotel
Estherea at night

Overlooking the Singel canal, smacked in the centre of Amsterdam, this is one of the more intriguing hotels in Amsterdam. The décor inside is classic with allusions of archaic, vintage interiors and other paraphernalia. An exciting fact is that you can borrow an Ipad for the entire duration of your stay at this hotel in Amsterdam. Breakfast, lunch and dinner have a cascade of menu options to choose from so there is something for everyone. Museums and other tourist attractions are just a walk away owing to its perfect location. Whenever you’re in the Netherlands, don’t forget this hotel in Amsterdam.

Hotel V Fizeaustraat

The fizeaustraat is a doyen of hotels in Amsterdam owing to its sterling, urban exteriors and yet a calming, idyllic experience provided inside. It is crowded with both locals and tourists in all seasons as all the amenities here are next to perfect and the charge is minimal to say the least. The milieu around is becalming and quiet, which is ironic as the location is in close proximity to the city centre. It is one of the best hotels in Amsterdam, considering an overall perspective.

fizeaustraat hotel
Fizeaustraat, Amsterdam. Hotel V chains.

Hotel Okura

The Okura is one of the most luxurious options among hotels in Amsterdam. It has a 23 storey building, towering above its peers. Located in the De Pijp hip foodie quarter, it is a haven for all kinds of food and beverages. There is a languid spa which will release all tensions and stress of your journey and revitalize you for more experiences. It also has the biggest pool among hotels in Amsterdam and has very polite and kind staff. No need for even a second thought as the Okura is one of the most splendid hotels in Amsterdam.

Hotels in Amsterdam

The Breitner House

The thing that stands out about this hotel in Amsterdam is the lavishly designed interiors which will leave you dumbfounded. The breitner house was once home to a Dutch artist and the interiors speak for the connection that this place beckons to. The host is overwhelmingly charming and warm and will make it feel like home to you. Trust me, you’ll forget you have to leave. The location is a bit far from the city centre but for the most beautiful views, you have to climb the toughest of altitudes. Isn’t it?

breitner house hotel
Breitner house living room

The Ambassade Hotel

This massive hotel in Amsterdam stretches for 11 canal house along the waterway and is a treat for both the hedonists and minimalists. The classy, sophisticated exteriors and interiors are in contrast with the polite and inclusive staff behaviours, here at one of the best hotels in Amsterdam. The ambassade is resplendent with anachronistic and original art pieces and paintings, that will surely pique your interest. With so many plus points, it is highly unlikely that the food is not good and it surely is. Unparalleled food quality and taste will liven up your taste buds.

Hotels in Amsterdam
The Ambassade, Amsterdam

Sir Adam Hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam
Waterfront Sir Adam hotel

Little need to be said about the iconic A’dam tower as it is a spectacle of its own. The Sir Adam hotel graces this tower with its very interesting offerings and perks. You have the option of handpicking your host who will make every experience you have, easy and memorable. Be it Karaoke in the middle of town or a meditation class, the host will stay with you, easing you through. They take the term ‘concierge’, very seriously but it only adds to the fun as being with someone who knows the ins and outs of place is a blessing in disguise.

Soho House

soho house hotel,
Soho House terrace pool

You might come across a lot of hotels in Amsterdam but this one in particular is evidently splendid. The Soho house is built in a monumental 19th century building and is smacked in the centre of town. On top of all the luxury amenities that you get, you also get a private cinema to enjoy your favourite cinematographic masterpieces. Isn’t it the full package? There is also a canal view gym which adds to the allure. If you are looking for the best hotels in Amsterdam, this is the best pick out of the lot.

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport hotel

Facing an unexpected layover? Or at the last moment your flight has been cancelled due to weather conditions? Stress not, out of the best hotels in Amsterdam, the Sheraton airport hotel is a paragon for others to be measured. It has all the necessary amenities and on top of that, unsolicited luxuries. There is a luxury restaurant, a steam room, an indoor games room and many more to kill time and enjoy your stay. Even if you are not facing any flight issues, the Sheraton airport hotel is a top choice among hotels in Amsterdam.

sheraton airport hotel in amsterdam
Lobby of the Sheraton airport hotel

Mr. Jordaan, Amsterdam

jordaan hotel,

Enough with the luxury, now let’s drive into the hotels in Amsterdam that cater to the frugal audience without compromising on any of the amenities or the quality of stay. Mr. Jordaan is one such canal house hotel which is not that imposing and luxurious but will surely give you an experience to remember and is a bang for the buck. The social milieu is full of zest and conviviality. The staff is very polite and the restaurants are fully equipped with all kinds of cuisines to quench your hunger for a decadent meal.

Pulitzer Amsterdam

pulitzer hotel,
The Iconic Pulitzer

The Pulitzer is one of those hotels in Amsterdam that has a great story behind its origins. A businessman named Peter Pulitzer had a brain child of converting a few of the city’s grand golden age canal houses into a hotel. Today, the Pulitzer stretches through 25 buildings which are entrenched in history. Keeping the Amsterdam silhouette alive, the Pulitzer amalgamates elements of the past with irreverent contemporary design, while striving to maintain its original self. It offers breath-taking views of the canals and provides for an idyllic and tranquil stay, amidst the centre of the city.

