Trails Wilderness Program Death Mystery Unfolded

trails wilderness program death

Carolina Trails is popularly known as the Wilderness Therapy Camp worldwide. It was founded in 2008 and is located in North Carolina’s Nantahala National Forest. The camp was founded especially for teenagers who are struggling with depression and mental illness or if they are addicted to drugs. During this period, it became one of the most famous spots for parents who need help for their little ones. So, in this article, we will unfold the details of the wilderness program death trails and what exactly happened in their wilderness therapy camp.


Trails Wilderness Program Death Trails: What do you mean by wilderness therapy deaths?

ilderness therapy deaths-trails wilderness program death

It is a kind of therapy that outdoor behavioral treatment healthcare program. In this therapy, they deal with the treatment of behavioral disorders, any kind of abuse they faced in their lives, and mental health issues, especially in young age groups. But currently, there is an ongoing controversy about the program. Outdoor residential addresses behavioral disorders, substance misuse and mental health issues in young kids. Due to this many concerns have been raised about the abuse they are facing there, fatalities and a dearth of comprehensive studies on the subject. As per the broad audience they say that there is no clear motive for such therapy and the effectiveness of these kinds of therapies is still unclear. As there is no scientific data or proof has been found it can be harmful as trails wilderness program death. Despite frequent claims of this program, the majority of the participants in wilderness therapy programs stay institutionalized in many of their treatment programs. 


Alec Lansing Case and Trails Wilderness Program Death

Alec Lansing is a seventeen-year-old teenager who went on a camping trip with the assistance of Carolina Trails staff on 10 November 2014. Despite being with the group of Carolina trails staff the guy lost during camping. After that, the staff members searched for him for a while before reporting about the incident but after all the searching they failed to find him.


Steps to find the missing person in the Carolina trails

The Carolina trails staff and their number of volunteers went on a search operation for Alec Lansing on the next day too. They expanded their search area also but they failed. After that, they contacted with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and requested assistance. But with a heavy heart on November 12 his body was found by a search dog in a remote area of the Nantahala National Forest. Shockingly, the body was found in a mysterious way which can tell that the incident was horrifying and devastating for the people who went camping. Everyone was shocked that the therapy they went for would turn out to be the trails wilderness program death. They were all afraid of themselves.


What did the Autopsy Disclose about the Trails Wilderness Program death?

According to an autopsy, the cause of Alec Lansing’s death was hypothermia. As his hip was broken which could have also been the cause of his death. While as per the investigators may be Lansing slipped and shattered his hip. After that, he became immovable and passed away because of hypothermia.


What do you mean by Hypothermia?

Hypothermia is caused by prolonged exposure to very cold temperatures. When it is exposed to cold temperatures the body begins to lose heat faster than it is produced normally. By which lengthy exposures will eventually use up the body’s stored energy which leads to a lower body temperature. According to the reports, it can be the reason for Alec Lansing’s death in the trails wilderness program death. It can be very dangerous and sometimes deadly if the treatment is not received at the right time.


Efforts that were made to avoid trails wilderness program death

After the incident with Alec Lansing, Trails informed the officials of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Where DHHS conducted a huge investigation operation. In the investigation, they found out that the Carolina Trails staff was not handling or managing their therapy program properly. They were taking the matter very lightly. 


Reports about Alec Lansing

Now the most shocking part is when a volunteer firefighter reported seeing someone who was exactly looking like Alec Lansing at the gas station in cashiers on November 10. The teen visit was also confirmed by a station clerk but when the officers reached the station to check the footage they were unable to see the video due to technical issues. But that was the first time the Trails Carolina program had a history with their poor safety rules. The examination also said that there was no emergency preparation at the camp and because of this the trail wilderness program deaths occur frequently. Some violations are related to staff training, emergency preparedness, and camper monitoring. His death opened the eyes of many parents who blindly trusted Carolina’s trails.


Questions on Carolina Trails Policy

After the passing of Alec Lansing in the Trails wilderness program death, it raised questions about the security of wilderness treatment camps. Many questioned why the staff members were unable to find Lansing sooner. While some of them questioned the camp’s management team. Whereas the Department of Health and Human Services of North Carolina looked into the matter of Alec Lansing’s death. They discovered that the Carolina trails had broken a several number of state laws including those about emergency preparation and training for the staff members and that shocked everyone.


Response by the Carolina staff

Carolina Trails refused all the allegations and stated that the camp is deeply saddened over the Lansing death. They also gave their commitment to offer their campers a secure program. However, their response to the trails wilderness program death did nothing to calm down the public outrage. Their history of safety violations and other management angered a lot of parents whose kids were there.


After Alec Lansing’s Death

The laws in the camping of Carolina trails treatment program in North Carolina wake up with the death of Alec Lansing in the trails wilderness program death. Additionally, there was an increasing number of DHHS wilderness treatment camp inspections. They give the guarantee to the campers about their safety and give assurance about their qualified staff members and strict rules that will be applied to wilderness treatment programs.


How they cover up grief 

The terrifying event that took Alec Lansing’s life served as a reminder that the Trails Wilderness Program death is horrifying and needs to be made safer. We can say that his passing has come up as the reforms in the wilderness therapy deaths and brings the matter of safety in their camps. It is important to note that before sending their kids to a wilderness treatment camp, parents should do extensive research about the program and how they handle it. Additionally they should confirm that the camps are authorized and there are safer rules.

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