Top 20 Things To Do In Paris

Top 20 Things To Do In Paris


If the spot is best for sightseeing, where the weather is year-long friendly with its charm, and plenty of things to enjoy: won’t you grab the opportunity to visit the place? Of course, you will, so Bonjour à tous, from Paris. Yes, we are talking about Paris and things to do in Paris where your taste buds will be excited about getting Croissants, Escargots, Jambon-beurre Steak-tartare, and of course cheese. It has magnificent monuments, theme parks, the famous Eiffel Tower, and lots to gift your eyes, mind, and soul, let’s begin the search off.


Finding Best out of Best Top Things To Do In Paris:


1. Musée du Louvre –

Planning to visit the museum first in as mesmerizing places in Paris, then your visit should be Musée du Louvre, as its one of most beautiful art museums in Paris and things to do in Paris. It includes art from different periods making it an obvious thing to do in Paris. The museum hall marks tombs of Egyptian Mummies, Grecian sculptures, and well-known paintings of “Liberty Leading the People”, “The Raft of the Medusa”, and “Mona Lisa”. But the Museum remains closed on Tuesdays.


2. Sainte-Chapelle –

Folks, Sainte-Chapelle, is the place you will find stained glasses and makes it quite normal to be on the list of things to do in Paris because this masterpiece tells you a different story of time, every single time to visit it. Being ancient it has its own mobile app and hosts many concerts too. It is open from morning till evening at 6:30 approximately.


3. Jardin des Tuileries –

The place is a public garden, added to the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage in 1991, as the park as its existence since the 17th century. It is a great place to relax, people watching, sit in green chairs, walk around the tree-lined paths, things to do in Paris and you can observe the beauty of that place according to the changing of seasons.


4. Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris)

The cathedral shines after burning in a fire in April of 2019. It is considered as an icon and gives the honor to be included in the list of things to do in Paris. The cathedral has its own beauty be it outside or interior charm. It is quite advised to visit the place early morning or late evening, to avoid the gathering of crowds.


5. Macarons –

This city is the place of dream come true for the foodies and when you are roaming the place and there are lots in your daily itinerary, your stomach shouldn’t growl for food. Freshly baked aromatic flavored Macarons are not to a cookie but softly baked with 13 different flavours, inviting your nostrils for making their way to your tongue to the final destination named stomach, making it mind-licking things to do in Paris. You can visit Pierre Hermé, Ladurée, Pierre Marcolini, Hugo & Victor for tasting the delicious creamy Macarons and on your things to do in Paris.


6. Seine River –

Buddy you don’t need to find the Seine River, for enjoying its famous boat ride. The river is the heart of this city and attracts visitors from all over the world, gives the vibes of ancient Paris, and reads in stories and laps of time to the present lifestyle, it is said that the river Seine is the lifeline of people in Paris.


7. Eiffel Tower –

The magnificent tower was meant to be temporary but with time it became the icon of Paris, and different research was taken to understand its structure and its design. It has been destroyed two times but fortune made it still, till today. You can visit the tower, to this first floor to get a mesmerizing view of Paris, make it a part of things to do in Paris.


8. Oysters –

Visiting a place means enjoying it to the fullest, but without trying the exotic Oysters, you will say a revoir to Paris, is that even possible? The beauty of L’As du Fallafel is spellbound, the taste of the oysters with sandwich and baguette will leave you with a humble smile on your lips, and it’s a must-do yet the best things to do in Paris.


9. La Fontaine de Belleville –

It is designed to give a flavor generous of indigenous Paris tradition of food and environment; you can enjoy the place with a continental breakfast of Paris. The interior of this café will make you awestruck with its design of the ceiling, color combinations, sunny terrace, flowers with fragrance, and its wallet-friendly type of area, order a filtered coffee, or boiled eggs and if you are it can be a gala time for you, making it in the things to do in Paris won’t regret you at any way.


10. Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg)


The garden offers you a fresh fragrance that changes your mood in no time, and your eyes are bestowed with lots of flowers making it a rainbow in petals. Absolute is for kids to chill out by sailing boats, ride ponies, take a ride on merry o around, and enjoy a puppet show while you can enjoy the park and the castle. It is one of the best things to do in Paris.


11. Arc De Triomphe –


This Arc is the unique and largest arc in the world, also a tomb for unknown soldiers who fought for their motherland during the first French Republic and Napolean’s Empire. Its glorifying structure and size make the visitors admire it most, and genuinely no doubt it has the vibe to be on the list of best things to do in Paris.


12. République of Coffee –


The spot will give the reminder of Mexico with lots of options for cocktails, and coffee, continental dishes of Mexico, the chefs of the place change the menu every single week, so you won’t find the same dish every time you visit there, make the amazing things to do in Paris.


13. Musée Rodin –


This place is unrated in the city of love, it’s glorified with the sculpture of Auguste Rodin, including the posture of a walking man, kit and kin crazy ornaments, Kiss and the thinker also the building is full of approx. 8000+ art pieces, you can’t complete the tour in one day, it is highly recommended for those who are art buffs, making it generally a place in the things to do in Paris.


14. Paris Catacombs –


If you feel Paris is a place that has chilling weather, cozy vibes, and only beautiful towers and tombs then this place will clear the myth and break the notion. Haha! The catacombs of Paris are the place of down chilling from the catacombs of the 18th century, Parisians used to bury dead bodies there. You will get the spooky feeling of entering the place, the skull-boned lined tunnels, beneath the city of joy, give pleasure to visiting the place as Paris attractions where bodies are buried and are considered as things to do in Paris.


15. Pere-Lachaise Cemetery –


This cemetery holds the honour of being the most beautiful cemetery in the world, and the widest green place ever in Paris. This is the beautiful maze surrounded by the gush of trees that shades burial chambers of the 19th century on the ground. Almost all from Oscar Wilde to Jim Morrison can be found there, and this is the main reason to trek the place, you can visit the place from morning 8:30 am to evening 5:30, after that the place might become haunted and you won’t find it very beautiful to visit there. Must consider as best things to do in Paris.


16. Montparnasse Tower Observation Deck –


This observation deck is the best view in Paris once you reach the top, you will observe the captivating view of Paris, which looks dreadful in the deemed sunlight. The deck maintains decorum and all are invited to be in bizarre crowds, to avoid the waited lines it makes a beautiful engagement of the people with a pace of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the view sipping cocktails, making it an awesome things to do in Paris.


17. Eclairs –


A soft yet churchy pastry with chocolate cream and icing, and a variety of flavors, textures, vanilla, and salted caramel, yummy delicious eclairs, ready to have it inside your mouth and then tell your feet to accompany you towards Carl Marletti shop, Stohrer, Yann Couvreur and include it in the things to do in Paris.


18. Conciergerie –


It was the royal palace of the French ruler. Now the building is turned into the parliamentary office. It consists of barren jails, and historical halls quite fascinating, every minute in this building is said to be the most precious time as you enter a time travel and reach nowhere in the endless making the extra demanding place to fulfill the journey of Paris, gives you the reason to include it in the list of things to do in Paris.


19. Disneyland –


Does anyone need to describe Disneyland? Well, it’s the place where all magical character becomes real, Olaf, to Pitcher Pan, from Tinker Bell to Mermaid, and the darling Mickey and Minnie Mouse, 2 theme parks, valleys, hotels, and food together in all place makes tourist spellbinding to grab the huge amount of joyful activities and is the most awesome things to do in Paris.


20. Camille Giroud Bourgogne Rouge –


This is hard to find in Paris, but you can pick this wine from Camille Giroud, it’s too refreshing, made with blackberries, mushrooms, and sweet spice making it grounded to taste with chilled vibes, and very prominent include things to do in Paris and fond of the visitors from all over the world visiting Paris.

These are the top 20 things to do in Paris, from the best which can be experienced in Paris. Plan your bucket list with must-see locations as things to do in Paris and for a hassle-free trip visit to get exciting deals on flights and hotel bookings.

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