INK hotel

A part of Sofitel’s luxurious M galleries, the INK hotel is something to marvel at. The interiors of this hotel or modernistic and in contrast to the anachronistic and archaic exteriors. Previously, this hotel in Amsterdam used to be a newspaper office but now is a magnificent 149 room hotel that will make your stay memorable. The restaurant provides succulent food options and a large number of them to choose from and indulge in. You can also bargain a free breakfast if you’re cogent enough at the reception. So put on the charm and make your stay memorable with the INK hotel.

Hotels in Amsterdam

Conservatorium Hotel

In the Nexus of Amsterdam’s renowned museum district, merely a brisk walk from the primal attractions and hotspots, is the Conservatorium Hotel. This hotel in Amsterdam is within walking distance of The Royal Concert hall, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, famous Vondel park and Amsterdam’s shopping district. A combination of historical architecture and urban design is evident in this hotel in Amsterdam. They all include state-of-the-art in-room facilities and feature ostentatious linens, high-speed WiFi and private bars. They are also decorated in brushed-oak flooring and beige furniture

conservatorium hotel, amsterdam
The conservatorium, Amsterdam

Sir Albert Hotel

Hotels in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for an elegant hotel in Amsterdam which is not too highly priced, then Sir albert is a great and frugal pick for you. It is located 600 metres from the museum square and all major attractions are just a 10 min walk away. The interiors are hand crafted by award winning international designers, with rooms and halls reflecting their best work. You can have dinner at the IZAKAYA restaurant which is resplendent with cuisines from all over he world but the local flavour is unmatched. There is a calm fireplace and a library to relax after a day of sightseeing in Amsterdam. Don’t look for anymore hotels in Amsterdam as Sir albert is the choice of a wise man.

Stout & Co.

The search for an economical yet splendid hotel in Amsterdam ends here as the Stout and Co. is a great option both for the pocket and the leisure-junkie inside you. A green rooftop terrace that is replete with beautiful fauna makes even the most stressful moment, a languid and peaceful one. A complimentary breakfast is always a great way to start the day and move forward with the pleasantries. The supermarket, central station and various cafes are in close proximity. This is the best choice for people who are searching for hotels in Amsterdam on a budget, especially students.

stout and co.
Plush greens at the Stout and Co.

The Student Hotel

For a more budget friendly option among hotels in Amsterdam, check out the Student Hotel. It’s not primarily and exclusively for students but caters to a lot of them. Each room features an en suite and has a separate TV built in. There is a common gym that can be accessed by everyone. It has all the amenities for a Work-from-home culture too. So if you’re looking for a place to crash that is a bang for the buck, go for the student hotel.

student hotel amsterdam,
Meet solo travellers at the Student Hotel

Conscious Hotel Westerpark

The conscious hotel is located smacked dab in the centre of the beautiful Westerpark in Amsterdam. Also, this hotel in Amsterdam is environment conscious (as the name suggests), so keep only cash and no plastic cards as paying devices. The room is more than comfortable and is inclined more towards luxurious. There are sumptuous views of the Westerpark from the balconies which make for a beautiful and wholesome morning. You can get your hands on some splendid sunset pictures too and keep them as a memory for years to come.

wester park hotel,
The Wester park area

Hotel Mercier

Hotels in Amsterdam

Hotel Mercier is one of those hotels in Amsterdam that have a propensity towards being more Victorian and vintage. Although, no modern amenity is absent, it reminds of simpler, anachronistic times. It has a well centred location, best, in fact among other hotels in Amsterdam and has a 24*7 help desk at your assistance. Evenings are more finger sandwiches and tea than fries and burgers. If you were born in the 80’s or before, this will be highly nostalgic for you, bringing back remnants from your lifestyle.

Zoku Hotel

Looking for apartment styled hotels in Amsterdam? Well, the Zoku is the best bet for your searches. This is ideal for all travellers and locals alike as there is every amenity and comfort that you can fathom. The bathrooms inside need a special mention as they are highly spacious and well-equipped with paraphernalia to provide the best experience. It’s always about the little things mate, In ‘nit? End your search of hotels in Amsterdam and pick Zoku for a memorable and pleasing experience.

Hotels in Amsterdam
The Zoku lobby entrance

Hotel Boat & Co.

Hotels in Amsterdam
Hotel Boat & Co premises

Luxury has a new address and it’s in this glorious hotel in Amsterdam, The Boat & Co. Just minutes from the city centre, it has a beautiful waterfront location with a combination of great hospitality and a classy vibe to its milieu. You can gym, yoga or meditate in the mornings, followed by an exotic, locally sourced, breakfast. Stroll through famous Amsterdam monuments which are a walk away, click memories and after a tiring day, relax in the comfortable and well-equipped rooms of the hotel. Sounds like a day, doesn’t it? Put a hiatus on that search for hotels in Amsterdam and call upon the Boat and Co, today.

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